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The Power of Four  by RanishaWallace
The Power of Four by RanishaWallace
Four sisters reunited with their childhood house. Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Prim Halliwell discover they are witches. Little did they know their newfound powers mean that...
  • cole
  • pruehalliwell
  • leowyatt
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Permanent (Charmed) by purpledaisybug
Permanent (Charmed)by purpledaisybug
"I'm not surprised." Piper sighed, putting an arm around my shoulder. "He loved you so much, he was willing to die for you. Let's face it, there aren't ma...
  • pruehalliwell
  • thepowerofthree
  • charmed
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Flaming Witch by TimeLady_Pi
Flaming Witchby Erin
Phoenix, Daughter of Prue Halliwell and Andy Trudeau, has always been very powerful. She is the daughter of a Charmed One, has the very rare power of Pyrokinesis, and ha...
  • scottlang
  • phoebehalliwell
  • halliwell
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