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A love reborn from the ashes. by FiorellaTola
A love reborn from the Fiory
What have Can and Sanem experienced in the year that their hearts have been apart? And now that fate has allowed their eyes to meet again and their souls to feel the str...
a Special Kind of Bird by Cyra2Cyra
a Special Kind of Birdby Cyra2Cyra
Sanem owns together with her sister Leyla, the Aydin Agency. They hire the handsome photographer Can, who finds out soon enough what a Special Kind of Bird, Sanem is! ...
Erkenci Kuş | Keşke by ChayaLevy
Erkenci Kuş | Keşkeby Chaya Levy
The story was special. The legend was powerful. There were moments or story lines I desperately wished for, and moments that at times seemed small but were so important...
Erkenci Kuş One-shots [CanEm] by EK1Canem
Erkenci Kuş One-shots [CanEm]by EK1Canem
A series of One-Shots and short stories based on the Turkish series Erkenci Kus and the main couple CanEm. Alternate scenarios following the plot line of the story.
CAN AND SANEM by captaintoddler
CAN AND SANEMby clairvoyant
(Vote please)** This story based on the Turkish series Erkenci Kus which tell the story of Can Divit a famous photographer and really love traveling around the world to...
The magic of the moonstone by DebScott3
The magic of the moonstoneby Deb (Stormy) Scott
Can is devistated at what he learns life has been like for Sanem in his absence. He begins his quest to make amends protect her, to win back the heart of his love, his s...
The kiss by DebScott3
The kissby Deb (Stormy) Scott
Do you ever dream about an epic moment together, dreaming of a tropical location, swimming by a waterfall, falling in love and an epic kiss? Take a dip into this scene a...
Milenyum Girdapları 2 by Ugurauthor
Milenyum Girdapları 2by uğur dalga
2. bölümle karşınızdayım. Keyifli okumalar.
Territory by GymVolClaire27
Territoryby Klara_the_bookworm
Obrovské zemětřesení. Smrt rodičů. Osamělá fena münsterlandského ovčáka v rukou zlé smečky. Útěk o půlnoci. Storm je unavená a neví kam jít. Dopadne vše dobře? Bude dost...
The Demon's Curse by AbridgedConnie
The Demon's Curseby AbridgedConnie
A Senyuu one-shot where Alf turned Alba into a demon instead of Diablos and Ros is...
Albatros to Tristan moorhen by Wario512
Albatros to Tristan moorhenby Wario512
Five Scientists are on their way to Tristan da Cunha, a small Island in the Atlantic ocean, to explore it. With their Airplane 'Albatros' the team scouts unkown places o...
Albatros by 000karolin
Albatrosby 𝓚𝓪𝓻𝓸𝓵𝓲
Budu vám vyprávět co se mi stalo minule léto, jak jsem poznala pravou lásku a nebo naopak pravého nepřítele 
Dobrodružství luskouna by duhovacukrovavata
Dobrodružství luskounaby Duhová cukrová vata
Luskoun jménem Šištička miluje dobrodružství a cestování. A právě to ho přivádí na různá každodenní zpestření. Nikdy se nenudí a stále má něco na práci.