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Fallen Angel (Minizerk FF) by FauxNotAQuiff
Fallen Angel (Minizerk FF)by Ryan
Josh was an angel. He was everything they were meant to be. Simon was a demon. He was everything they were meant to be too. Josh knew very well that Simon wasn't any go...
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Come to life [Henry's version] by valeriatacho
Come to life [Henry's version]by Valery
Joey Drew Studios, el estudio de programación independiente, creador del videojuego del momento: Bendy and the ink machine. Ahí mismo es donde se dará lugar a uno de los...
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leo inter serpentes ➵ primeiro ano {tradução portugês} by basznow
leo inter serpentes ➵ primeiro mel
a série reescrita, mas dessa vez, nosso herói veste verde e prata, não vermelho e dourado. essa fanfic não pertence a mim. foi escrita por aeternum e eu estou apenas tra...
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Fighting The Dead  by Mary_Twinkle24
Fighting The Dead by Mary
4th of March when the world turned upside down and the world crumbled down to our feet. I lost my family, my friends, and now I'm trying to survive. My end is unknowing...
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Power Outage | Eddsworld AU by -twicra-
Power Outage | Eddsworld AUby twila
Three years later, things does not really end well for them. Especially Edd. His powers came back but one condition: he has to slowly suffer. This will be the end. Or is...
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Stranger In An Alternative Earth by hellelysium
Stranger In An Alternative Earthby Elysium
Helen built the greatest invention of the 21st century that would help them win the WWIII, she was going to be the heroine of her country the United States of America wh...
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danganronpa oneshots! [ 2 ] by mintzyx
danganronpa oneshots! [ 2 ]by Ultimate Garbage
started ; oct 29, 2019 ended ; [ edit is not made by me! i found it somewhere in tumblr ] [ ps. spoilers ARE included! then again, why would you read a book when you hav...
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𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙘𝙚 )) DanPlan『AU』 by hitxrinboenvy
𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙘𝙚 )) DanPlan『AU』by ❏↳ 𝘽𝙮 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙬𝙖𝙮 ❞
❝ No se sabe de qué lugar vienen, pero, están dispersos por todas partes, eso sí se sabe. ❞ ━━━━━︾━━━━━ ━━━━━︽━━━━━ » AU ( Universo Alterno ) fic ;; » DanPlan - sus pers...
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Rain [Oneshot] by wannaduskk
Rain [Oneshot]by ~
Setidaknya kami pernah saling memiliki dan bahagia. ;yK
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Reggie's Story (Dog Story; James AU) by kooridenka
Reggie's Story (Dog Story; James Macy
-TS to wattpad -based on a true story Characters: James Reid as Jonas Nadine Lustre as Emily Calcy Lustre-Reid as Reggie
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Byler [Future Years] by TweakIsGay
Byler [Future Years]by HenryRoblox TV
Hello there people, this is what like shipping, will x mike or know as Wike, Byler, etc. I make these for fun and not for money, there will be NO mike x el.
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Toxic «Dio Brando» by -pxrsxfonx_lilith
Toxic «Dio Brando»by 「Du Hast」
Cuando descubres el pequeño secreto de Dio Brando alias el "señor perfección" este se encarga de mantenerte callada con métodos poco ortodoxos complicando aun...
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University Hours by stcvnatavng
University Hoursby stcvnatavng
"You are the love of my life" "Oh really?Did Maths help you come to this conclusion?"she teased him "No!"he said annoyed
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Kinky College Nerds: A goon_daddy Fanfic by morgantessa
Kinky College Nerds: A Tessa Morgan
Tessa is starting her second semester of college and meets a Noah in her English 1102 class. They're both kinky nerdy messes, so this will definitely end in chaos.
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Story of another rapture by Killer_Stalker
Story of another raptureby Killer_Stalker
El príncipe coronaria a Lyanna Stark por sobre su esposa y Robert va a vengar eso, Saandra lo sabía, ya podía ver la boca de Robert abriéndose y la furia en sus ojos.
Devil in Disguise by bootaeful_gucci
Devil in Disguiseby b0okbeat
No one expected him to be that one. Too innocent and beautiful for something so horrid. He's an angel in everyone's eyes, but no one expected him to be the devil in disg...
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Façade {Oumami AU} by ketturena
Façade {Oumami AU}by shsl apathy
"You'll give me everything I want right? You'll do anything for me? Amami? I know that's the truth." {{Mature Content!!! There's a lot of porn here}} _________...
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Blue Towel by Asilium
Blue Towelby Asilium
Ele não sabia ao certo o que mais o hipnotizava. A toalha azul ou a camisola laranja. | BLEACH | GrimmHime | Universo Alternativo | | Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez | Orihime Ino...
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