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A Picture Can Speak a Thousand Words (Peterick) by LaurenAuditore
A Picture Can Speak a Thousand Lauren Auditore da Firenze
Patrick Stump, an innocent, young 17 year old boy with a severe interest for art, is bullied recklessly for his own opinions and life choices. He doesn't care. Not until...
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I'll Love You Longer Than Forever by DMGThings
I'll Love You Longer Than Foreverby Dill Mill Gayye Things
DMG AU. What if Riddhima hadn't given into Shashank and refused to marry Sid in s2? This is what happens when Armaan comes back home and his Basket is still Riddhima G...
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The Third Strike L.S by Emd1991
The Third Strike L.Sby Erin
Harry finds himself in trouble with the law...again. The justice system is running out of options for punishments but the judge isn't ready to give up on Harry. She deci...
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kokkuri san x neko!pet!reader - the cat and that tipycal fox - by shiroganeleo
kokkuri san x neko!pet!reader - Shirogane Leo
so its my first work on wattpad the story is about feline and canine you see please correct any error and no bashing
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The Ballerina and  The Mob Boss.. by QueenSavior
The Ballerina and The Mob WalkingDeadObessed
Callie Rose Petrov was just a normal yet struggling ballet dancer who had just graduated from college.She had a sponsorship with her ballet theater she danced for but sh...
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He's also a huge dork! by BrutashaShipper
He's also a huge dork!by BrutashaShipper
Brutasha fiction
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Dear, Simon Love, Evan Hansen by FanQueen666
Dear, Simon Love, Evan Hansenby FanQueen666
Dear Simon Spier, Today is going to be a good day and here's why: because today at least you're gonna be you, and that's fine. All you want to do is be you, but you alwa...
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Life is but a Dream *boyxboy* by glamsleepwalker
Life is but a Dream *boyxboy*by glamsleepwalker
A blond head, bent over a guitar, caught Adam's attention. Adams breath hitched in his chest, he knew that shape! He saw it every night in his dreams....
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Transferred by Awsme7Grl
Transferredby Brandy
What happens when Luffy and Nami, two pirates who are trusted friends, wake up in another universe as a married couple? Read to find out! [Related to OALS] Anime: One...
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The Pyramids by SamLStone
The Pyramidsby S.L. Stone
Guarding ancient and otherworldly artifacts from becoming a threat to this dimension is normally boring, at least on Level C. Unfortunately for Ashley and Khaleel, today...
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Transformers: Through The Shattered Glass by morningstar411
Transformers: Through The Morningstar Sweitzer
When things go horribly wrong, and Morningstar finds herself in another universe, will she be able to survive? Or will she even want to go back? Read it all now! EACH PA...
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What Happened? by imziamandnarryaf
What Happened?by Ziam and Narry af
Jo wakes up in the worst way possible: Naked in a bedroom that's not her own and a hangover of the century! Does any one have an explanation? Don't Be Stealing My Shit D...
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Dragon Glass by Meowsers54
Dragon Glassby Ashley Donohue
Another shard reflected in the distance, the vibrant orange glittering in welcome. For days Analiese had been chasing the glint that forever seemed to be just out of her...
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Train by Silence_on_the_Hill
Trainby Silence_on_the_Hill
idk some improv I'll write an description when I know what's going on
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It Wasn't Me. by AmaraHartwig
It Wasn't Amara Hartwig
Pretty Little Liars Fan Fiction. Alternative Universe. She was the cruelest person and now she was dead. They think I did it because I wasn't where I was supposed to...
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Shadows of Vengeance [Naruto fanfiction] by Shizake19
Shadows of Vengeance [Naruto Shizake Uchiha
In a cruel world where certain ninja vie for ultimate power, a young boy lost among the crowd that is life becomes a target. On a normal day like any other his path is c...
Max World  by willsc598
Max World by William
An Alternative World Of Season 1 Of Life Is Strange
Holy Hell: The Team Remnant Forgot  by JokerTheSarcasmGod
Holy Hell: The Team Remnant Forgot by UnfilteredQrow
Ever heard of Team GRAJ? They were a team that went to Beacon that were almost better than team STRQ. However they have a secret, two of them are angels while the other...
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Tevun-Krus #26 - Alternative Universe by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #26 - Alternative Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
Join the crew of the good ship @Ooorah as they take on the often confusing world of Alternate Universe SF! Short stories, articles and reviews abound. Plus further adven...
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