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Sex Slave by cheyeneNichole
Sex Slaveby Get over yourself
You'll See / Its with Andy Biersack😜
Adopted by YUNGBLUD (Dating Remington) by Ashtonsbrokendrumkit
Adopted by YUNGBLUD (Dating Zero
I'm Eden and my life, is kinda crazy I'm 15, and trans Remington and YUNGBLUD story! My whole life changed forever in one day... book 1! other book is called' I was a...
•Andy Biersack x Reader• {DDLG} by x-queen-of-pain-x
•Andy Biersack x Reader• {DDLG}by 🖤Death & Sarcasm🖤
(Y/n), a quiet girl from a small Oregon town, is in her final year of college, but not living the college party life. She lives with her best friend, Kellin Quinn, and h...
Please Stay- Andy Biersack A.U. (COMPLETED) by 5differentsauces
Please Stay- Andy Biersack A.U. ( 5differentsauces
"At some point maybe we accept that the dream has become a nightmare. The perfect relationship, the perfect man, everything has gone to hell. We tell ourselves that...
REMDY ONE SHOTS by wind_and_spark
☀︎One shots for Andy Biersack & Remington Leith because I love this ship <3 ☀︎Send me requests for one shots!! ☀︎Mostly Angst/Fluff which means LOTS of Remdy cuddles...
Andy Biersack by HorrorVixen13
Andy Biersackby HorrorVixen13
Photos of Andy Biersack lead singer of Black Veil Brides,Andy Black and in the Movie American Satan
could this be real? (bvb fan fiction) by tessarose1
could this be real? (bvb fan tessa
Adeline was a sweet quite girl who never talked much she had abusive parents, her only escape was her music she loved black veil brides they got her through it all and n...
Andy Biersack ⌱ One Shot Imagines by Dootdoottroot
Andy Biersack ⌱ One Shot Imaginesby S.S little trash
Bunch of andy b imagines or oneshots
Adopted by... ANDLEY?!?? by Christian_mora
Adopted by... ANDLEY?!??by Christian'coma'
This is a spin off of my other story "When the bell rings" so you should really read it. I mean I guess it's not necessary but it will help (Actual summary)Ash...
Adopted by black veil brides by Igiveupwithusernames
Adopted by black veil bridesby Kai
14 year old Alex has been through a lot in her life, from her parents dying to getting bullied at school. But what happens when she goes to a black veil brides concert...
Sex And Hollywood [ANDY BIERSACK SMUT // LOVE, ROMANCE etc) by ForsakenSkull2001
Sex And Hollywood [ANDY BIERSACK Zachary Clemett
Andy Biersack Lead singer of Black Veil Brides (And founder) This fictional romantic book is basically about you (The reader) and Andy Biersack. Different chapters will...
Be My Robin - Andy biersack fanfiction by Theskyisnowhere
Be My Robin - Andy biersack I write sometimes
"He's not my batman," I say "I'm batman," and the fans stop talking and stare at me. Oh yeah, I just went there. "Uh, honey," Andy says s...
Everything Will Be Fine (Janxx) by bvbintheend1
Everything Will Be Fine (Janxx)by MC
Jinxx is on instagram and sees a picture of his favorite song. He talks to a guy named Jake for a little then gives him his Number. Jinxx lives in Kentucky while Jake li...
I Love You Daddy (Andy Biersack Fanfic) by fandom_sluttt
I Love You Daddy (Andy Biersack fandom_sluttt
(SMUTTTT)Lilith wasn't your average girl. She was rebel, a fighter, rude, untrusting and as daring and reckless as one gets. But she's also an orphan at age 17. Little d...
But You'll Never Find Your Fix by JinxxIsSassy
But You'll Never Find Your Fixby Alex
A lil remdy thing, thought id try something new. Yes there is smut
Addicted {Andley} by theandleychronicles
Addicted {Andley}by theandleychronicles
In 2017 over 156,000 people were addicted to heroin. Andy Biersack just happened to be one of them.
His Princess ~Andy biersack by ArianaMontalbo
His Princess ~Andy biersackby ArianaMontalbo
This is a sexual book about a young Victoria who was sold as a sex slave to andy beirsack Follow them as it turns from sex to love
Andy Beirsack Imagine by Heather1512
Andy Beirsack Imagineby Heather
Just a one chapter long story about you and Andy Beirsack, enjoy!
Red (PTV/BVB) by bvb_ally
Red (PTV/BVB)by Ally
Never in a million years did Brooklynn imagine being the girls friend of a world famous rockstar, Andy Biersack but it happen. But what she thought was going to be the l...
Goodbye Agony by KawaiiSadokoChan
Goodbye Agonyby KawaiiSadokoChan
An Andy Biersack x Reader Fanfic (≧∇≦)