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nextdoor neighbors (flamingo/albert x fem reader) by itsnotlizzyactually
nextdoor neighbors (flamingo/ lizzy
"The absolute funniest part of all this mess is that we're next-door neighbors!" - Y/n Juniper Monroe is a Roblox Youtuber by the name of Parakeet. She decided...
My Dork (Albert / Flamingo X Reader) [UNDER HEAVY EDITING] by OneHystericalMess
My Dork (Albert / Flamingo X Delirious_Day
It was just a walk, nothing special right? Birds, trees, nature. But little did you know, on this walk you would bump into a very special someone. Someone who will beco...
♡ albert x reader ♡  by albertsflamgo
♡ albert x reader ♡ by albertsflamgo
not a smut book but may include lemon!! i totally respect kirsten and alberts relationship!! this is only for fun :) kind of romantic teehee
More Than Radiant (Radiant X Albert) by MilkyMios
More Than Radiant (Radiant X Mio
Operatives are only supposed to feel one emotion; the one they're assigned to. A familiar boy spends a month in the city with the others as one of the operatives realiz...
Only One Day - Day's Union X Reader  by MegChanOwO
Only One Day - Day's Union X MegChan🖋
(Y/N) is the luckiest out of the unlucky. She was infected by the [NIGHTS] Disease. Luckily, it wasn't as major. So, the Operative are able to cure it, bringing in a new...
Ask or Dare Roblox Myths by LolWhatAmIDoingLife
Ask or Dare Roblox Mythsby Who is your queen now?
Nobody said yes or no to this idea, so why tf not. Cover art isn't mine, it's done by @onepatcho
♡ Selozar | Trapped. ♡ by woundbang
♡ Selozar | Trapped. ♡by tofu jackson
tw; abuse. // [ Art in thumbnail not mine - obviously. ] // Selozar was always seen as some sort of monster - it was only some of the other names that he was called eac...
Beautiful Pain | Selozar x Albert | by NixxenKei
Beautiful Pain | Selozar x Albert |by NixxenKei#0550
Selozar and Albert find themselves in one of AloneTraveler's game all alone. Accomplishments: #2 in Selozar - Feb 1, 2019 #5 IN ALBERTSSTUFF - Feb 15, 2019
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ Albert Aretz Flamingo Oneshots Imagines ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶ by feverdrexms
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ Albert Aretz Flamingo angel
Hello there (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ✿) This is my one shot/imagine book on Albert Aretz or Flamingo! I've put some details in my introduction so if you're gonna read this please read the...
jalbert one shots (read announcement on my profile) by JalbertFBoy
jalbert one shots (read JalbertFBoy Archive
c'mon read the frickin title you know what it is bois its me resugii back at it again with the disgusting fanfics the cover had me dying for an hour 1-soft words (used t...
Gay Albertsstuff x reader (flamingo fan fiction)  by SournoisAJ
Gay Albertsstuff x reader ( Sournois AJ
You come in contact with the famous YouTuber flamingo after a while he begins to open up to you and you start to share feelings with each other. . NSFW .
I'm everything you wanted (Flamingo Albert x reader)  by sunfloxwercakez
I'm everything you wanted ( 🦩sUnfL0WeR🦩
⚠️ THIS BOOK IS A SEQUAL TO MY FIRST BOOK "You're everything I needed" ⚠️ ".... you didn't think you could get rid of me that easily, did you?" ‼️ Di...
More than friends? 〈 Albertsstuff x Jake 〉(discontinued) by YoutubeCrazyFan
More than friends? 〈 💔|NO LONGER HERE|💔
#7 IN ROBLOX ----- (Discontinued due to reasons) THIS ACCOUNT IS BEING GIVEN AWAY, THIS STORY MIGHT COMPLETELY CHANGE CAUSE OF A NEW OWNER! « We respect Albert and Lana'...
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Bullied by UnknownIdot
Bulliedby gimt
[WARNING] Swearing,Suicidal thoughts,Self harm and Gore will be included in this story You have been warned. Bullied is a story about a young fellow by the name "Cl...
Adopted by Flamingo💜 by OrangeFlamingo36
Adopted by Flamingo💜by Orange Flamingo
I got this idea from @m_i_n_t_t, PLEASE go read her story simular to mine💖
A New Promise Blooms | Selobert Sequel  by SillyPetals
A New Promise Blooms | Selobert SillyPetals
Introducing a sequel to OP, yes it is like a au and it is definitely inspired by many things but especially by shows. (Supernatural, Stranger things and more) A year pas...
Time Paradox [Jalbert]-[Kalbert] by Someone_wasHere
Time Paradox [Jalbert]-[Kalbert]by Someone_wasHere
Jalbert and Kalbert? No, this is not a one shots. It's a story! Jake x Albert x Kaden!
Loving Jalberts by SilkyFewx
Loving Jalbertsby SilkeyFewx
Loving Jalbirds. Haha, great pun right? I know I'm not funny. Anyways, Albert, a bit older than his crush, Jake, is trying to get him fall in love with him. He doesn't w...