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My Sister's Bestfriend [Alicia Clark]  by Dearest_Heda
My Sister's Bestfriend [Alicia Dearest_Heda
It's about Draven Franklin who loves her sister's bestfriend as well as their neighbor, Alicia Clark.
ejen ali: Change by Gencrossbones
ejen ali: Changeby .
Since theres not that many ejen ali English fanfics I'll make one here it's been 3 years ever since ali joined MATA and during those three years he found new friends and...
Ejen Ali one shot by alanisurauthor_
Ejen Ali one shotby It's Alan!
It's a one shot stories with long chapters . Most of the ship is Alilicia . My fv character is Rizwan .. so every chapter .. he will take half of the pov with Ali . Enjo...
(Shin Godzilla x Kuroinu Crossover) A Kaiju's Redemption  by DezsoTeo
(Shin Godzilla x Kuroinu omni godzilla 9000
(warning: contains 18+content, encourage not to read if uncomfortable by this) "I'm sick and tired of this, when will all these humans stop, when will this pain st...
'Agent's Family' Ejen Ali by Aliff-Aliya
'Agent's Family' Ejen Aliby Aliff~Aliya
Sambungan Adventure Of Love (Versi Wau) Kehidupan. Cabaran. Kebahgaian. Ali dan rakan-rakan ejennya selepas kejadian pertemuan Boboiboy dan kawan-kawan.
Actually, I'm Not The Villainess by J14070b
Actually, I'm Not The Villainessby Zee [Dhntam Tgs]
[Bukan Novel Terjemahan] Letta yakin bahwa dirinya sudah meregang nyawa setelah merosot ke dalam jurang. Tapi saat ia membuka mata, ia malah memiliki tubuh baru! Awalnya...
Fighting for other race by Kavarovzk_IX
Fighting for other raceby Kavarovzk
Bell Cranel was raised by a pair of elven warriors, despite not being much loved, he proved that he can fight for them and earned respect. Thanks to this, the queen of t...
haven ; 𝐛. 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬  ,  𝟏 by mxrvelous-
haven ; 𝐛. 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬 , 𝟏by 𝔩𝔞𝔲𝔯
❝ would you mind if i hold onto you so that i don't crash ❞ ...
Alycia Debnam-Carey/ Alicia Clark/ Lexa Kom Trikru Imagines by digshit
Alycia Debnam-Carey/ Alicia Digshit
All of these are probs gonna be g!p you so if your not into that then don't read it. Feel free to suggest things because it's always nice to have new ideas. just a whole...
WE ALL DIE ▸ NICK CLARK by yestarday0
Katherine is a 19-year-old, architecture student, who gets stuck, once again, with the Clark family, but this time, the world's ending. TW: a lot of cursing, and everyth...
New Generation Meteor MATA. (Sequel Agent's Family) by Aliff-Aliya
New Generation Meteor MATA. ( Aliff~Aliya
Remake Dari New Generation Agent Family. Cabaran Cinta Komedi Plot Armor Kecil. Itulah inti utama dalam story ini. Apakah perjuangan mereka selama ini akan jadi sesuatu...
My Love by fate0_0freya
My Loveby Lin freya
Tiada siapa tahu yang selama ini dia sudah berpunya dan masih belum menunjukkan identiti dia yang sebenar pada mereka. WARNING : BOBOIBOYXALI⚠️ ...
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Ejen ali: Second chance by Gencrossbones
Ejen ali: Second chanceby .
one of the 2 sequels of Ejen ali: change After his heroic sacrifice ali was transported into an alternate dimension where his mother is still alive and the Ali there is...
"Ikanai de" by Richardkey123
"Ikanai de"by Richardkey
Ali dulu merupakan ejen yang lemah..Tapi dengan usaha yang gigih...Akhirnya dia berjaya menjadi ejen yg hebat di MATA..Tapi semua xkekal lama..Selepas satu misi yang dij...
Ejen Ali Oneshots featuring Alilicia by JARFIE
Ejen Ali Oneshots featuring JustARandomFanInEarth
Collection of Oneshots made by truly yours with touch of fanarts made by fellow shippers and music that may go with the entry
Not The Same | Nick Clark | FTWD by longnightswriting
Not The Same | Nick Clark | FTWDby longnightswriting
The world never seemed to give Hannah Waynes a break and now, it seems like it's throwing everything it's got left at her. **This fanfic starts out at the very beginning...
✴️✴️ We are the fighters✴️✴️ by Auriana_AuraGuardian
✴️✴️ We are the fighters✴️✴️by ~•Auriana•~
Cyberaya, a prominent city, a city more like a dreamland. A dreamland where the citizens of Cyberaya live every moment. This high-tech city may seem secure and prospero...
Alilicia love Moment💕 by Mr_Airil
Alilicia love Moment💕by aIRiL
Ramadhan With Ejen Ali And Friends (2020) by Aliff-Aliya
Ramadhan With Ejen Ali And Aliff~Aliya
Fixed Ramadhan With Bbb X EA Telatah. Perangai Pengajaran Ejen Ali dan kawan-kawan di bulan Puasa
Ejen ali one shot book (Alilicia) by Nootsanddoots
Ejen ali one shot book (Alilicia)by Noots/Noot
The title already explains. An alilicia one shot book because there's a lack of english fanfiction in the fandom. Have fun reading! Includes: Ali x Alicia oneshots or dr...