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time's wish by redraptorcontingen
time's wishby Kaiju Manga Books
in the event of an unforeseen alien invasion on a planet across the galaxy, a child is flung far into the future of our modern day. now destiny is working to reunite the...
  • alienwar
  • idontknowwhattoput
  • timetravel
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Warframe end of tenno wars by Darrellthebarrel
Warframe end of tenno warsby Darrellthebarrel
As Dareru and his son train in the village of lokus the cathedral finds out there a traitor and don't Know who it is while this happens the tributal hunts down Dareru an...
  • alienwar
  • tenno
  • warframe
The Slow Invasion (Book 1 Of 3) by Jarodam16
The Slow Invasion (Book 1 Of 3)by Jarodam16
Humanity is being invaded and they don't even know it yet. An arms race between humanity and a far away alien race that started years ago is finally coming to it's concl...
  • dark
  • wind
  • battles
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Dawn of Destruction by GuardianOfTheEther
Dawn of Destructionby GuardianOfTheEther
Earth stands on its last leg against a powerful force. Its guardians are dying. The humans dwindle on the edge of extinction. Their last hope?. A clumsy boy with an anci...
  • alienwar
  • alieninvasion
  • aliens
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The War, of Beginning by DragonHunterX13
The War, of Beginningby DragonHunterX13
John Smith forgets his past, stuck in a war because of his powers. He isn't the only one though. He is fighting this war with other people that are just like him. But no...
  • alienwar
  • half-breed
  • sacrifice
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Alien War #4 (SEQUEL) by vldmrt03
Alien War #4 (SEQUEL)by vldmrt03
After the final Alien War, which results in saving the universe, a new enemy arises.
  • alienwar
  • fewmonthslong
  • plzendme
Asleep by gayasscas
Asleepby gayasscas
15 year old Kira Blackwood knows that her world isn't real, but she doesn't know how to leave. Not to mention her girlfriend is missing, and a mysterious presence seems...
  • lesbian
  • war
  • alienwar
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The Staircase Shaped Door by ZeroHate
The Staircase Shaped Doorby Stacey J Bittner
Ten of their planet's cycles ago, the gluttonous Daulpers stumbled across a portal to their sister planet, Veraunauth - home of the Celestial race, the Moogalytes. Last...
  • magic
  • complete
  • raw
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Shockave: Season 1 by DJNPhantom
Shockave: Season 1by DJNPhantom
Season 1 of the Shockwave series. [Nobody thought that it would happen. But when the aliens attacked, and started changing our planet's way of life, we have no choice bu...
  • warpships
  • atmosphere
  • habitable
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Hunted Beyond the Milky Way by TheTripleBang
Hunted Beyond the Milky Wayby TheTripleBang
  • save
  • stolen
  • bằng
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