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Under Strict Managment by Lishabee3
Under Strict Managmentby Lishabee3
What happens when the leader of the Mafia is in need of a surgeon? She was his best chance of getting his crew to survive.. Her best friend is working on his case, and...
Andy Strucker x Reader                                   The Third One  🔔💛🧡❤️ by Bells_Stories
Andy Strucker x Bells 🔔💛🧡❤️
I never believed in soulmates. When Reeva made me apart of her team, I got a chance to make people who hate mutants pay, and I was all for it, And I got a chance to f...
My Mistake | | a.b x reader by SL1PKN0TZ
My Mistake | | a.b x readerby ROSE.
[ANDY BIERSACK X FEMALE READER] You and Andy get along very well after meeting unexpectedly. When you become more than friends, a certain event happened that changed ev...
Sons Of War || Andy Biersack by Ms_SkyeClark
Sons Of War || Andy Biersackby Skye Clark
*COMPLETE* Description: Andy, Jinxx, Ashley, CC and Jake were disfavored angels in Heaven for thousands of years. They didn't have the gentle grace and calm demenor that...
Andy & Chucky oneshots (x Reader) by o0ReaperGalaxies0o
Andy & Chucky oneshots (x Reader)by ☠ Chase ☠
shorts stories of Chucky and Andy Barclay x reader enjoy!
•Andy Biersack x Reader• {DDLG} by x-queen-of-pain-x
•Andy Biersack x Reader• {DDLG}by 🖤Death & Sarcasm🖤
(Y/n), a quiet girl from a small Oregon town, is in her final year of college, but not living the college party life. She lives with her best friend, Kellin Quinn, and h...
Heavens Fallen Angel [Andy Biersack x Reader] by StingStongheart
Heavens Fallen Angel [Andy Titled Freaks (Sting "Wolfie"...
When all seems hopeless and broken you only have your pains to fill in the gap but when two new guys go to your school one will change your life and show you a different...
Take Me Back || a.b x reader by SL1PKN0TZ
Take Me Back || a.b x readerby ROSE.
"I know you forgive me, that should be enough for me, but will you take me back? Please?" [SEQUEL TO "MY MISTAKE"] [FEMALE READER]
The Old Guard Imagines by Amaribookworm
The Old Guard Imaginesby OldGuardFan
I noticed that there is a lack (and by lack I mean none) of The old guard x reader imagines. So I decided to make one. Just because I'm writing this doesn't mean I don't...
broken love story (andy beirsack x reader) by JelsaSnowflakes1
broken love story (andy beirsack JelsaSnowflakes1
this is my first anybiersack x reader many of you requsted it lol here it is (smut warning tiggers idk all the works) what happens when a bullied girl at school "ma...
BVB qoutes by tiger_spirit
BVB qoutesby stephanie
if ur not in the BVB ARMY then well this may not be the book for u but feel free to read
Rebel Love Song by TeaForWatson
Rebel Love Songby •~WATSON~•
This is a young Andy Biersack x Reader
Andy x reader  by la_luna28
Andy x reader by Luna
Hi guys so this is a Andy x reader and I suck at doing descriptions so just read the story if you want heh. Also I'm working on this soooooo yeah
The Cliche Story-Andy Biersack x Reader by PortalToHell0u0
The Cliche Story-Andy Biersack x Captain Jersey
Warning: this is the most cliche story about you and Andy, oh, there's also cursing. This will also be an alternate universe where you go to school with Andy. I think I...
Heart Of The Wild/ Black Veil Brides The Legion Of Black  X Reader by Blackcat_Lilla
Heart Of The Wild/ Black Veil Blackcat_Lilla
In a world I lived in. I had a family, but few friends who lived far away from me. I lived my life at work every few days, then went home. I had no one else to talk to i...
Heavens Favorite Fallen by StingStongheart
Heavens Favorite Fallenby Titled Freaks (Sting "Wolfie"...
Sequal to Heavens Fallen Angel You think that nothing else vould go wrong now and you can't stand being left again by the ones you love. But what happenes when the one y...
Andy x Reader (READ THE DESCRIPTION!) by tmntloverforlife
Andy x Reader (READ THE tmntloverforlife
HI HI it's a ME KITTTEEEEY! or as you know tmntloverforlife2015 with a new account this is a story that i'm making and . . . MAN i wanna play the sims 4 city living thi...
Sweet Insanity Andy Biersack x reader by tanyamedel21
Sweet Insanity Andy Biersack x phantasticbands
After being found in your bathroom after an attempt at killing yourself for the third time your parents think its best to send you to an insane asylum. There you meet A...