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Altered by SorchaDeBrun
Alteredby Sorcha De Brún
'They wore uniform grey, their expression hard and distant, their muscles taut with expectation, as if at any moment they were ready to lead an assault, to carry out ord...
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Feared by SorchaDeBrun
Fearedby Sorcha De Brún
'Play the game, she thought, remembering the only three words that had helped her to survive at Kingston. Only back then she had known the game, she had known what they...
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The Chosen Wife || Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun by Kizuna_Aoi
The Chosen Wife || Jibaku Aoi Kizuna
[Short Story-Love Story] This is not a modern au and will not follow the plot story from manga or anime. But, this story is about where the parallel universe of Jibaku S...
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Immune by jane_wood3932
Immuneby Jane Wood
What happens when you find out that you are not one of the people around you? What happens when you set out to come back home but never do? ...
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All I Ever Wanted by number1swifty
All I Ever Wantedby Katie
Emma's life was never perfect. She never had the nice house, white picket fence and a beautiful labrador puppy. She never wanted any of that anyway. All she ever wanted...
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Altered by KatelynMarii
Alteredby Katelyn Marii
There are things worse than death... Valencia Faelen never wanted to be anything more than a normal person. She was just one amongst a thousand Altered- humans that...
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My Original/Altered Characters by DANLA295
My Original/Altered Charactersby DANLA295
All my original and altered characters used in all my books/stories HIGHEST RANKING: •#3-Altered (23/05/2020) •#955-Original (23/05/2020) •#866-Original Character (23/0...
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Hunter (A Valiant Novel) by jesusfreak202
Hunter (A Valiant Novel)by jesusfreak202
A reckless young woman named Averella does what no woman on Averella has ever done. She disguises herself as a man and purposefully gets herself arrested and thrown into...
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100% Perfect by Audrey_Warters
100% Perfectby Audrey Warters
Bailey. Supposed to be perfect, a science experiment with DNA. Perfect. Not Superhuman. But when things seemingly go wrong and powers begin to develop within her, Bailey...
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Your Safe As Long As Your With Me by SaraTalb1
Your Safe As Long As Your With Meby Sara ✌️
Riley develops a new fear, will she brake down, or will James help her through it?
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#119 IN WEREWOLF BELLE WYATT Her husband left her right after they landed on their Honeymoon destination . XEN ARCHER He left his pack at the hands of his half brothe...
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Love Reset by NEEonPink
Love Resetby Ainee Raizel
"I wish I could go back to the time we met and leave you be." 4 years of what they thought the most perfect time of their life completely gone wrong. Allina Al...
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Redolent by strawberrykiller37
Redolentby strawberry-chan
The year is unknown. Time has long since stop counting as soon as humans began to delve into ETC- Electronic Time Configuration. Humans can now control time, space, and...
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In The End (Nick Love Story) by Gilinsky_texasgirl
In The End (Nick Love Story)by Gilinsky_texasgirl
(All Rights reserved to Jennifer Rush and the Altered Series!) They Aren't the Only ones. I am Ariana. I am a superhuman. A weapon. Nick, Cas, Trev and Sam weren't the o...
Headspace  by paige0757
Headspace by Noodleboiiii
Viewpoint of how your mind slowly starts to blend what you know of reality and dream... Notice: I'll add more to the description as I advance through this story
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The Altered-Book One: Silver Eyes by trueAKParra
The Altered-Book One: Silver Eyesby A.K.Parra
***ON HOLD*** When an asteroid crashes on Jacob Byers's country, everyone expects death and destruction. What they don't expect is for people with extraordinary abilitie...
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Once You Go Deadly, Rock-A-Bye by llSilencell
Once You Go Deadly, Rock-A-Byeby llSilencell
Sasha is a new breed of human, and she is everything to fear. Her strength exceeds mortal strength, her agility will leave your jaw on the floor, and her brain works at...
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New World by CupFullOfRain
New Worldby Jenny Bertel
Lee is on her own in a world altered by an alien invasion. One fateful night she is picked up by what seem like kind strangers but she finds herself in a situation she d...
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