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The Aura Guardian Strikes Back by nethertube
The Aura Guardian Strikes Backby Nethertube
Ash had just come Runner-Up in the Lumiose Conference, and decides to head on back to Pallet Town with Pikachu, not realizing for what is in store for him ahead. He fi...
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Saviors of Tomorrow 3 (Pokémon-FF) by Yukigakure
Saviors of Tomorrow 3 (Pokémon-FF)by Mari
Jayden wurde aus dem Kloster befreit, Laslow ist Aria losgeworden und Mari und Jacky haben erfolgreich mit ihren Freunden die Schwarzarbeiter verhaftet, die illegal das...
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In Tune by LilCharmie
In Tuneby Charmie
Charlie has always felt that there was something Mysterious about Akala Island, and after having a dream of the Akala Island Guardian, she declared it her duty to hunt d...
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"Where are you?"  (A Pokemon Fanfic) by nightmare_Nightlina
"Where are you?" (A Pokemon nightmare_Nightlina
What happens when all the beloved Champions just disappeared, leaving behind their friends, family, and Pokemon? What happens if they can't find them? What happens if th...
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Regrets in Alola(pokemon) by EnderCat900
Regrets in Alola(pokemon)by MooneFox
Having a pokemon that hates you, isn't the greatest. You the reader are traveling to a region known as Alola, and there you will meet many people. As you stay in Alola m...
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Sunlightshipping: My Love, My Sunshine by kyogrepublications
Sunlightshipping: My Love, My AshSerenafanatic
Lillie had finally returned to Alola with her mom, Lusamine. She really misses Elio. The mysterious boy had somehow captured Lillie's heart. Will Elio or Lillie reach th...
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Everlasting Conflict by IzukuxKastuki
Everlasting Conflictby IzukuxKastuki
This story is about Ash Ketchum,his cousin and childhood friend moving to a new school. There are many people they'll meet and maybe fall in love.
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I Wanna Be The Very BƏ§Ť.... (pokémon ultra sun/moon oc insert) by Underfail_Trash
I Wanna Be The Very BƏ§Ť.... (poké Yee Yee
Zoey. Daughter of Guzma, the leader of Team Skull. Daughter of Luho, a working woman in Kalos. Never in her life would she have thought to meet her father, or her new-fo...
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Guardianes de las islas  ¿solo amigos o algo mas? tapu koko x tapu lele by Shadowredx
Guardianes de las islas ¿solo Shadowredx
Bueno amigos ya abran visto mi anterior historia asi que como me fui bien porque no hacer esta nueva historia asi que mejor comienzo tapu koko nunca le importo sus comp...
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Aaliyah's Journey by KalosRegionMaddie
Aaliyah's Journeyby KalosRegionMaddie
Aaliyah has been raised by Professors Kukui and Burnett since she was 6 after her mom had passed away due to a fatal disease. Once she turned 10,she,along with her part...
Daughter of the Fallen Angel by AvalancheOfPusheens
Daughter of the Fallen Angelby Geno
Lost in the midst of nowhere at night, during a storm no less, even a dark chateau can look inviting. What you didn't know before stepping inside, dear reader, was what...
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Pokemon: The Guardian of Alola by ReaderGodzilla
Pokemon: The Guardian of Alolaby Godzilla Reader
Note: i do not own anything in this story it belongs to it's respective owners
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When Two Worlds Combine (Leon X Guzma) by CuddlesAreTheBest
When Two Worlds Combine (Leon X CuddlesAreTheBest
Guzma moves to Galar to start over in life. He ends up spending too much on the trip to Galar, and gets lost. What will happen once he finds a place to stay? All the cha...
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Alola Kalos (re-write) by Preformer_Nadia
Alola Kalos (re-write)by Nadia
Ash's class are going to Kalos and Serena just HAPPENED to be visiting Kalos with Dawn. By this time, Serena thinks Ash forgot about her and Ash thinks he didn't do enou...
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Pokemon World X Male Reader: Journey Of A Lifetime by AtomicDuelist
Pokemon World X Male Reader: Flint
With your journey in your home region of Alola done,you seek more and more for yourself,wanting more for yourself,you go for a journey around other regions,ready for a c...
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Pokémon: The Essential eHandbook by Kof4495
Pokémon: The Essential eHandbookby IAM DeBEST
Your comprehensive guidebook to every single Pokémon! Every single Pokémon is here inside this very book! We've got Starter Pokémon, Legendary Pokémon, Pseudo Legendary...
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The Dark Sun Rises by SunxxLillie
The Dark Sun Risesby Sun
What happened after Lillie left to Alola? What where Sun's thoughts while she was away? What where Lillie's thoughts while she left Alola and went to Kanto? That where s...
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Falsa Identidad by Droc-Drew
Falsa Identidadby //En proceso//
En esta Historia, Ash Kecthum de Pueblo paleta, Decide ásarse Unas vacaciones solo En alola. Para descansar De tantas Batallas, Alli El azabache Consiguio Hacer Muchos a...
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Pokemon: Treeko and the Mystery of the Rhine by Miggie102
Pokemon: Treeko and the Mystery Miguel Flores
Pokemon have been disappearing for a long time. No one even knows what could be the cause of these disappearances. Can an average Treeko and a Chespin uncover the secret...
The Edgy Champion and Me (Gladion X Reader)  by SamanthaKurkowski
The Edgy Champion and Me ( Samantha Kurkowski
(Y/N) just became champion of Alola. But she feels something is missing from her life. What happens when (Y/N) and Gladion cross paths?
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