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Saving Him • editing/rewriting by everythingaftersws
Saving Him • editing/rewritingby nina ˚✧
Katie feels abandoned and alone after her father left her and her mother for his new family. So when she finds herself part of the popular group at school, she tries des...
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Notoriously Bad by Nyxaie
Notoriously Badby Nyxaie
"If you don't move, I'll kill you." "I'd like to see you try," I remark coyly. There it was, that infamous smirk I had been dying to get out of him...
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High School DxD: The Illusion of Oppai by LasbAuthorArtist
High School DxD: The Illusion of Likeasomebody
The heroes we praise are sometimes forced to set aside their dreams so we can achieve ours. This is the lightest form of sacrifice. Born on the wrong side of a Supernatu...
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I'd Rather To Be An Alienated Girl by Zelda_Walker_772
I'd Rather To Be An Alienated Girlby Zelda_Walker_772
Only a piece of my past life that maybe will gives you more power to facing the reality of being bullied
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Athena's Words of Wisdom: Empowering Poetry for Women by darkfaery3
Athena's Words of Wisdom: Gisele T. Siegmund
These poems have been written over the course of several years, and reflect emotions as they pertain to being a woman, feeling judged, abused, inadequate, but also power...
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area 52 | vk. by nepenthejoon
area 52 | ᴇᴇɴɪᴇᴍᴇᴇɴɪᴇᴍɪɴʏᴍᴏɴɪᴇ ☁️
"you're not even from around here and you're the only one i can really talk to." - in which jeon jungkook, a college designer major, meets an unlikely friend. ...
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Alienated by oluwaloseyii
Alienatedby Loscheii
It only takes a second for everything to change . Welcome to the life of Liza, she had the perfect family, friends, everything she could ask for.But read along and see h...
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Alienated by Mainstream_Vintage
Alienatedby Tia
I've never thought of my family as 'normal'. To people on the outside, we appear to be your typical rich family living the American dream. But on the inside, we're just...
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Prompt Writing by WildWitherWind
Prompt Writingby WildWitherWind
A collection of random stories based on short prompts! :)
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Something you forgot  by Valentineyaknow
Something you forgot by Lost1NES
You ever run away & don't know what it is you're running from ?
Thoughts And Expressions by ChandryaeeGhosh
Thoughts And Expressionsby Chandryaee Ghosh
It's a story of a girl just like you. Enjoy! ;)
Stories By Aliens by arty_tytan
Stories By Aliensby tytan
A short story collection, just three stories, of people who are alienated. (No, it isn't about aliens. I don't write sci-fi.) Story 1: Aid For Aids. Story 2: Love For Lo...
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Escape by JoshMCullen
Escapeby JoshMCullen
Ever feel the inescapable need to escape ?
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Alien by unique_daredevil
Alienby Ozge
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Alienated || On-going by Joyzy_WP
Alienated || On-goingby Joyzy_WP
I never wanted to love him...but I still did.
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Estranged by Mikillaa
Estrangedby Michaelah
Azaria Amset is worried about the ethical values behind the transportation of the 'upper' members of earth's society into space to avoid the planet's eminent doom but sh...
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The Nightmare of His Dreams  by LordArsenic
The Nightmare of His Dreams by LordArsenic
After unexpectedly finding himself in a foreign world, a boy desperately searches for a way back home to his family.
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Twisted Reality by ACMGBooks
Twisted Realityby Ana Carolina Marrero Books
He was her client. Nothing more. He fell for her. She didn't. He became obsessed with her. He stalked her. He kidnapped her. He broke her.
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LIKE THIS by aasifMhd
LIKE THISby aasif Mhd
This is full of poems which is in Tamil language but written in English for easy understand for people who knows only to speak and understand Tamil.