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The things he left behind  by MackenzieGaming1
The things he left behind by MackenzieGaming1
Melody was a young woman who got her heart broken by who she thought was the love of her life. She starts going through depression and one day realizes he taught her a l...
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Just Play Along by JessRego_JLS
Just Play Alongby Jess
The statement tends to go “Three Strikes and You’re Out.” Little did I know that for me, it was three strikes and I was just getting started… I didn’t know when I agreed...
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Blood and Water (The Revenge Of Broken Heart) by AthenaJxJ
Blood and Water (The Revenge Of Ponytail
A love that started in a young age, in a right time, a right place, but in a wrong situation... "I love you... I will choose you." - Jimin "I love you...
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Ishq Zindagi (Complete✅) by Sukainazaidi07
Ishq Zindagi (Complete✅)by Sukaina Zaidi
یہ ناول ہے ایک میر خاندان کا... یہ کہانی ہے ایک ایسی لڑکی کی جو سب کے ہوتے ہوئے بھی بےسہارا ہے.. کس طرح ملے گے یہ لوگ.. "میر صارم عباس" "اریکہ جہان"
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Our Angel by AthenaJxJ
Our Angelby Ponytail
::: This is a story of a group of guys who's friendship is starting to fall because of their personal problems. As they call it done and decided to live their life by th...
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Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
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The Boy Found On Willow St. (Complete) by memeunique
The Boy Found On Willow St. ( Melissa
Have you ever agreed to do a dare? Have you ever found a wounded body while playing truth or dare, well neither have Sophie or Jenny. Starting off as a dare, seventeen y...
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Just Some Love Stories by XxIcyxX
Just Some Love Storiesby Laura
Just some short (love) stories I wrote in my spare time. For Aveline, it might have been the spring air. For Erica, it might have been the memories that flood over her...
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Food Fight by Timeout
Food Fightby Timeout
When Victoria Hunter and Drew Richards, who were total strangers to each other, accidentally started a food fight in their school cafeteria which resulted in complete di...
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Qis dan Along by asyuasyura
Qis dan Alongby asyuasyura
Qistina gadis riang yang sering keliru dengan tingkah laku alongnya. Sekejap marah, sekejap macam loving semacam, sekejap buat tak tahu.Tapi selalu je alongnya buat muka...
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A Batfamily Christmas Miracle {Completed} by Mad_Eyed_Maddy
A Batfamily Christmas Miracle { Maddy
Tim and Damian getting along? Jason coming home? No fights? The villains don't escape Arkham or Blackgate? This must really be a Christmas miracle for the Batfamily. Cov...
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ADAM by KIDmimi
ADAMby mimi :D
((((previously known as ADAM- My painful journey )))))This is a story of how Katy lives through her abusive marriage with a sick psychotic husband, Adam. With the help o...
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Male possessive harem x male reader by Izzyisinthedark666
Male possessive harem x male readerby Goldendust666
Idk. I'll probably go along with this one, so I'm sorry
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All Along You Were Blooming [PDF] by Morgan Harper Nichols by cokalyni61602
All Along You Were Blooming [PDF] cokalyni61602
Read All Along You Were Blooming PDF by Morgan Harper Nichols Zondervan Listen to All Along You Were Blooming: Thoughts for Boundless Living audiobook by Morgan Harper N...
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Memories by AthenaJxJ
Memoriesby Ponytail
A story of a young couple who lived in a farytail. What heart can do on the things that mind cannot? She was gone when he didn't know why... All the memories are lost a...
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Play Along by twistedcrowns
Play Alongby Anne Ford
Leila Flores has no time for dating. With her mother stuck in grief and her father rarely home to help out, it's up Leila to keep her family from falling apart. But when...
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Take Me Along by PrincessMahone
Take Me Alongby MEGAN
Vanessa Rossi is known as the "trouble maker" back home in Montpelier, Vermont. After her best friend's death, things only got worse. Her mother sends her to L...
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Song Lyrics by hawilliamson
Song Lyricsby hawilliamson
Any song lyrics
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FUN KIDS STORY 👭 by JessicaAlexander357
FUN KIDS STORY 👭by Jessica Alexander
This will be mainly About cartoon characters these short stories hope you have fun .
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The Prisoner (Book 2) by doshyTown_A
The Prisoner (Book 2)by queen A of K-pop UNNIE!!!
it's been 3 years since Soya Jimin started dating, she gets her job back and frees Jungkook from Prison, and Jennie still hates her, soon he does something unexpected😏...
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