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Muslim By Name  by HijabiQueen412
Muslim By Name by Hijabi_Queen
It's not easy for sixteen years old Fatima Zahra to live in the Western World. She struggles and faces many obstacles. She has nothing against Islam but doesn't like th...
Guarding His Modesty by miski3410
Guarding His Modestyby miski
I was nearing the forbidden corner of the market by the mosque. The reason why people call it the forbidden corner is because male or female if you walk this way to the...
The Dangers of Islam: The Imam by HelenaWon
The Dangers of Islam: The Imamby Helena Won
Nedim looked at the young teen in front of him and called out, "Khadijah." "I know what you're going to say, Imam Nedim. You'll tell me to have...
Journey To The Right Path by shaguftawrites
Journey To The Right Pathby Shagufta Omar
Popularity money fame Mahab Malik has it all but she is deprived of that one thing she wants the most 'Love'. Her desperation for love puts her in a predicament that cha...