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Never Poke The T-Rex by intentzy14
Never Poke The T-Rexby ㅤ
After countless flirtatious attempts, a certain mishap will make the table take a sudden turn. Who would've thought that by visiting her beloved Senpai would change her...
COTE & COTE Discord by Heero14
COTE & COTE Discordby Heero 14
short stories of "what if cote characters (real) joined the cote server) link to server:
COTE: WR Love {one shot book} by _kosu_
COTE: WR Love {one shot book}by Kosu🐉
A book of one shots. That's it. But for real though, White room love is a one shot book with many different what if scenarios. Will they all be lemons? No, but the majo...
Roshidere X COTE by Mommy_Eugen
Roshidere X COTEby Prinz Eugen
Just your cliché crossover fanfiction. White Room is nowhere along with Dr. Atsuomi Ayanokouji but there will still be perils along the way because of the White Room st...
Class S: Battle of Elites by ersult4z
Class S: Battle of Elitesby ersult4z
The second academic year in the life of our main character - Ayanokoji Kiyotaka. A new beginning, new problems. There was a leak of data about a mysterious institution c...
Безэмоциональная битва  by ersult4z
Безэмоциональная битва by ersult4z
Аянокоджи Киётака наконец-то перешёл во второй год обучения. Но в жизни нашего главного героя накопились много проблем, один из которых, это - ученик белой комнаты. Он д...
Three Wishes (Amasawa x Ayanokouji) by intentzy14
Three Wishes (Amasawa x Ayanokouji)by ㅤ
If you were given a chance, what would you do? ~~~ I don't own COTE as they belongs to Syougo Kinugasa and Tomose Shunsaku.
Unemotional battle by ersult4z
Unemotional battleby ersult4z
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka has finally moved to his second year of study. However, there were many problems in the life of our main character, one of which was a student of the...
What lurks in the heart by AidarFanfics
What lurks in the heartby AidarFanfics
This fanfic is about friendship and love. The story is written from Kei's perspective. There is no love triangle or harem, but there is romance between Kiyotaka and Kei...
Find Me Infinite || Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e  by Izana_Arisu
Find Me Infinite || Yōkoso Fuck_Me_Ayanokouji~♡
All of us are born innocent babies, ready to be shaped. But others are reborn as a reaction to what we experience in life. Some of us grow stronger while other shrink in...
[Cote] The Final Christmas by Blanchevide
[Cote] The Final Christmasby Blachevide
In a good or bad direction, Ayanokoji Kiyotaka and the people around him in the school have gone through countless challenges and went through transformative changes. Th...