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Young and dumb♡~ a kbreezo story  by y0urg1rlfriend
Young and dumb♡~ a kbreezo story by ʀ ♡sᴇ. Ɛ>
Young kids, making dumb choices TW. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Self harm Depression Smoking
ՏIՏTᗴᖇՏ ᒪOᐯᗴᖇՏ ✔︎✔︎ by _purple_hart_
ՏIՏTᗴᖇՏ ᒪOᐯᗴᖇՏ ✔︎✔︎by purplehart
ආදරය නොවේ නුඹ මගේ ජීවිතයයි මා ජීවත් කරනා ප්‍රාණයයි උසුලා ඉන්න බෑ හිත බරයි මේ පිරුණු ආදරේ ඔයාටයි....ඔයාට විතරමයි හිසු වු සිතෙහි ඉතිරිව ඇත්තේ ආදරයයි කවුරුන් කෙසේ කීවත් සිත...
 My girlfriend is an alien by springlover_girl
My girlfriend is an alienby spring_angel
Read to know the love journey of an alien girl who lost her communicator in the earth.... And came to search for it but falls in love with a human who had an illness... ...
issues. by indieriri
#4 rihanna
A girl who she was special, but really was just a item. She fell out of love. Will she ever love again?
Bestie Vibes Only!!! by ryannheard
Bestie Vibes Only!!!by we.stan.aya
We started off as close friends some how you turned into my boyfriend.....
Everything's Fine...... by CatMilku
Everything's Cat Milk
What happens when a nerdy human girl named April and her bestfriend Octavia who is a alien are both adopted to live with their now brother Lachlan?
Dreams Of The Third Eye by Pastel_Art_Block
Dreams Of The Third Eyeby Art Block
Between being imprisoned in suffocating luxury, and trying not to get killed, who has time for pet dragons, running from the very people who imprisoned your, and protect...
Urabitch's sister  by giancath0306
Urabitch's sister by Mochi.Chan0306
Uraraka has a sister who she hates because of how much stronger her quirk is but her and her parents think that her quirk is villainous so they barely pay attention to h...
Sen by AlienGirlItsme
Senby AlienGirlItsme
Piękna dziewczyna Sue i chłopak Mike , który nie zdążył powiedzieć jednego słowa. Pora wybudzić się ze snu. Ta historia Was wciągnie...
Our Gravitational PULL by KnowTheAqua
Our Gravitational PULLby xXSquidGirlXx
Soon to be queen of Mars, Lunita, is sent on a mission to Earth to stop the humans from sending their kind to her planet. She even finds herself in a relationship with a...
Merry Death - She Brings the Apocalypse by alien-xiety
Merry Death - She Brings the ciellaa
Merideth Blade seems like your typical girl next door. However, she's going to soon realize that there's a reason why she never belonged in the world. This world. Wit...
3 Years (ON HOLD/EDITING) by jinsfing_er92
3 Years (ON HOLD/EDITING)by ~aesthetic.jin~
"I'm here to help you." Rebecca, a girl from Lidson, her home planet, is sent out on a mission to help Garroth, your average f-boy from earth, find the love he...
I will not let you Die by TheRealSJ10
I will not let you Dieby Joker x Supergirl
I decided to make a fanfic origin story of SJ10 of her superhero story along with her best friend from Heaven. The Angel of Death. Sarah is left to protect Gotham. Her...
Alien  Girl on the Earth by Khyativlogs
Alien Girl on the Earthby Khyaati Modi
the story is about a alien girl from other planet , she came on earth by mistake...... stay tuned to know her story
You All Will Drown Soon by yumjiinks
You All Will Drown Soonby ஓ♡ 𝑱𝒊𝒊𝒏𝒌𝒔 ♡ஓ
Ce'lest was thrown into a world she knew nothing about. She didn't know what she was, but she had knowledge. She wanted to help the world and push it towards a peaceful...
The Girl Who is Hunted by neve_trixxiboo
The Girl Who is Huntedby M
//edited for more suspense\\ just a story I came up with. none of the pictures, videos or songs are made by me unless I say they are. You follow this story with a girl n...
Wielding Broken Steel by ShadowPhantom04
Wielding Broken Steelby ShadowPhantom04
A year has passed since Karla Hood has been on the run. Damaged by her past, the thirteen-year-old has lost hope in a brighter future and can only strive to keep her fre...
my girlfriend is an alien by xah_xahaa
my girlfriend is an alienby xah_xahaa
My Girlfriend is an Alien" (Mandarin: 外星女生柴小七 ) is a Chinese fantasy sitcom series starring Wan Peng as an alien girl from the "Cape Town Planet" and Thas...