Alluim City by SpookyMulder_
Alluim Cityby SpookyMulder_
The Shadow has destroyed the earth. The Shadow has left behind only smoke and ashes. But beneath the smoldering ruins of a universe everyone thinks is completely abandon...
  • city
  • bailey
  • tunnels
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The Return of the MockingJay by DaralynElizabethJohn
The Return of the MockingJayby Daralyn Elizabeth Johnson
Set in the future after Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen have died, their children are left to continue their legacy in Panem. The Capitol has been over thrown and the...
  • katniss
  • hawthorne
  • legacy
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Violet Rain - A Hunger Games Fan Fiction by AlexLovesPie
Violet Rain - A Hunger Games Fan AlexLovesPie
Allium "Alli" Symmes grew up in District 11, in the nation of Panem. There are only ten slips with her name on them in the glass ball this year, so she is sure...
  • hunger
  • allium
  • death
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