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Aloy x Malereader  by TheRealzGodz
Aloy x Malereader by TheRealzGodofOfCreation
I haven't seen one of these yet. So I'll be your hero. This is a Aloy x Malereader as you can see no harem, and possibly add Forbbiden West. This is my fanfic, and I'll...
Ghost of Tsushima || Horizon Zero Dawn by GoodHadock
Ghost of Tsushima || Horizon GoodHadock
Jin Sakai once a samurai now fully embraces the ghost. He saved his home by driving the Mongols out. By becoming the ghost he struck fear into the enemy. After the fight...
Sun and shadow Helis x aloy lemon 🍋 by Scarwashere44
Sun and shadow Helis x aloy Scar
Horizon zero dawn lemon 🍋
Unintended by Inconvenient_Ideal
Unintendedby 🌻I Drift; I Fall🌻
"I have not met a Banuk before. Only heard tales, I did not think to see one here." It was a polite way of Kotallo saying that what he had heard, were fanciful...
Thunderjaw Heart - Horizon Zero Dawn Fanfiction by Akikalaha
Thunderjaw Heart - Horizon Zero Akikalaha
Aloy meets a strange girl named Kïma and gets to know her and her even stranger world, based on the study of the Old Ones, on hunting and exploring. Soon, they'll unders...
Age Of Machine by The_Average_Kaiser
Age Of Machineby The_Average_Kaiser
Nothing is owned by me but the Y/N character Nier Automa is owned by Square Enix Generation Zero is owned by Avalanche Studios Horizon: Zero Dawn is owned by Guerrilla G...
Horizon: Justice Calling by shadowfighter9556
Horizon: Justice Callingby Atlas
Earth, the far future. Nature has reclaimed the ruins of our forgotten civilization, but humanity lives on in primitive tribes. In this new wilderness, they fight for s...
The Watcher-Dog by cxllmerachxl
The Watcher-Dogby rey ♔
Aloy meets a rather unusual Watcher after a hunt. The behavior of a Watcher has always reminded me of that of a dog (especially the big clumsy ones), so this fic was a j...
Amat Victoria Curam by ValentinSaric1
Amat Victoria Curamby Valentin Sarić
Far Zeniths are defeated, but Nemesis is coming. Will Aloy and Gaya be ready for such a threat? Warning! This fanfic follows immediately after events of Horizon Forbidde...
Aloy x Erend (HZD fanfiction)  by CoupleBooksOnly
Aloy x Erend (HZD fanfiction) by CoupleBooksOnly
The game Horizon Zero Dawn has come to an end. This fanfiction takes place AFTER the final events of the game! The couple is Aloy and Erend, but I will do other books o...
A Hunt Like No Other by cats911511
A Hunt Like No Otherby ♤~Angelic_Frost~♤
Enhanced monsters, giant mysteries, sickness. Where is the missing link?
Little Ashes [Ereloy] by cxllmerachxl
Little Ashes [Ereloy]by rey ♔
Based on "Cendrillon" by Signal-P, but a much happier ending. Cover art by godliath on Twitter and Tumblr :) Erend and Aloy go to a masquerade dance hosted by...
To Chase a Dream ⇾  Aloy by blue_solo
To Chase a Dream ⇾ Aloyby Ace
A Horizon Zero Dawn fanfiction Lorea is unlike most Nora. Instead of avoiding all things connected to the Old Ones she seeks them out. She explores ruin after ruin, tumb...
Frostbitten by joehundredaire
Frostbittenby Joe Guendert
"I thought you might be... like me, shall we say. You're not, but you're no less fascinating for what you've turned out to be."
The alphas of zero dawn 2.0 by CharezzaArbuyes
The alphas of zero dawn 2.0by Charezza Arbuyes
What if just WHAT IF Aloy is not the only clone, of the zero dawn alphas. And maybe~~~~ the original alphas are meet them 😏. Also this is my first fic so please be nice...
United At Last by cxllmerachxl
United At Lastby rey ♔
It's Aloy's 21st birthday, and GAIA came up with something special for her.
Ghosts of The Old Ones by Aw11041
Ghosts of The Old Onesby Aw11041
Upon taking a second look, Aloy discover something new that she's never seen before. Started: May 15th, 2022 Posted: September 17th, 2022 *Note: I don't know how to mark...
I know this may not get any views or smth but my brain rot is too much to bear alone. Anyway have fun!! 🫶🫶 HORIZON ZERO DAWN/FORBIDDEN WEST DOES NOT BELONG TO ME
Horizon Zero Dawn Short Stories by ferrrrrrn
Horizon Zero Dawn Short Storiesby fern :)
A collection of random short stories that aren't particularly relevant to the plot of the game (so far), a few opinions chucked in here and there and whatever really... ...
Daughter of the Anointed  by ArminOpperman
Daughter of the Anointed by Armin Opperman
The story of your mother has become one of legend. As her daughter you are expected to be just like her. Will you be like your mother before you or will you forge your o...