Of Broken Hearts and Tears by Sapphires01
Of Broken Hearts and Tearsby ❤
Maya Ali, sister of the famous Fawad Ali, was a sociable, gregarious, friendly, amiable, funny, sarcastic, bold, and lively, carefree girl who loved to take selfies. It...
  • society
  • heartbreak
  • husband
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Finding Islam by FatimaO111
Finding Islamby F.
King and A'ishah. Two people. Two completely different worlds. Lifestyle's that lie on opposite ends of the spectrum. Fate brings them together and by the will of Al...
  • islam
  • cute
  • deen
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Lost And Found ✔️ by i7love8allah6
Lost And Found ✔️by
#2 on 14.5.2017 Planned By Allah 2(ILS/1.2) "what are you doing here Humdaan?" I interrogated. He began to close the space betwixt us but something was errone...
  • halallovestory
  • love
  • billionaire
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Her Unwanted Husband✔️ by Imaan00
Her Unwanted Husband✔️by Imaan
"I don't feel anything towards you. You're kind of like my brother." She says, making faces again. Well, if being called a brother by someone you like doesn't...
  • billionaire
  • fiction
  • depression
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HONEYDEW (A romantic thriller) REWRITING by voracious_writer
HONEYDEW (A romantic thriller) Haneeza iqbal
#1 (What's hot list) **REWRITING** It was time to leave the wedding avenue and I saw Aahil take brisk strides towards me. He looked as fresh and elegant as he had at the...
  • freeyourbody
  • diverselit
  • murder
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 Locked Hearts by AuthorMae
Locked Heartsby Maisha
[The book needed to be heavily edited and I don't have time to do so!! Please bear with me] Alhumdulillah!! #10 in Spiritual (06/12/16) Azreea Hasan the cute innocent yo...
  • azra
  • spiritual
  • ali
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You're The Key by AishaN122
You're The Keyby AishaN122
A hijabi Pakistani girl named Fanaa goes to high school to become something great that could save people from the bad world. Going to school everyday isn't easy for her...
  • past
  • badworld
  • hijabi
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Trust Me (An Islamic Love Story) by AwesomeAreej
Trust Me (An Islamic Love Story)by Areej Saqib
She wasn't alive; she was just breathing. Desperation. Pain. Darkness. Nightmares. Shadows. Fear. These words defined Abeer Irfan's life. Every nig...
  • azar
  • love
  • islamiclovestory
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The path of Islam ? by _Diarra_16
The path of Islam ?by Baby_Diyara????
Islamic reminder book which contains a lot of helpul stories including the story of Iblis on how he became Shaytaan and the stories of the Prophets (May peace be upon th...
  • wattys2018
  • islam
  • prophets-pbut
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Your Heart by sayatriestowrite
Your Heartby Saya
Previously known as The Path To Your Heart Noor Ahmed is a twenty year old muslim girl in university. She has been through a lot but she is still standing strong. Yusuf...
  • islam
  • spiritual
  • muslimah
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My Hidden Love ♡ by StormnShine
My Hidden Love ♡by Anaira🌼
#1 in Islamiclovestory as of 12.01.19 #2 in Islamiclovestory #1 in Muslimah #1 in Muslimlovestory as of 30th Nov 18 #2 in Muslimlovestory Dec 2018 #10 in Muslimlov...
  • spiritual
  • husband
  • allah
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Blue Roses. by ilovereadingstoriess
Blue ShamaKhuvahish.
Ranked #02 in spiritual. 18/09/16. Alhamdulillah "Please don't." I said taking few steps back and he clenched his jaw. "Why not?" He was literally co...
  • drama
  • lust
  • faith
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Meant For You - Predestined by Tannu25
Meant For You - Predestinedby Tahniyat Bano
Inaraah, 23 years old muslimah working in Qureshi company. She is independent hardworking and steadfast but still holds on to her Deen. She is pious, modest and follows...
  • modesty
  • halal
  • islamiclovestory
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In Your Love... {Eternal Ishq #1} by abdofRahman
In Your Love... {Eternal Ishq #1}by abdurRahman (Gudi)
{Eternal Ishq Series - Book One} A well known surgeon, a wannabe model, a would be Aalim, and a simple girl. ~The fate that links these four ~ the changes that are wroug...
  • happiness
  • peace
  • spiritual
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Mine Forever  by Queen2628
Mine Forever by Queen2628
She was shy He was bold She was fragile He was funny She was what all boys wanted He was what all girls dreamed of They both were friends but what happened that they bo...
  • niqabi
  • muslimlovestory
  • faith
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Her Fear. ✔️ by rawoya
Her Fear. ✔️by rawoya
[COMPLETED]. HIGHEST RANK: #4 in short stories [27/09/16] "let me just tell you something, Allah, the Almighty, created women out of a man's rib, not from his feet...
  • love
  • secret
  • marriage
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Piece of my heart by sunina_s
Piece of my heartby sunina_s
{ Highest Ranking 👉🏻 #1 in Spiritual 😭❤️💖 } I felt hurt seeing him in pain, pain, which wasn't so obvious to him. // .... Emotions overwhelming my unfaithful heart...
  • allah
  • islam
  • romance
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New Girl In The House. by Star_That_Shines
New Girl In The Ms. Milky way⭐
Being married and being in love are two totally different things. Just because two people are married to each other does not specifically mean they are in love with each...
  • spiritual
  • muslim
  • noor
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My baby's Father  by ambooahmed
My baby's Father by amber ahmed
a story not only about couple but a story of father daughter love for love is important to have blood relationship is it possible a step father love more then real fath...
  • love
  • innocent
  • allah
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My very own hijabi by egyptian2111994
My very own hijabiby egyptian2111994
Two young people finding shelter within each other from the world and it's evils Jannah Mohamed is not your typical hijabi, she is an introvert, her traumatic past has...
  • prom
  • muslim
  • headscarf
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