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Love Through the Ages by Pi_3_14
Love Through the Agesby Pi_3_14
Alfred had always been a late bloomer. Through puberty to love, he was always last. None of it clicked. Love was disgusting and icky, why would anyone like it? All it di...
-Fem America X World-   Oh God, Why ME? by Reha4107
-Fem America X World- Oh God, Rhea Wilson
America has turned into a girl. not exactly her cup of coffee, but she has to live with it. what she doesn't understand in all of the countries sudden interest in her. w...
The Pastel Crossdressed American (hetalia fanfic) by MadelynMcClain704
The Pastel Crossdressed American ( HESTOLEMYENCHILADA
Our lil american has heard about the pastel trend and crossdressing. He decides to be part of them. This attracts everyone
Love america by jammer798801
Love americaby jammer798801
when america suddenly drinks a love potion that makes every country in love with him what will be do?
America x world oneshots  by LuminescentFoxel
America x world oneshots by I am a enigma
Because we need more story's like this. Note most of these will be Sub America though I am not against Dom America there will not be many. I also take requests as long...
America X World one shouts by SFDHAMILTONK46
America X World one shoutsby Geneva the fox
Just and America x world Hetalia oneshout UwU
america x world hetalia one-shots by crunch_the_munch
america x world hetalia one-shotsby crunch_the_munch
mostly unrelated one-shots pertaining to america x world
♡ Only Girl ♡ | Female! America x Male! World by Halo-Shine
♡ Only Girl ♡ | Female! America 🕊♡Jessia♡🕊
She's the very first and only girl at an all boys school. *************************************************** A/N: I do not own both hetalia and the beautiful fanart pic...
World x Uke!America oneshots by CutieObito
World x Uke!America oneshotsby GoddessofStupidity
Request away, but before you do that, I shall tell y'all something... Just read the authors note.
America x The Nyo World Scenarios by mjschotzko
America x The Nyo World Scenariosby MJ
What happens at one World Meeting are having a cat fight who is really America's boyfriend. Then after some explaining from the American, England get's pissed off and ev...
Aph America One shots ( + head canons ) by marcel-54
Aph America One shots ( + head marcel-54
Just some Aph America oneshots. You can suggest some in the comments.
100 ways to say I love you ♡(DISCONTINUED) by Ooptheregoesmysanity
100 ways to say I love you ♡( Evilmushroom
"I love you" it's just 3 words and 8 letters yet it has such an impact on many people, and it doesn't matter who it was a lover, a parent telling their child e...
All American Maid by Randomgreen573
All American Maidby randomgreen
this is a America x World story or oneshots I guess but in this story America is the bottom/uke. I don't own Hetalia nor the characters. story cover not mine. America is...