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Hamilton Reacts To Hamilton(and some other stuff too) by OphiliaTheAsianPanda
Hamilton Reacts To Hamilton(and 💙𝙊𝙥𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙖💜
Authors: @OphiliaTheAsianPanda, @emo-and-exhausted premise: we kidnap hamilton characters at awkward moments and force them to react to a musical about themselves(as wel...
Hamliza Oneshots 2.0 by peanutbutterchildren
Hamliza Oneshots 2.0by 🍁
More Hamliza Oneshots to warm le soul. -hamliza -alexander and eliza
Poison Thoughts-Hamliza  by peanutbutterchildren
Poison Thoughts-Hamliza by 🍁
Alexander and Eliza are close in line for the throne in two different countries, they were arranged for a marriage that neither of them wanted until they had an untimely...
"Over a Book" [MODERN HAMLIZA] by ellabellaIou
"Over a Book" [MODERN HAMLIZA]by ella
Elizabeth Schuyler is a 21yr old female who lives with her two sisters, 18yr old Peggy Schuyler and 23yr old Angelica Schuyler in a cosy apartment in New York. She works...
Hold your head up high Alexander Hamilton x reader by alexander_bae
Hold your head up high Alexander heyo im eღ
SUMMER! But that doesn't mean that your homework was over for you. Your class had to do a project to present to your next year teacher about America's Founding Fathers...
That Immigrant [Lams] by General-Washington
That Immigrant [Lams]by Gwash/Washingdad/Washingmachi...
get ready for... drum roll please... the worst Lams ever written! It makes no sense, but i'm not deleting it because why do that? Alexander Hamilton likes John Laurens...
song to you ≁ a hamiliza song fic by allwillynilly
song to you ≁ a hamiliza song ficby evie
elizabeth schuyler had this massive crush on no other than alexander hamilton. the problem? he didn't even bat an eyelash at her. eliza knew that she would never have th...
And Peggy by IlllIlllIlllI
And Peggyby IlllIlllIlllI
Peggy is often overlooked, and most only know her as the "AND PEGGY!". Of course, she is an interesting character herself. Here's her story! Note: This is in P...
Head over heels for you - LAMS by BS1331
Head over heels for you - LAMSby BS1331
John Laurens is a normal (but really innocent and cute according to Alex) teen trying to live his highschool with no drama and as fast as possible, until one day one of...
Unascertained | A Jamilton Fanfic by synsnoot
Unascertained | A Jamilton Fanficby Raymond Skyhaught
Alexander is the new treasury secretary, along with Thomas Jefferson as his colleague, the secretary of state. Immediately when they meet a rivalry springs up, but as th...
What the Heck I Gotta Do To Be with You? ~ Lams (Hamilton) by sad_but_rad_dad
What the Heck I Gotta Do To Be expert crackhead
He was a light-skinneded Puerto Rican Dominican, long hair, mature in the body like woah. That's not the only reason I liked him though. He said he moved by himself fro...
Random Hamliza stuff! by SkyIsBiHamlizaTrash
Random Hamliza stuff!by ☁︎︎ | 𝑆𝑘𝑦 | ☁︎︎
This book will include headcannons, scenarios, memes, one-shots, imagines, cute images, and some AU ideas! I hope you enjoy and happy reading!
cozy [lams coffeeshop au] by sentimentalstardust
cozy [lams coffeeshop au]by zenith
in which alex loves coffee, john loves knitting and they love each other. · · • • • ✤ • • • · · john laurens has his life sorted out. he has a stable job, a hobby that f...
Awesome Role Play! (OPEN!!!) by ElizabethAndersonJr
Awesome Role Play! (OPEN!!!)by Eli
It is pretty much in the title, but in this role play, you can be a character from any movie, book, or video game! Or musical I guess, for Hamilton and Mamma Mia fans (a...
Whisked Away by herculesmulligan27
Whisked Awayby herculesmulligan27
Tessa Gray is living an average teenage life until all she knows gets taken away as she travels back into the time Hamilton, Eliza, and most importantly... John Laurence
Hamilton Highschool AU by TurtleGoddess10
Hamilton Highschool AUby Screeʸᵉᵉ
Here it is! Nobody asked for it, it just popped into my mind, so here it is! Don't forget to check out my other stories, and follow if you want! Cover art is not mine.
My Dearest , Angel {Jamilton Fantasy AU} by xXPastelLilacXx
My Dearest , Angel {Jamilton 🍇GᖇᗩᑭE🍇
It was love at first sight for Alexander Hamilton. He fell in love with Thomas without knowing his last name was. After entering the kingdom , he met Prince Jefferson. A...
Hamilton One Shots by EmoHammy
Hamilton One Shotsby John Laurens
One Shots, mostly Lams if I can't control myself XD Smut will probably be in here and feel free to comment on what you'd like to see!