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Secrets of a Tomboy by TaraLDeclan
Secrets of a Tomboyby Tara L. Declan
Who ever said being a tomboy was easy, they were so wrong. Especailly when you face the struggles of growing up and dating. Andie is a seventeen year old farm girl a.k.a...
  • relationships
  • friendship
  • tomboy
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Dancing Is Freedom - Step Up All In Story by Kirima17
Dancing Is Freedom - Step Up All ChocOreos134
Sup guys, I'm Axel Jones and I'm a dancer and DJ. As a dancer, my styles are breakdance, freestyle, and old american hip hop. And as a DJ, I make my own remixes, mashups...
  • mishagabriel
  • themob
  • eddyxoc
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Step up all in: what happens next by dance__life__17
Step up all in: what happens nextby Mariss
STEP UP ALL IN. What I think happens after The Mob and LMNTRIX win the Vortex, and what will happen between Sean and Andie.
  • dancing
  • love
  • thevortex
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Hidden talent by The-Brave-runner
Hidden talentby The brave runner
Andie is a girl who always had a dream to dance. She specialised in hiphop dance. She never showed anyone her skills. She never wants to. Until......READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!
  • talentshow
  • sean
  • perform
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Harry Potter Fun! by J3SUSL0V3SU
Harry Potter Fun!by isAndieClearwater
A book full of HP ship reactions, HP texts, hp dares, hp quizzes, hp games, HP FUN!! If you are a Potterhead, join my world and let's fangirl of HP stuff!
  • harrypottertexts
  • hp
  • harrypotterdares
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Rise of Rain - Sequel to Tower Falling by itsmadyagain
Rise of Rain - Sequel to Tower Mady Jones
Everything was falling apart. Patience was wearing thin; Henley's had completely run out, and she left. It'd taken them more than a year to join the Eye, and now that th...
  • daniel
  • merritt
  • wilder
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Liv & Maddie Characters x reader One-shots by SnowDahIceWing
Liv & Maddie Characters x reader RestPeacefullyJonghyun
Just the characters getting together with you guys. It most likely will have a lot of Parker he's my favorite character so yeah
  • andie
  • liv
  • diggie
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♡Curiosidades de the little house horror♡ by DielibethDor20YT
♡Curiosidades de the little DielibethDor20
"Curiosidades de the little house horror" es un libro para mostrar curiosidades, adelantos entre otras cosas ;v es que como no conocen mucho de mis personajes...
  • sayn
  • stigma
  • andie
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Step Up; Next Generation by animal-lover03
Step Up; Next Generationby Kate
Amy, Andie's and Sean's daughter, is a dancer with her own unique style, because of this she is constantly being kicked out of crews, on top of this she has school wit...
  • dance
  • stepup
  • sean
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If the Universe?~(Isabella and Josh) Josabella-A-Rooney (Liv and Maddie Fanfic!) by EmyRoseMusicalArt
If the Universe?~(Isabella and Tomes&Rosebud
Short Story Fanfic about the Life of Liv and Maddie's little sister and Joey's twin Isabella (Izzie) Rooney after Liv's new show hires on new co-star Josh Willcox. Isab...
  • stevenspoint
  • willowcruz
  • tiffanyalvord
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Dawsons creek by abbysutton234
Dawsons creekby Abigail Sutton
I love this show
  • jack
  • joey
  • andie
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ChildHood Lovers by HoleInMyBrain
ChildHood Loversby HoleInTheWall
Prologue "Andrew, give it back pwease." I was on the verge of crying because drew didnt want to give me my teddy bear back. "Aw don't cry Lillie I'm sor...
  • lillie
  • breakup
  • cute
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Magical ways to fall in love. (Girl x Girl) by FabFox5
Magical ways to fall in love. ( It’sJustHannah
This story is about two girls in hog warts who fall in love. The story is set when Harry Potters kids are currently attending Hogwarts as they grow to become friends wit...
  • love
  • magicpowers
  • magic
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Witch Switch by Britts2
Witch Switchby Britt
Emma Alonso and Maddie Van Pelt are far from friends, if anything they downright despise each other! So when they make a bet to switch bodies for a week, well, you'll ju...
  • miego
  • switch
  • witches
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Listen and Interpret by Rregsd
Listen and Interpretby Regina
They might not be attracted to one another, might not even like each other, but they share a burning passion. Fanfic: Step up 2. Oneshot AndiexBlake
  • blake
  • andie
  • step-up
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The Nut Job Christmas by beautyandthebeast222
The Nut Job Christmasby Belle
Takes place 6 months after the first story. Jack celebrates his first Christmas with CJ Will have Sandie (SurlyxAndie) moments in a few chapters. The first 2 chapters wi...
  • nut
  • buddy
  • cj
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Okay? |After season 2 of Foursome by Awesomeness TV| Andie & Kent/Josh by Emily1279
Okay? |After season 2 of Emily1279
This story follows directly after season 2 of Foursome. With 3 bffs, 2 love interests, and 1 protective brother, how will Andie make it?
  • kent
  • andie
  • fanfiction
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This life. by emmaJ1152
This emmaJ1152
Me and niall met each other at a meet and greet. Fast forward 2 years and, BAM! We have a beach house in Hawaii and a dog. Huh, how'd that happen?
  • niall
  • andie
  • hawaii
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Always Been There by shut_up_abby
Always Been Thereby shut_up_abby
If you've seen Pretty in Pink, then you already understand the agony that ensues following the horrific finale of the movie. This is an alternate ending to the movie, sh...
  • duckiexandie
  • prettyinpink
  • duckie
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