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Homestuck One Shots by Knight_of_Void
Homestuck One Shotsby Lean, mean and ready to steal...
Homestuck one shots. Now adding Hiveswap too.
Homestuck Scenarios by dynamiteTrickster
Homestuck Scenariosby Leon Martinez
(=.^W^.=) Miaou! A basic 'X Reader' Homestuck fic. It's basically how your relationship changes over time. ❇✴COMPLETED✴❇
Humanstuck EriSol by KaseyMcShouty
Humanstuck EriSolby KaseyMcShouty
Eridan and Sollux have had quite the past story, has it finally come back to haunt them?
Deep Sea (Cronus x Reader) by Mallycake01
Deep Sea (Cronus x Reader)by Mallycake01
What happens when a mertroll falls into a forbidden love with a human?
Sexualities? Cronus x Reader by sepulchralRefuge
Sexualities? Cronus x Readerby Sylph of Blood
Oooh shiz just got serious yo. Just kidding, I cant be serious.
Homestuck: 7 Minutes in Heaven by judicialHunter
Homestuck: 7 Minutes in Heavenby Kat Phoenixfury
You are stuck at a party that Karkat invited you to. You're not even sure why you're here. And John informs you that everyone's playing seven minutes in heaven. But, you...
Homestuck X Reader Oneshots! (Closed!) by Homestuckkitten
Homestuck X Reader Oneshots! ( Shelby
A bunch of HS oneshots! EDIT: As of 8.14.2020 I'm not updating this anymore.
New in town (Eridan x Karkat) by Eridan_Ampora
New in town (Eridan x Karkat)by Eridan_Ampora
Karkat Vantas Is an ordinary troll, until an extraordinary sea dweller comes and changes his life forever. Eridan is nothing like what Karkat had expected him to be. Pro...
Reeled in (A Cronkri fanfic)  by Bianca4gets
Reeled in (A Cronkri fanfic) by Bianca4gets
THIS WONT BE FINISHED I'm sorry I started writing this when I was 15, I'm 18 now and i have different interests and priorities. I'm sad by this to but I just cant bring...
The Light Of My Heart (Rose x Female!Reader) by KaylasMysteryLab
The Light Of My Heart (Rose x T0ta11y-N0t-Kay1a
Yes. Indeed, this is a Rose x reader One shot! You shall enjoy beans :D
little aquarius Big Gemini (an erisol fanfic) by EdElric001
little aquarius Big Gemini (an EdElric001
Eridan's wand is broke and it turns him into a little kid this has happened before and he dealt with it just fine. Nobody liked him anyway so they wouldn't care especial...
Pick Up Lines (Cronus X Reader) by SpiderQueen8
Pick Up Lines (Cronus X Reader)by SpiderQ
You were feeling bored one day so you decide to go to a party some of your friends told you about. There you meet a certain seadweller who won't leave you alone. Luckily...
Just you| eridan x reader route by annoyinglycautious
Just you| eridan x reader routeby Im okay
[COMPLETED] You probably should read the main story before this one!
Eridan x Reader by Philbertthepolarbear
Eridan x Readerby Bailey
For all the Eridan loving homestucks, I have written a small short story I guess you would call it, for you. Eridan's not used to having company but that changes as you...
Dualscar x slave Reader by destructivetendency
Dualscar x slave Readerby Eron
(F/N) has just been sold to the powerful Orphaner Dualscar. Will her will be strong enough to survive his sadistic punishments and twisted love games. Forced to keep eve...
IM NOT A FISH Grub! Reader x The Amporas  by mitunaisnotafish
IM NOT A FISH Grub! Reader x The mitunaisnotafish
oh gr8 my first grub thing.. ok then. BWAH! This whole story was inspired by HighBloodLowBlood go check them out! There books are AMAZING!
ERISOL by AliceMonrey
ERISOLby AliceMonrey
This story is about my FAVORITE otp Erisol And incase you haven't noticed Eridan and Sollux are amazing! So here's my ship story! Enjoy! I suck at updating but I will w...
Found on the Streets by _Depresso_
Found on the Streetsby The Real Qwertii
Since there are NO petstuck aus where as sollux is the owner and eridan is the pet I decided to make one. I don't own any pictures or homestuck (which is owned by Andrew...
seahorses and crabs by feferi_piexes01
seahorses and crabsby Queen of pancakes
things only get more confusing for karkat as the second highest troll on the hemospectrum starts acting weird around him after the game finishes.