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Already Gone by alibaby
Already Goneby Alexandra
Mia Cooper is deeply in love with her boyfriend James Shaw. But when he tells her he's leaving before they start their senior year, her heart is crushed. Mia faces furth...
Adopted by Thomas Sanders by trashmanTM
Adopted by Thomas Sandersby Remus
DISCONTINUED - A REMAKE IS IN THE WORKS (Y/N) is adopted by Sanders. Do not read unless you know all of the real names of the main four Sanders Sides characters (Deceit...
Marinette gets Pregnant by MIRACULOUS__FAN
Marinette gets Pregnantby MIRACULOUS__FAN
This is a Adrienette story where Marinette gets pregnant by Adrien and the cover has nothing to do with the story, I just found it and had to use it.
||how i got in the hype house|| by nnbnndnsnnsdndb
||how i got in the hype house||by nnbnndnsnnsdndb
{{ your a 19 year old girl who lives in Connecticut, you've been friends with Dixie, Charli, Addison, and Avanii for a few years now and they invite you to live with the...
We've Already Played this Game by behappyforsure01
We've Already Played this Gameby behappyforsure01
Hayley and Conner are back and this time are rockier than ever. Conner has a hot roommate and Hayley can't help but notice. She has to constantly remind herself that she...
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Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
Prince of Fire, Meet the Thief by Mitsukai924
Prince of Fire, Meet the Thiefby Mitsukai
Fate plays a cruel twist to a measly thief's life when it throws a troublesome, devil-may care pirate into the mix. Stir it all together and you have an emotion filled a...
Already Gone by brooklynn_shaw
Already Goneby *~Brooklyn~*
Barry loses Kara to a tragic fight. Team Flash and Team Supergirl all work together to get her back. When Barry finds out he tries to stop the whole thing. But the teams...
Untitled Meddison Story by Bobbiejelly
Untitled Meddison Storyby bobbiejelly
This is set during the end of "Piece Of My Heart", GA-S4-E13, where Meredith Grey asks Addison Montgomery "Hey, you're leaving already?" And it follo...
Dora's Anatomy  by adiosdoobies
Dora's Anatomy by papo
this is the only proof of my existence, you should be honored
Safe in my hands ( a Hannie fanfic) by babsbear1418
Safe in my hands ( a Hannie fanfic)by babzbear1418
Annie likes Hayden but what will Hayden say when he finds out??
I'm Already Taken (Sequel to I'm Already Torn) by OrignalKerrotLuver
I'm Already Taken (Sequel to I'm OrignalKerrotLuver
Lissy has watched her best friend fall in love, have her heart broken, and pick up the pieces to find love again. Shes happy for Maggie and Louis, she really is, but som...
I'm Already Torn ( A One Direction Love Triangle) by OrignalKerrotLuver
I'm Already Torn ( A One OrignalKerrotLuver
Two weeks in London can change a girl. Especially when you spend it with a cutie you met in a bar... and his four other famous friends. Maggie thinks she's hit the jackp...
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ship book by Abby_Lunauwu
ship bookby Abby_Lunauwu
mostly for my sister palette_sunkist
Yup by Polly_Wogs
Yupby skizzles
Im bored
♫.::.MUSIC.::.♫ by slasheRR
♫.::.MUSIC.::.♫by no thanks
This is a collection of songs. If you have reccomendations or concerns, please let me know. NOTE- This is temporarily completed. I'm too busy writing to dig up a song to...
Memories (UP FOR WATTY AWARDS) by dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR
Memories (UP FOR WATTY AWARDS)by A (Pronounced Haiiiiiii;)
Maria was born from a rich family. She had everything she ever wanted except her parent's love. They treated her like a puppy, only to be watched over for so long. They...
Queen the Killer by Wondromnet
Queen the Killerby Wondromnet
A random kid wonders how a killer with a carved out smile manages to kill so many people without planning their demise and get away with it. Some weird book online seems...