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Secrets Between Blood by LoneCreatoriP
Secrets Between Bloodby Lone Creator
Sort of follows the basic timeline for the voltron: legendary defender show. BUT, I did put in my own twists and turns, ships, and new plot. WARNINGS: BLOOD, SWEARING, E...
Not So Human by lgbtpjo
Not So Humanby Carter J. Michaelis
Lance McClain was born on Altea. His mother and father needed to hide the baby, so they put the baby in a crytostasis pod and hoped someone would find him. It took a few...
Surrender by indiantaylor32
Surrenderby indiantaylor32
Princess Allura may have been Queen Melenor and King Alfor's daughter, heir to the throne, beloved by her people. But Lance, was just King Alfor's bastard, the child wit...
Is It Really Forbidden? by KLANCE_LOVEITTT
Is It Really Forbidden?by KLANCE_LOVEITTT
Prince Lance Taylor McClain of Altea is to be wed to a..a Prince Akira of Marmora? He doesn't want that! He wants love...and a certain galra citizen.... ...
Blessing in Disguise//Klance// by KLANCE_LOVEITTT
Blessing in Disguise//Klance//by KLANCE_LOVEITTT
Two young demons find real love in Hell, but will there be someone there to stop it or help it?
We Are Not Treasures by skittle724
We Are Not Treasuresby Skittle724<3
As an emperor, a wife for the next hire to the throne or even multiple wives for satisfaction and to show off. But zarkons wives have had enough of being forced to think...
Blood Tied   (Galtean Klance) by LatteOnTheLoose
Blood Tied (Galtean Klance)by Latté
Lance and Keith have been captured and the only way for them to escape is for Lance to embrace a part of him he never knew about. Do the Red and Blue Paladins have a ch...
Found by MaskedReader02
Foundby MaskedReader02
Lance was never part of the new paladins of Voltron. He was already was a paladin before any of them, before his people died and his sister was frozen. He went missing...
Feeling Blue(Evil Lance) by wog-woman
Feeling Blue(Evil Lance)by wog-woman
Lotor captures Lance, and forces him to become a Galra soldier against his will. That is, after days of torture. Will the Paladins be able to save him? (Sorry for the h...
Wait...What? Omega!? by ShadowStepArt
Wait...What? Omega!?by ShadowStepArt
This is just a story that I had been thinking of for a while. It's based in the Omegaverse. Lance McClain has a fear of people knowing that he is an omega, but what hap...
langst one shots by dead_bird_black0311
langst one shotsby Yuko
Will include: lance-centric langst shance lancelot klance Shklance klangst Altean/alien Lance Even some bad ZarkonXLance I will take request from my PM box!
auras are amazing  by TheSamonShiper
auras are amazing by Max
Lance had always been able to see peoples auras but he didn't know why so he didn't tell anyone . So if came as a shock to everyone on the team when altean Mark's appe...
In the Shadows of the Past (KLANCE) by BestFriendsSquad
In the Shadows of the Past (KLANCE)by Blackhorse54
Lance is Allura's younger brother and King Alfor's Altean son, but he was sent to Earth at the age of 14, staying in a frozen slumber until he was found. When they find...
Forbidden Love by Koga_ne
Forbidden Loveby Koga_ne
Prince Altean Lance. Lost Prince Keith Kogane. A love story with white magic and black magic. Vampires, monsters, humans, wizards, and Galra. Gay marriage is forbidden...
I Love You, Not Her (Klance) by pep106
I Love You, Not Her (Klance)by Jessica
To end the war between the Alteans and the Galra, the princess of Altea and the prince of the Galra Empire must be wed. There's just one teeny..tiny....problem. The prin...
Borderline by spaceTM
Borderlineby Eren Yogurt🗡🩸
GALTEAN KLANCE // The Galras are not allowed in Altea anymore. Ever since Zarkon stepped over the line, King Alfor made the decision that the purple creatures should b...
Lost in Your Universe [Klance/Galra!Keith x Altean!Lance] by bbasketcase
Lost in Your Universe [Klance/ bbasketcase
"Prince Lance, meet Keith Kogane; 2nd Rank fight pilot for Marmora." "Uh-h, H-hi, I'm Plance, I-I mean K-klance, ugh, Lance! My name is Lance!" &quo...
Not Quite Human by molly-k8
Not Quite Humanby Molly Kate
When two of the Paladins discover that they aren't as normal as they seem, they receive mixed reactions from the rest of the team. These events may bring them closer tog...
Save Him {Klance} by ANonBinaryWeeb
Save Him {Klance}by Gay Bitch
When Altea was attacked by the Galran empire, the prince of Altea was sent into space. The pod was set to travel to a planet named Earth. Many years after landing, his p...
Hidden Book 1: Earth (Klance) by Buffythegoldendoge
Hidden Book 1: Earth (Klance)by Mint
Keith and Shiro are Galra (they grew up on Altea) Keith has his parents, while Lance is an adopted orphan. There is a type of Galra called Crypts they are genderless Alt...