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Alpha Caine by agayl27
Alpha Caineby Alia Gayl
#1 IN INTENSE January-March of 2019 FIRST BOOK OF THE ALPHA SERIES "I will have you, Amira," Caine's hand slides from my hip where it is grasped up my side. I...
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Falling For My Bully {Completed}  by muslimah_07
Falling For My Bully {Completed} by Lostsouls ✨
Amira was called everything in the book. Fat, ugly, stupid, a worthless nobody. Suddenly she leaves for Turkey with her family for two years, happy to be rid of her bull...
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Messy Romance by Hijabi-Princess
Messy Romanceby Anonymous Writer
This character is from this book: HIS BROKEN SOUL. You don't have to read that one to understand this one. **** Zach is a heir to his fathers extremely wealthy company...
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Amira's Secret by problem_solveit
Amira's Secretby problem_solveit
Twenty year old Amira spends two years hiding from her mate, despite being in the same pack. When they finally meet and Amira's hiding spree comes to an end, will the 24...
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Monster Prom // One Shots & Preferences // by MadBanquetOfDarkness
Monster Prom // One Shots & CrYEETic
// REQUESTS CLOSED FOR NOW, WILL OPEN AGAIN SOON // what the title says. I take requests, but if you have any please type them in the first chapter. I accept any type of...
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SULTAN {Preview} by AmirahJulde
SULTAN {Preview}by Amirah Julde
#1 in Sultan, more times than I can count. "Promise me, promise me oh brother, that you will take care of Sultan, promise me you will rule this Empire justly and t...
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Hello,Sweetheart - Monster Prom Oneshots by LilBombBeLit
Hello,Sweetheart - Monster Prom fuck
ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛs ᴀʀᴇ ᴏᴘᴇɴ! Request any thing you'd like,such as fluff,lemons,limes,angst,etc. If you want twoshots or threeshots,don't be afraid to ask! Gender neutral reader.
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Monster Prom S̷̠̼̉̌͆̈́̑̈́͆͘m̶̛̆̀̚͠ͅu̴̖̪̗̠͈͓̠̝̓t̸̼͙̘̫̣̙̆̀̅̓̕͜ͅ by meowMEOWllamas
Monster Prom S̷̠̼̉̌͆̈́̑̈́͆͘m̶̛̆̀̚͠ͅ Lol anime profilepic
Oh, you know. ;)
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Angel_with_a_shootgun#uswa2018  by soumiamira
Angel_with_a_shootgun#uswa2018 by Amira Soumia
الجحيم هو أن تكون لك حياتين في نفس الوقت ففي الصباح تشانيول هو موظف و في المساء ينقلب إلى إينجل و بحوزته سلاح، كانت بداية نهايته على يدها على يد فتاة بريئة ، وافقت على ا...
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Monster Prom Oneshots (Slow-ish Updates) by Shipper_Peasant
Monster Prom Oneshots (Slow-ish Shipper_Peasant
There's mostly gonna be Calculester cause I can never find a Calculester fanfiction and we need more in our life I do take suggestions UwU
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Monster Prom x Reader by Silent-Will
Monster Prom x Readerby Silent Will
Welcome human, into this love simulator game of monsters galore as you interact with your favorite characters, check out new chances and more! This is not a one-shot, t...
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Incorrect Monster Prom Quotes by Im_Shipping_Trash12
Incorrect Monster Prom Quotesby Ur Mom Gae
you know the incorrect *Insert show/game here* quotes on tumblr... well thats what this but its on wattpad
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you belong to me by soumiamira
you belong to meby Amira Soumia
أجمل قصص الحب تلك التّي توقف القلب عن النبض و توقف عالمًا بأسره عن التحرّك ،الحب حروف أربعة قد رسمت و وشمت كل معاني الخذلان في نفسية بطلينا كيف سيكون القلب بعد فراق دام...
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The (Un)Lucky One by VLeeRhysMancini
The (Un)Lucky Oneby Aliana Deen
Apa definisi 'sial' dalam hidupmu, Gaes? Tabungan hampir sepeser pun tidak ada? Dipecat dari pekerjaan tiba-tiba? Atau... Ditinggalkan pacar sesaat sebelum acara pertuna...
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The Way I Feel It by amisiri
The Way I Feel Itby amisiri
These are collection of poems I have written about the way I see things around me and what I feel towards them.
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Under The Niqaab by SparklySpook
Under The Niqaabby Sarah
"and we created you in pairs." -Al.Qur'an 78.8 Copyright ©2015 SparklySpook cover by- @Noretakes
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أخفيتك_بين_كلماتى by soumiamira
أخفيتك_بين_كلماتىby Amira Soumia
هى فتاة مولعة بالمطالعة قد إبتسم لها القدر و إلتقت بمؤلفها المفضّل و لكن أكانت تلك إبتسامة قدر أم إبتسامة شقائها كيف يمكن للكلمات أن تشفى الأرواح خصوصا إن قرأتها فى أحلك...
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B R I A N   |   Monster Prom by I_g_n_o_r_a_n_t
B R I A N | Monster Promby ∞ᴍᴇʟᴀɴᴄʜᴏʟʏ∞
Brian x Wendigo! Reader Being a Wendigo wasn't too great. Besides the fact that you have awesome mimicking powers and a hot Wendigo bod, you were ashamed. Ashamed that...
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Monster prom (Alternate Universe){Reader X Brain/Oz/Vicky/Amira} by Red_Riot_19
Monster prom (Alternate Universe){ Too Boo to give
In this universe, Brain, Oz, Vicky and Amira are the one being asked to go to prom. You have 7 weeks to convince them to take them out to prom but choose wisely. Disclai...
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