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Andy Beirsack  by AbigailBrummetBrumme
Andy Beirsack by Abigail Brummet
Y/N moves in next to a boy. She later finds out that the boy is her hero. Andy Beirsack There will be some triggering things. Maybe a few Smuts.
Reader x Andy Biersack by snowmanpopicle
Reader x Andy Biersackby Awkward Weeb
As your mother surprised you with tickets to none other than Warped Tour, how were you to know that the people you've looked up to for years... were going to change your...
Kidnapped by a Vampire by -CRAZYBANDGIRL-
Kidnapped by a Vampireby Jess
She was just a girl that was walking to the store in the middle of the night. That was not the best choice. Read to find out what happens in "Kidnapped by a Vampire...
Andy Biersack imagines by batman_love99
Andy Biersack imaginesby Ashley
Stories about Andy! I take request on Andy or any other band member out their
Heavens Fallen Angel [Andy Biersack x Reader] by StingStongheart
Heavens Fallen Angel [Andy Titled Freaks (Sting "Wolfie"...
When all seems hopeless and broken you only have your pains to fill in the gap but when two new guys go to your school one will change your life and show you a different...
Sons Of War || Andy Biersack by Ms_SkyeClark
Sons Of War || Andy Biersackby Skye Clark
*COMPLETE* Description: Andy, Jinxx, Ashley, CC and Jake were disfavored angels in Heaven for thousands of years. They didn't have the gentle grace and calm demenor that...
Love is a Beautiful Absurdity: An Andy Biersack Fanfiction by WaitingForFaerieland
Love is a Beautiful Absurdity: WaitingForFaerieland
An Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides Fanfiction! A wild one night stand changes Twitch Sawyer's life forever when she gets pregnant.
Ashley Purdy's daughter by sssniperwolf6
Ashley Purdy's daughterby It’s ya girl Wasss up
My mom is gone ...Dead .. my dad is Ashley Purdy he's in a band called black vail brides Evrey night it's a diffrent slut . Ashley some times aren't there for me his ba...
Adopted by Black Veil Brides by rinthekill
Adopted by Black Veil Bridesby rinthekill
Emma ia 16 loves music and art. She has been at the orphanage since she was only 2 years old. But what will happen at the orphanage when a group of men walk throught the...
I'm the mate to who?! Book 1 : Andy beirsack by MadisonWilson4
I'm the mate to who?! Book 1 : Madison Wilson
blade is big fan of black veil brides but she wont flip out if she ever met them. blade isn't your average girl tho. she has the ability to tell when a supernatural bein...
When Life Gives You Warped Tour Tickets by RainbowBatman00
When Life Gives You Warped Tour beaut1ful_creati0n
When life gives you warped tour tickets, meet your future husband Andy Biersack, duh! In this book a girl (me lol) goes to warped tour her first ever and goes through t...
Andy Biersack gif imagines {UNCOMPLETED} by lnolan314
Andy Biersack gif imagines { lnolan314
This is gonna be really horrible because it is my first story/series type thing it is basically memes and a caption on random celebrities that I find attractive there wi...
Life Boat :ANDY BEIRSACK FAN FIC by bucky_parker_rodgers
Life Boat :ANDY BEIRSACK FAN FICby bucky_parker_rodgers
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We Got There (Complete ✅) by Writer_At_Work
We Got There (Complete ✅)by What Zit Tooya
This is a sequel to Adopted by Falling In Reverse. Everyone is the same, I just decided to screw all the book lover's over by waiting to post this. °COVER DONE BY CC° ♠I...
Ashley Purdy love story  by jenni240
Ashley Purdy love story by alexandria
Fang never told her big secret to anyone..........But what will happen when Ashley Purdy finds out? How will he react?
BVB x reader by KelsieGood
BVB x readerby #RussiaDa
Ashley is surprised when a 6 year old girl knocks on the hotel door with a birth certificate. ( Hint there will be a name for the kid so don't hate me. )
Rebel Love Story. by hogwartshottie
Rebel Love Alexis
Riley and Andy have been together their whole lives so when they fell I love it wasn't a big suprize to anyone. But when Riley finds herself pregnant and runs away to pr...
No one Likes a Gay Boy (Remington Leith x Andy Biersack)  by aliyssaa
No one Likes a Gay Boy ( aliyssaa
Two boys falling hopelessly in love. DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE