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alphabet lore  by Nyachachandoridori
alphabet lore by Nyachachandoridori
Bueno dejo la primera para subir dibujos, la segunda que es la historia y esta que será solo concentradas en tonteras de mi Au xD
Who's Gem is it? (An Alphabet Lore Fanfiction) by Maddeleine_Is_Here
Who's Gem is it? (An Alphabet Maddeleine / マドレーヌ
(Characters belong to Mike Salcedo, the creator of Alphabet Lore) Y finds the Asterisk gem off the ground and asks several letters if the Asterisk gem is theirs or not...
Do You Even Care?  by NurzahraAlyaadilla
Do You Even Care? by Nur zahra Alya adilla
{ "It's like you don't even care about anyone at all! You only cared about yourself. Do you even care? Don't talk to me anymore!" } The word that got out from...
Alphabet Lore reacts to Alphabet Lore by BrunoisMAD1
Alphabet Lore reacts to Alphabet BrunoisMAD1
FINALLY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!! Highest ranking: Mike Salcedo
Who's Gem is it?: The Remake (An Alphabet lore Fanfiction) (BETA) by Maddeleine_Is_Here
Who's Gem is it?: The Remake (An Maddeleine / マドレーヌ
This story of this Alphabet lore Fanfiction is about Y finding an Asterisk gem on the ground, but then she realizes That the gem belongs to someone ELSE, so her choice i...
Art Stuff I Guess (Hexie's Artbook) by HexieAriana
Art Stuff I Guess (Hexie's Artbook)by Nur Ariana Insyirah
Just nothing other than drawings and more-!
Alphabettale AU by irohowo
Alphabettale AUby Iroha
So basically, Undertale and Alphabet Lore combined The letters replace the monsters in the AU, and the humans are the same. The only letters who now are human are N (Nat...
Alphabet lore imagines,headcanons, and oneshots!!! by Shroomieboy
Alphabet lore imagines, Shroomieboy
A group of Imagines and headcanons for alphabet lore!! These can be for Canon x canon or canon x reader!! (I added oneshots last minute btw lol)
Alphabet On Earth by BrunoisMAD1
Alphabet On Earthby BrunoisMAD1
Some how, Z, a rouge planet no bigger than 34 kilometers wide, (21 miles for you Americans) ends up on a star system but gets pulled to close to earth and crash lands N...
Letters and Numerals by Some_Bastard-
Letters and Numeralsby Some_Bastard-
Alphabet lore AU and it's gonna suck. Oh planet Z, after F's defeat, the letters assumed they would be able to go back to their normal lives, but soon Numbers began to c...
The Other Content Book (Hexie243 Book) by HexieAriana
The Other Content Book (Hexie243 Nur Ariana Insyirah
This book contains things related to AL, Pepoyo and others besides arts and drawings
VAGNUM by mintkiwi13
VAGNUMby mintkiwi13
An alternate medieval universe of the Alphabet Lore by Mike Salcedo, with an alternative ending. Z is the entire kingdom. F, U, V, W, and Y are related. P and G get marr...
The Legacy Of Henry Ymin by Dabber2009
The Legacy Of Henry Yminby Dabber2009
The history of Henry Ymin from the Henry Ymin (Legacy Series) to The Henry Ymin Collection! Join me as we explore Henry's journey from being a criminal to a hero!
F is for Father Figure by TheReal_BFDI_MLG
F is for Father Figureby TheReal_BFDI_MLG
N was hosting a dinner party and leaves it up to F to make drinks. But while making them, F accidentally adds a potion he was making as a prank for L and O... now he has...
Drama Of The Letters Season 1 (Alphabet Lore Themed Fic) by FIREMETEORoscfan
Drama Of The Letters Season 1 ( FIREMETEORoscfan
22 letters will battle it out for 1 billion dollars! drama will insue, friendships will form and maybe even couples, who will survive all of this and win it all? find ou...
Alphabet Lore RP by KPwitch
Alphabet Lore RPby KP
idk just roleplay here ig