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The Omega With Blue Eyes by Lexi323
The Omega With Blue Eyesby Lexi Right
Lance McClain has wondered his whole life if anyone will be able to look past his Omega status and love him for him. When he meets two Alphas, Shiro and Keith, he feels...
Legends Of The Past | Keith x Reader by TheMistakeHasArrived
Legends Of The Past | Keith x CassiePrince
[First ever book I wrote on here so it's real cringy.] What if Voltron wasn't created by King Alfor or Zarkon? But a girl from an unknown world? She build all the Lions...
Klance- A war ripped love by Pine_Tree_Fan
Klance- A war ripped loveby Noya
Galra!Keith x Altean!Lance The races known as Alteans and Galra work together as best they can, but when something happens to cause tension between the two races, war br...
He's My King by _OneGayDisaster_
He's My Kingby _OneGayDisaster_
Lancelot McClain, the prince of Altea, adored and loved by many. Keith Kogane, the peasant of the town, shrouded in fear and anxiety. When a golden letter is delivered f...
Her Wings (Voltron x Fem!Reader) by B4TSI3_WR1T3S
Her Wings (Voltron x Fem!Reader)by Y0N4K4 B4TSI3
[DISCONTINUED/BEING REWRITTEN] Cover art done by me! This story is a romantic drama that puts you into the universe of Voltron Legendary Defenders. There will be no more...
I'm not supposed to love you... by VoldemortTerra
I'm not supposed to love The Dark Lord
Prince Lance of Altea is marrying a Princess of the Galran empire to create an alliance between the once warring kingdoms. In his time with the Galran empire Lance might...
Prawda Został Ujawniona ~Klance Au~ by WinsJazz94
Prawda Został Ujawniona ~Klance Au~by Rebels
Lance wierzył, że ma wszystko. Lecz zostało zrujnowane, gdy przed wyjazdem do garrnizonu dowiedział się, że jest adoptowany. Poczuł pustkę, gdy uświadomił sobie, że to c...
Voltron headcannons /crap by HhaTEMmYsElLF
Voltron headcannons /crapby .
shiro keith pidge hunk lance coran allura Ships
Lavender's Blue by Ivy_Kay
Lavender's Blueby Ivy_Kay
We've all heard of the tale of Cinderella and how she lost her slipper. The Prince ordered for every maiden in the kingdom to try on the slipper and the one who fits sha...
-=*Voltron oneshots*=- by Sean_Teh_Potato_
-=*Voltron oneshots*=-by 🌼Sean🌼
Voltron Klance Plance Adashi Idk man it's weird here [Completed at 1k!] Sunday July 28, 2019!
I knew you once - lotor x lance fantasy/medieval au by Victor_phantomhive
I knew you once - lotor x lance victor_phantomhive
lotor knows that face, he recognises those sharp eyes, those small freckles, the wispy locks that shape the mans face. just where has he seen him? and who is he? ...
The Turned Prince (Swan Princess AU) by Serenity4Lifee
The Turned Prince (Swan Princess Serenity4Lifee
Lance, the only Prince of Altea, is set to marry Keith, a galra from the royal court. Ever since they were kids it's been known to the universe that they would be wed. T...
Don't Be So Blue by -sleepiicherry
Don't Be So Blueby “Tsu”
Lance was once Blue Diamonds pearl, and as you know, Pearls weren't made for fighting.
Assassin War  by VoltronLover174
Assassin War by xXBelieverXx
Assassins, Murderers, Careless people who kill for the fun of it. They go around and slaughter anyone in sight. Some call them 'Dark Ninjas Of the night' ,'Cause they On...
Two Ends (A Galtean!Klance au oneshot) by thats_an_oops
Two Ends (A Galtean!Klance au Leilani Forrest
Lance, a bisexual Altean prince, and Prince Yorak (his closest people call him Keith), a gay Galran prince, meet for the first time. (Just cause I got bored and such :)...
Bandaid | Klance Mermaid AU - ON BREAK by satou-hiroshi
Bandaid | Klance Mermaid AU - ON hiroshi
A big thank you to @EatASecondCookie for making this cover for me, I really appreciate it. "Memories flash in his head as he stumbles off the beach in just his blac...
Heist by Nona5me
Heistby Nona5me
- AU -Keith is a hella good driver and when his brother gets his arm cut off because of gang wars he wants revenge getting involved in the wrong crowd and becoming the g...
My sweet king by Unicorngreenpurple
My sweet kingby *dying_inside*
Just some one shots of alforan, May evolve a couple to have a bigger plot yeah idk I need alforan this Valentine's Day and theres none I can find so here ya go