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"Daring" Dashwood's Wasteland Wanders by CarolinaC
"Daring" Dashwood's Wasteland CarolinaC
Daring Dashwood - gentleman adventurer, or bumbling idiot? Find out as he and his valet, Argyle, brave the post-apocalyptic Capital Wasteland. Follow the continuing adv...
Beneficial by xXFreshMuffinsXx
Beneficialby Candace
Time to get dramatic. :) Allistair is the "Friends With Benefits" master. He just can't simply be friends with a pretty girl. Hes perfect and gets everything h...
Custos Unicorium 1 ~Longe Aluid--Something Very Different~ by Springtime_Unicorn
Custos Unicorium 1 ~Longe Tomi
Regina has just been chosen to be Keeper of a unicorn. There's only one problem...She can't see them! Make that two problems. She can't get out of it. Regina's tiny vill...
Fifth Blight (Book 2 of Ciri's Story) by eryn82
Fifth Blight (Book 2 of Ciri's Eryn Rytlock
After becoming officially a mage, Cirilla denounces a blood mage, Jowan. This one supposed to be a friend so the templars wanted to kill her. Her only alternative was to...
SHI NO KAGE by ryandeala
SHI NO KAGEby ryandeala
let's all witness allistair evergreen as she conquers everything that will be in her way after being betrayed what will she do to survive ? "I allistair evergreen w...
The Edge Of Karma by Laura3832
The Edge Of Karmaby Laura Martin
"Luck doesn't exist! See, you got really good luck but you've also been getting really bad luck, right back at ya. Luck doesn't exist Allistair! Wake up! Karma's al...
I Want To by ImmaNerd_DontHate
Dean runs into Castiel Novak (literally) and has an interesting dream about him while Castiel decides to test a little experiment... let's see how it goes and what happe...
Custos Unicorium 2: Nova Turba~ New Company by Springtime_Unicorn
Custos Unicorium 2: Nova Turba~ Tomi
Regina has survived with her broken leg through the rest of the summer, and the first part of fall. It may have been the result of Allistair's question that kept her san...