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Twilight 月 Incandescent Moon by Lucykins26
Twilight 月 Incandescent Moonby Emily
Blue Moon (first part of the story)---Lilia Reed is just your adverage, everyday teenager. Except for the fact that's she's an albino and doesn't have long to live. Her...
It Was You by saeptychafamo
It Was Youby saeptychafamo
"and you know what? never talk to me abou-" He didn't let her finish as he pinned her against the tree behind her, capturing her lips with his own hungry ones...
Kurulus Osman: Diego and Malhun. by lovecore2400
Kurulus Osman: Diego and lovecore2400
When Osman Bey made Diego his alp, little did he know that the Hatuns would fall for him, including his own Malhun. Tall, handsome and dominant Diego begins a relationsh...
Kuruluş Osman (Character Imagines) by merxk-
Kuruluş Osman (Character Imagines)by ─ ⋆ 𝒎
⚔ Kuruluş Osman (Character Imagines)
ALACALI IŞIK  by meybuzhayatimolmus
Zaman... Ne kadar da gizemli bir kavram aslında... Bir saniye önceye dönemediğimiz gibi, bir saniye sonra yaşanacak olaydan da bir haberiz. Peki bir kaç saniyelik dal...
the bolat family by justchilling0424
the bolat familyby justchilling0424
this is story about edser and their children after years, they are grown up. i really wanted to read something this, there are many stories about it but most of them are...
Strong Sultana by BalHal
Strong Sultanaby BalHal
Raziye Sultana, daughter of Shehzade Ahmet and Fatma hatun ,she was little when her parents and her aunt Halime sultan died she was taken in by her father figure Ertugru...
Çilekler~Strawberries|| A Bala Hatun Story by Otte2019
Çilekler~Strawberries|| A Bala
Bala went out to pick some strawberries with Ahmet alp. When danger came and then blood was spilled but it wasn't Ahmet's.... but Balas
Sevda- Kongar/ Goktug Alp love story by BalHal
Sevda- Kongar/ Goktug Alp love BalHal
When her older brothers Alps are captured by commander Balgay, Dilay fights back to get rid of the Mongol trouble, that the Kayi Tribe faces. Osman Bey and his sister Di...
D.E | K.O Edits by cookiemun
D.E | K.O Editsby 𝔷𝔰
Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman edits. This book contains pictures/quotes that I put together or feel like sharing. This might make you cry This might make you laugh...
IkimizinSirri Season 2  "Our Secret"  by MiraStories2022
IkimizinSirri Season 2 "Our MiraStories2022
"IkimizinSirri" or "our secret" is a very beautiful Turkish series composed of ten episodes not to be missed absolutely! It is the Turkish adaptation...
Zorba ruhlar  by smilazmdeil4
Zorba ruhlar by smilazmdeil4
Ale bir gün babası tarafından okulu değiştirİlmektedir.Bu yeni okulda bütün öğrenciler cana yakın ve sevecendir,ama Alp hariç.
Hasan Alp of Yarihsar by Shireenjan24
Hasan Alp of Yarihsarby Shireenjan24
Katalan Diego. Who would of known Anselmo's right hand man would see the light of Islam & become such a beloved alp of Osman bey and a friend to Cerkutay after Goktugs...
Goktug Alp, the husband of Malihe hatun and Kizil Bey's oglu Umar Bey's daughter, Aslihan Hatun. He had to re-marry with Aslihan, as it was an order from Osman Bey, the...
German Mythology by Lunaxxmoriarty
German Mythologyby Miss Tonks-Lupin ak. Miss Mor...
The tales are from the Internet and not from me!!!! German mythology creatures German legends and tales