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For lack of a better idea by GalaxWrites
For lack of a better ideaby I SHIP TOO MANY THINGS
Aloha makes a group chat for the Coroika peeps. What could go wrong? (Rated T for foul language and some innuendos)
Falling for Secrets | Goggles x Rider | Splatoon Manga Ship Story by fictionally_me
Falling for Secrets | Goggles x Kim
Goggles is weirdly lost in thoughts lately, Rider sticks to him like glue and they are getting along well... all while Bobble Hat is barely home anymore and what's with...
Your heart is my home by splatnfiction
Your heart is my homeby Splatnfiction
Summary: Army gets a surprise visit from his parents and finally also has the courage to tell them about his sexuality. So will everything turn out well or will it go fo...
Serriph's book of late-night oneshots by GalaxWrites
Serriph's book of late-night I SHIP TOO MANY THINGS
basically i am an insomniac and I write these on word documents as my- wait, I explain it in the first chapter with Alarmy- Just read the coddamn book-
Circus (Army x Aloha) by XxDeliriousRaev3xX
Circus (Army x Aloha)by 💫♥️Raev3♥️💫
(Cover Art's MINE) Army and Aloha have been friends but after a match which paints Aloha as bait for the team, Aloha ends up noticing he's been staring and noticing smal...
Splatoon Oneshots by splatnfiction
Splatoon Oneshotsby Splatnfiction
Summary: This is going to be a small collection of Splatoon Oneshots centering around characters (this includes also pairings) from the Splatoon Manga If you got any req...
Some Days... // Aloha x Army Fanfic [COMPLETED/OLD] by StupidOofies
Some Days... // Aloha x Army I change my pfp too often~
Aloha and Army have been friends for a while. However, they never realized how close they'd be~ This is my first story here on Wattpad and I'm very excited! Warning : Sw...
Splatoon Manga //Oneshots// by AlteredPhoenix
Splatoon Manga //Oneshots//by -Professor odd-
Hello- Phoenix here. This is basically just a oneshot book for ships from the Splatoon manga series. If you don't like the ship, oh well. Just don't read the chapter~ I...
Bloody Rose by splatnfiction
Bloody Roseby Splatnfiction
Summary: A new sickness plagues Inkopolis and it's also known as the Hanahaki disease. Army gets this disease due to his hidden crush on Aloha and tries to keep this a s...
Together Forever...  ( Army X Aloha )  by insanity_shows
Together Forever... ( Army X Kill Tonight
A second part of 'So Much More' Army and Aloha have been living their best lives together as a couple, it's been Great! But something ends up in their way for their fut...
Army x Aloha Oneshots by Akierarocks
Army x Aloha Oneshotsby eb_is_trash
I love this ship so much- I had to. Also feel free to give me some scenarios.. actually please do so.
You're Perfect~ (Aloha x Army) by Akierarocks
You're Perfect~ (Aloha x Army)by eb_is_trash
(This is my first book and it this idea was originally going to be a oneshot. But since I have so many ideas and it was long, I just decided to make it a story. Enjoy!) ...
bItChY FoRgE (Aloha x Army) by Bruhmomemt69
bItChY FoRgE (Aloha x Army)by :D
*THERE WILL BE SHIPS AND CURSING* Welcome to the story where the author can't come up with any good titles for each chapter. Ha. Splatoon belongs to nintendo and splatoo...
≈ kura!kura!'s coroika book by aorikura
≈ kura!kura!'s coroika bookby ≈ kura!kura!kura! ≈
Hiya!!! This is a request-based oneshot book on characters from the Coroika Splatoon manga <3 feel free to comment a request if the request box is open <3 Hiii I b...
"Keep this a secret~" (Army x Aloha) by Fineiguessyouare
"Keep this a secret~" (Army x Fineiguessyouare
This is an Army and Aloha school story- It's chapter by chapter and there are some smut in it, this is also my first time writing ;v;
Coroika oneshots !! :]  by pweachiie
Coroika oneshots !! :] by ur local twink
Hello hello!! these r just oneshots **COUGH COUGh** maybe some of my vents **COUGH COUgh-** yeah but still do enjoy it ig?? they might just b my otps but req if u want i...
Army x aloha (with my oc's from inkopolus bay) by AgentDevi666
Army x aloha (with my oc's from AgentDevi
First comic and wanted to try ideas from inside my head for once hope u enjoy will be cringy cause I'm not the best at writing so feel free to judge my horrible writing...
Splatoon Oneshots by Soba_Beauregard
Splatoon Oneshotsby Mr. Fancy Hat
This is the first thing I have ever written in my life, so don't expect to much quality, or none at all. Everyone's gotta start somewhere right? slow updates I need to f...
Splatoon Short Stories (Manga characters, ships etc.) by Octo_Woomy
Splatoon Short Stories (Manga Octo_Woomy
Most of this will be characters being shipped. The story (So far) includes: Aloha x Army Rider x Goggles ---- If you don't like these ships just skip the chapter c: If I...