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Assassin's Bride #Wattys2015 TheQueenofDarkness
1.1M 31.7K
Martial God Asura LordReigns
53.9K 3.3K
The Fight Club Academy - (Undiscovered Gems Award) highfoxes
761K 22.7K
The Wastelands so1tgoes
357K 19.8K
Little Miss Gang Leader Sun_Rocks
67.3K 2K
The Shy Girl Has a Gun makeandoffer
23.1M 484K
Nerd in Disguise: Blood Bound (Wattys2015) lystrandra
3.1M 105K
The Mystery Fighter (Currently Rewriting) (Wattys2015) Aleksandra_Elin
2.5M 80.2K
Fast Lane (Wattys2015) Monrosey
84.4K 3.4K
Darkness Girl: Trickster God Sam_McGregor
7.3M 148K
Sweet Revenge CourageousReader
4.5M 129K
I'm a Secret Agent Undercover in High school KittyKattt_
2.1M 74.9K
The Mysterious Nerd AyushiMistry
15.9K 520
Protector Of The Werewolves Invisible_xShadow
989K 31.5K
Kidnapped Pandawaugh
609K 17.5K
Should Have Been The Bad Guy #Wattys2015 OutrageousOllo
279K 14.8K
Double Revenge (Wattys 2015) highfoxes
170K 6.9K
Street Wars|BOOK #1| thedarkling
33.5K 1.2K