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TenxRose One-Shots by Starkidfan224
TenxRose One-Shotsby Starkidfan224
A series of one-shot stories about the tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler. Updating will be continuous.
Torchwood (Entry Two of The Diaries of a Teenage Time Lady) by WritersBlock039
Torchwood (Entry Two of The Miss Moffat
The Doctor may have regenerated, but it doesn't mean a thing to his daughter, Annakamara. After all, as long as she has her father, she knows she's safe. Rose, on the ot...
Run and Hide For Your Life by Starkidfan224
Run and Hide For Your Lifeby Starkidfan224
This is Human Nature/Family of Blood AU with Rose instead of Martha because Tenrose. Some continuity errors to make up for Martha being gone and Joan not being a techn...
Time Lords, Kings and Ladies by Starkidfan224
Time Lords, Kings and Ladiesby Starkidfan224
The Doctor and Rose crash in France in the 34th century: a time when the Earth reverts to customs of the 1800s. While they wait for the TARDIS to recover from the crash...
The Assassin of Madness by Starkidfan224
The Assassin of Madnessby Starkidfan224
When a dictator from the future threatens Rose Tyler's Earth, and by extension, threatens the Doctor as well. Will they discover his intentions in time while visiting t...
The Green Soul by Starkidfan224
The Green Soulby Starkidfan224
The Doctor and Rose discover an article written about a couple, Maria and Ben Glasser, who passed away in their home due to... Mysterious circumstances that neighbors ca...
Saxon (Entry Three in The Diaries of a Teenage Time Lady) by WritersBlock039
Saxon (Entry Three in The Miss Moffat
The parallel worlds have been saved, but at a terrible price. In a twist of events, Annakamara, the Doctor's daughter, died voluntarily to save not only the worlds, but...
Scotland's Mist by Starkidfan224
Scotland's Mistby Starkidfan224
The Doctor and Rose visit Jackie's flat (a routine visit for Rose) but are quickly distracted when they see news of strange disappearances and happenings in the hills of...
Reign of the World by Starkidfan224
Reign of the Worldby Starkidfan224
The Doctor and Rose Tyler have been undercover plenty of times. What they haven't been is shipwrecked on an island by a storm-that's-really-not-a-storm with very sinist...
The Queen and the Rose by Starkidfan224
The Queen and the Roseby Starkidfan224
Rose and the Doctor travel to ancient Egypt to find out the secret of a forgotten Queen, but as usual, things do not go as planned and trouble follows them
Trembling Lights by Starkidfan224
Trembling Lightsby Starkidfan224
Rose Tyler has been trying to return to the Doctor for a year and a half. When she finally succeeds, they don't fall into the easy pattern of before. He's got a new comp...
What It Is And Isn't by Starkidfan224
What It Is And Isn'tby Starkidfan224
The Doctor and Rose get pulled into a town that's entirely supersticious, relying on legends. The worst part, is that they might not be entirely wrong... Dedicated to @...
The Doctor and Rose : ONE SHOTS by bluemerry_berry
The Doctor and Rose : ONE SHOTSby bluemerry_berry
A bunch on Ten and Rose Tyler One-Shots to warm up your cold lonely heart. That's all.
The Monk's Altar  by Starkidfan224
The Monk's Altar by Starkidfan224
The Doctor is summoned by an old friend who claims to need his help. Things are not as they seem in the monastery and the monks fear for their very lives, unsafe in the...
TenxRose OneShots by The_Doctor_of_TARDIS
TenxRose OneShotsby The_Doctor_of_TARDIS
TenRose ... That's all you gotta know.
Abandoned By Doctor by Starkidfan224
Abandoned By Doctorby Starkidfan224
Tenth Doctor and Rose A distress signal sent from the TARDIS sends Rose and the Doctor to an obscure location of an abandoned amusement part in The Bahamas. "Treas...
Tenrose One-shots by doctorsuperlock221b
Tenrose One-shotsby Rose Tyler
Anything random that has to do with Ten and Rose that I think of. If you're looking for a continuing storyline, but with a bit of variety, check out my Tenrose short st...
Another Dimension (Tenrose AU) by tardises
Another Dimension (Tenrose AU)by ave (✿◠‿◠)
What if there was a way to stop the Daleks invading London? What if Rose could get back to Earth by simply hitting a button? What if she could see the Doctor just one mo...
Lost Without Her... Found With Her  by tenthandrose
Lost Without Her... Found With Her by tenthandrose
//Tenrose Fanfiction Set After Doomsday// Rose Tyler is trapped in a parallel universe... she was the only one keeping me sane. She was the first person this face saw. S...
TenRose Texts (Doctor Who) by phoenixfire978
TenRose Texts (Doctor Who)by Grayson MacDonald
A new, creative spin on a classic tale of the most loved couple on Doctor Who! Experience a new way to the a story: reading the text messages of the characters! Some cha...