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Bad Reputation: A.L [1] by _brokenwriter18
Bad Reputation: A.L [1]by The Broken Writer
She is delightfully chaotic A beautiful mess Loving her is a splendid adventure She was Simon Lewis' twin sister. Clary Fray's best friend. Jace Wayland's littl...
  • aleclightwood
  • shadowhunters
  • skylarlewis
•Angelic• {alec Lightwood} by mar_the_unicorn
•Angelic• {alec Lightwood}by mar_the_unicorn
Aurora Darwin is best friends with Simon and her adoptive sister clary. Things are going well, Clary got into the Brooklyn academy for the arts and aurora is planning on...
  • aleclightwood
  • shadowhunters
  • clarystwin
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His Light | • Alec Lightwood •  [ Wattys2019 ] by little-wolfie03
His Light | • Alec Lightwood • [ TR
Her life was pure catastrophe. She survived the worst possible pain she could and lived. She survived her psycho uncle and his lunatic minions.She survived her inner dem...
  • valentinemorgenstern
  • vampire
  • aleclightwood
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The Original Tribrid ✴ Alec. L [1]✔ by Lokitty101
The Original Tribrid ✴ Alec. L [1]✔by Lokitty101
No shadowhunter believes in the original vampire family, because they're not real, Right? No shadowhunter has ever met or seen the original... or just didn't live to tal...
  • aleclightwood
  • vampirediaries
  • vampire
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Sharp Teeth ↟ Alec Lightwood by allys_pen
Sharp Teeth ↟ Alec Lightwoodby allys_pen
Mia Hathway is a werewolf who was taken in by Luke Garroway at a young age. When her best friend Clary discovers she's a Shadowhunter and her mom goes missing, Mia is pu...
  • simon
  • lewis
  • claryfray
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Alec Lightwood Imagines by ITSSHYLOHEVERYONE
Alec Lightwood Imaginesby Shyloh Wager
Request are open :) They can be whatever you want: Sweet, SmUt, Sister&Brother, Being Jaces Twin, ANYTHING! So happy reading loves ;)
  • aleclightwood
  • jacewayland
  • izzylightwood
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Fairchild •Alec x OC• ShadowHunters by Bleeding_Insomniac
Fairchild •Alec x OC• ShadowHuntersby Bleeding.Insomniac
"Reality crumbles to pieces when you're least expecting it to." Unfortunately for Evelyn Fairchild, life has many surprises. From a life of normality, she was...
  • simonlewis
  • warlock
  • claryfray
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Secretly Broken [Alec Lightwood/Stiles Stilinski]  by Traaassshhh
Secretly Broken [Alec Lightwood/ Claire
When Stiles' dad is killed by the most recent supernatural being to terrorize Beacon Hills, he decides to visit his dad's adopted sister (his auntie), Jocelyn Fray, and...
  • supernatural
  • humor
  • gay
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Light Shadows • Alec Lightwood by Not-Mundane
Light Shadows • Alec Lightwoodby Grace
'She's been through hell and came out an angel. You didn't break her, darling. You don't own that kind of power.' {Shadowhunters} [Season 1 + Season 2] • Highest ranki...
  • demons
  • aleclightwood
  • downworld
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Soul mates  by malecfangirlbane
Soul mates by lightwood_bane
Alpha Alec. Omega Magnus.
  • malec
  • malexmale
  • alphaalec
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Lovebirds by bradleybaeker
Lovebirdsby little obsessed
-DISCONTINUED- Addy Fairway is living at the New York institute with Jace Wayland, Alec Lightwood, and Isabell Lightwood. But what happens when a red headed girl comes...
  • jace
  • tmi
  • cassandra
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The Archer And The Bookworm Alec Lightwood by AlecGideonLightworm
The Archer And The Bookworm Alec CarryOn
The story of a bookworm and a archer colliding in one of the most twisted ways possible...or so they thought.
  • isabellelightwood
  • claryfairchild
  • aleclightwood
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The Other Fairchild (Alec Lightwood Fanfic) SLOW UPDATES by subjecta7theleaderig
The Other Fairchild (Alec Ally
Myrcella Fairchild/Morgenstern is the older sister of Clary Fairchild. She was sent away by her mother Jocelyn Fairchild for her own safety and protection to live with M...
  • claryfray
  • shadowhunters
  • valentinemorgenstern
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both of us | alec lightwood  by iratzedlav
both of us | alec lightwood by keers
"This will be a suitable marriage for the both of you." Amelia Branwell and Alec Lightwood didn't mind. After all, it was a marriage for the sake of family and...
  • cassandraclare
  • izzy
  • themortalinstruments
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Magnus' Shadow (Alec Lightwood Love Story) by _Tess_x
Magnus' Shadow (Alec Lightwood Tess
Yasmin Wayland was separated from her Twin brother at the age of 10. Raised by Downworlds and searching for her brother she stumbles across Clary Fray who leads her righ...
  • lightwood
  • tda
  • tmifanfic
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[1] Battle Scars | A.Lightwood by -lokiobsessed
[1] Battle Scars | A.Lightwoodby 𝐑𝐔𝐁𝐘
Alicia Hall, cousin to Clary, much like her cousin was dragged into the world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders. After an attempted kidnapping by an unknown circle membe...
  • shadowhunter
  • magnusbane
  • themortalinstruments
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Hold On (➳Alec Lightwood) [1] by mfmenz
Hold On (➳Alec Lightwood) [1]by Florencia✨
The lives of the twins Brielle and Clary Fray take a 360° turn when they decide to go to the Pandemonium club in NYC for their 18th birthday. They both cross paths with...
  • izzylightwood
  • harryshumjr
  • briellefray
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Sarcasm - Alec Lightwood by girlwhowrites123
Sarcasm - Alec Lightwoodby Welcome
Charlie Fray is Clary Fray's twin sister and they couldn't be more different. When they are dragged into the shadow hunter world Charlie meets the sarcastic and blunt Al...
  • claryfray
  • fanfiction
  • charliefray
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By The Angel by TwirlingPages
By The Angelby TwirlingPages
Another story where Clary Fray has a sister. Another story where the said sister falls in love with Alec Lightwood. But a very different story because Kiara Fray is so...
  • werewolves
  • seelies
  • themortalinstruments
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Peasants ♤ Jace Wayland  by Chalant14
Peasants ♤ Jace Wayland by Chalant14
"You can't fit in when you're born to stand out, Wayland." I winked at him and I felt Clary's gaze burning holes through me which only encouraged me more
  • isabellelightwood
  • claryfairchild
  • simonlewis
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