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The Light to His Darkness by theboywhosabrat
The Light to His Darknessby theboywhosabrat
Ruthless, heartless and a man with no weaknesses. That's what they say. Those steely grey eyes of his hold the vast amount of coldness, darkness and no emotion. Arroga...
A perfect love by Akshita_Raturi
A perfect loveby Akshita_Raturi
Riddhima Romano Runs with Eugene her boyfriend in 18 years of age manipulated by him. Eugene clear her mind of all the memories of her family. She forgets everything. Sh...
Ti Voglio Bene (I Love You)  [Mahmood Fanfiction] by xx_HaleighBear_xx
Ti Voglio Bene (I Love You) [ HaleighBear🧡
"tell me, Alessandro.... are you Mahmood?" his eyes grew wide as he pulled me into farther into the alleyway... .... Brooklyn Polovitch was a Swedish immigrant...
A Deal with the Mafia by abelsqueen
A Deal with the Mafiaby dulce
One Daunting Night by dreamingofmars
One Daunting Nightby aeryn
(This story is horrifying and horrible I dearly suggest you never open in because not only is it written terribly, everything about it makes me cringe. A lot. It's only...
Raven by AaliyahhhRiveraaa
Ravenby Riveraꨄ
Cheyenne Jones, in the day she's just a normal 19 year old girl. Struggling to make ends meet after due to her current job going out of business and the huge bill shes c...
Patience|New Jersey boys  by LolaOdinson
Patience|New Jersey boys by Stun Zeed
Same Story line as 'On My Block' but in which a girl has decided that The Santos have, and will always be her life story. CREDS: @daddyjerseyboys ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
savior by evo_reinhardt
saviorby Evodie Reinhardt
Dalam semalam seluruh hidup Christabel Wright hancur. Dia ditinggalkan sendirian oleh kedua orangtuanya dalam kecelakaan fatal yang mengakibatkan dua orang yang paling b...
The Prince of Darkness by JessicaNapier217
The Prince of Darknessby J. A. Napier
My name is Alyssa Van Helsing, the great great granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing. I am a Detective in Cincinnati by day and vampire hunter by night. As I make my roun...
A mask of secrets by jennmills
A mask of secretsby Jam
Just another slipknot story that will take time
Le Nappa |H.S| by emilyytpwk
Le Nappa |H.S|by Emily
"You're one talented son of a bitch" - When Aurelie is forced on the biggest solo tour of mega rockstar Harry Styles, things aren't all what they seem.
The Mafia Boss by justimagine96
The Mafia Bossby justimagine96
What happens when the most powerful mafia boss is obsessed with a girl ? In this story Alessandro , an Italian mafia boss actually the most powerful mafia boss in the wh...
Blue Royale  by navasapphira
Blue Royale by Nava Sapphira
"To kidnap her heart, you must kidnap her out of the blue first." In which the supreme mafia lord kidnapped England's lost heiress to the throne to make her hi...
his queen  by lissa506
his queen by lissa 🧸
DISCLAIMER - i have unpublished the book leaving only a chapter to explain why i have taken down my story. i dont know if i will ever come back to the book but i am pla...
Amicii by dampa04
Amiciiby dampa04
Un esperienza indimenticabile
Alessandro Calastri  Attends Advanced Liberal Arts Venue Providence College by AlessandroCalastri
Alessandro Calastri Attends Alessandro Calastri
Alessandro Calastri of New York, NY graduated from the Lycee Francais de New York and was part of the International Baccalaureate program.
Alessandro Calastri -  Assistant General Manager by AlessandroCalastri
Alessandro Calastri - Assistant Alessandro Calastri
Alessandro Calastri is a native of New York whose Italian roots run deep. Both his parents are from Italy and his grandparents still live there, so he goes back as often...