"if it hurts you so much, what kind of love is this"
  • justinfoley
  • jessicadavis
  • hannahbaker
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Alexandra Mythe and the Power of Hope by ArtisticMythian
Alexandra Mythe and the Power of Alexandra Mythe
When cheerful, fifteen year old Alexandra Mythe is given her grumpy, hateful Creature, Jynx, she feels like the world has thrown her to the curb. But then she's told tha...
  • power
  • optimistic
  • attribute
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Object Permanence by emotionsaregood
Object Permanenceby Catherine Butler
What would you do if the person you loved forgot you existed as soon as you left the room? **** a david dobrik fanfic ****
  • mccatee
  • zane
  • david
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Story Ideas (blurbs) 🕉 by numnomm
Story Ideas (blurbs) 🕉by numnomm
Ideas for stories that I love but can't find the motivation to actually write, if you use any please dm first ❤️
  • girlpower
  • emotional
  • alex
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The Perfect Boy  -Alex Guzman (Blesiv) by BellaLuna2002
The Perfect Boy -Alex Guzman ( BellaLuna2002
Lexi moved to California for the summer untill a cute boy caught her eyes 18+
  • romance
  • alex
  • california
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The Other Side | All Time Low by losjngmyself
The Other Side | All Time Lowby kt
"...if you wake up in 2005 tomorrow, that's your own fault. You're the one who threw out those words 'I wish.'" In which a harmless wish throws a seventeen ye...
  • poppunk
  • fantasy
  • alternateuniverse
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Blesivs bbg by heheitzmads
Blesivs bbgby heheitzmads
You move to Nevada for a new start on your first day of school Alex and his crew bully you and every day after that than someone in the crew starts to get feelings for y...
  • alex
  • boysofsummer
  • carlex
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New girl in town (Alex Ernst) by Ang3lb3lla1
New girl in town (Alex Ernst)by Angie❣️
Just read and have fun🤷🏻‍♀️
  • ernst
  • dobrik
  • alexernst
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Dalex the pals Denis + Alex by thepalsbigfan
Dalex the pals Denis + Alexby thepalsbigfan
It's a good story if you read it I am only saying it once but there is a trigger alarm 🚨 🚨 so yeah I am only saying that once sorry but it's still a good story I'll t...
  • alex
  • dalex
  • denis
What It's Like To Live With The Pals by palsfangirlofdeath
What It's Like To Live With The Abby
You go online and buy a something to figure out who you are related to. As you are looking you see a familiar name. Upon closer inspection, the name you see is Elijah Be...
  • alex
  • palsxreader
  • denis
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Never Be Alone by Jells_
Never Be Aloneby Jelly
Just saying, the story is not planned out ahead of time, so the description may change over time as I'm just winging this one. Theresa Flores has been going to a boardi...
  • teens
  • broken
  • alex
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Secrets & Wars (Supercorp) by CinthiaKarinaRomeroO
Secrets & Wars (Supercorp)by Irreversible G!rl
Secuela de Secrtes & Family. Habían pasado cinco años desde la muerte de Lena Luthor, Kara Danvers vivía su día a día sin el conocimiento de haber amado, de haberse reun...
  • luthor
  • sanvers
  • mercer
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lost || by wolfyy_llama_emy_
lost ||by MyNickNameIsNothing
17 year old river Dawson moves back to the small town she once called home 3 years ago. Her parents divorced and she moved away with her dad who tragically dies. She goe...
  • thebadboyawards2018
  • alex
  • crazy
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Chubby Boys and F*ck Boys (Lams) by SmolJohnL
Chubby Boys and F*ck Boys (Lams)by SmolJohnL
John Laurens had always been a bit chubby. Thick thighs, a tummy...Not to mention a self-loving Tumblr account Alexander was the school fuckboy. He's had sex with about...
  • thic
  • peggy
  • otp
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Run by AutumnLeaves0050
Runby Abby
A romance story of two people (Rose and Alex) falling in love and escaping an Evil greater than time.
  • romance
  • alex
  • cliffhanger
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The Seven Keys- A Hamilton Fan Fiction  by 4StrangeChildren
The Seven Keys- A Hamilton Fan Trinella and Belani
Every 200 years, 7 children are born on the same day. These kids are the 7 keepers. They hold the keys of life, love, fire, water, nature, beauty, and purity. When they...
  • jeggy
  • keepers
  • hamliza
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Nuestro Amor prohibido{Bresslie} by ZuzyPonce
Nuestro Amor prohibido{Bresslie}by Historias Bresslie
Esta historia trata de 2 primos que se enamoran,pero luchan por su amor cruzan tantos obstáculos para solo estar juntos solamente para tener un hermosos final feliz...
  • bresslie
  • karen
  • bryan
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The Pals Meet The Emos  by One_Falling_Romance
The Pals Meet The Emos by AsexualPanromanticEmo Aka Luk...
Idk I made a group called the emos and I decided to make them meet the pals during vidcon. Please just read it because I really don't know how to explain it.
  • corl
  • bradenwelsh
  • alex
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Flying with an alien: storybrooke by lizziechixk18
Flying with an alien: storybrookeby lizziechixk18
Alex saved Kara. It's simple But at the same time. It's extremely complicated Alex is stuck in a web of lies and secrets Each on leading to something else But new people...
  • ouat
  • alex
  • flash
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The Pals Turth or Dare by Picaboo916
The Pals Turth or Dareby Picaboo 916
... following a wagon. let's a go.
  • denis
  • sketch
  • alex
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