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DeathAngel [Akutagawa x Reader] by BookLoverFan222
DeathAngel [Akutagawa x Reader]by aku_rashoumon
Y/n L/n. Assassin of Silent Winds. She's sent on a mission like always but fate changes the outcome. What happens when she meets the infamous, Black-Fanged Hellhound? Fo...
PERTH! Cinta Aku Datang ! ( JiliD 2 siri PCAD!) by RomeoJuliet69
PERTH! Cinta Aku Datang ! ( JiliD...by TintaBuluAngsa
sambungan kisah pengembaraan Cinta di Bumi Asing Benua Australia. Kisah Iz, Ellie dan Kawan-Kawan. Ceritera biasa-biasa sahaja. Softly Spoken. Some bad and ugly attit...
When The Moon Comes Up And Shines -> Shin Soukoku by 02I57_
When The Moon Comes Up And Shines...by Anzhi
Ok this is a fanfic on Akutagawa and Atsushi from The Bongou Stray Dogs. In my AU these two are secret lowers. And noone knows about them but for how long noone knows?
Aku's Servant by LeiyaMartinezNicole
Aku's Servantby Leiya Nicole Martinez
Varian didn't want this. Varian didn't want to go to a dimension 3000 years into the future. He didn't want to serve Aku. But he had no choice. He needed to get away fro...
𝓁𝒾𝓁𝓎 by ms-lily
𝓁𝒾𝓁𝓎by ms-lily
* everything on my mind * * bila lily merapu * * ikut suka aku nk tulis apa *
Kompilasi Cerita Pendek 1) Bila Dia Tiada ✓ Kisah cinta Asya Diane dan Harith Al-furqan 2) Untuk Tiga Hari ✓ Kisah cinta Dini Arinah dan Qaleef Iman 3) Dalam Kesempat...
Quotes•Lee Taeyong by velthis
Quotes•Lee Taeyongby ushiwaka
All quotes of NCT Taeyong. ©velthis on wattpad
The Samurai's Companion by Lilgrimmapple
The Samurai's Companionby Anna
The Legend of the Samurai was exactly that: a legend. A fairy tale. It had never once crossed Evie's mind that it was actually all real. The story also seemed to have fo...
Midnight Ride | SKK/SSKK by akkuaku
Midnight Ride | SKK/SSKKby akkuaku
"You got a date?" the ginger asked in a surprised voice, pointing at the brunette's occupied hand. Dazai observed the situation and thought that it wouldn't hu...
KATA KATA BIJAK by arizaayusaputri
KATA KATA BIJAKby arizaayusaputri
Memberi motivasi kepada diri sendiri Bukan cerita
Tulang rusuk Mr. Duncan by Mell_Mariann
Tulang rusuk Mr. Duncanby Mell
Kisah aku dan dia. Si Mata biru.
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Plus Raises Minus by Anime0CC0Manga
Plus Raises Minusby Anime0CC0Manga
Medaka Kurokami is not only stuck in another world, but is now force to raise a certain Loser Child~
My Hero Academia: Overcoming Fear by ziakalar
My Hero Academia: Overcoming Fearby Z
Since Hikari was a little girl, she's been afraid of using her mother's quirk. All her life, she's only used her father's quirk, because she was afraid of becoming like...
Kata Hati : Aku adalah Aku by dininraz
Kata Hati : Aku adalah Akuby dini bukan akhir
Menulis puisi saat badmood itu adalah hal yang biasa. Menulis puisi saat sedang senang adalah hal yang tak biasa. Disinilah aku dengan segala rasa yang tak bisa kuungk...
Aku x Reader by Starlightslaughter
Aku x Readerby ☆Starling☆
Cringy you have been warned You x Aku the Demon Lord
Bad Prefect by amwhitea
Bad Prefectby am
Tekan 'read' untuk synopsis ! Bad Prefect ~
A Mass Of Pure Darkness by Anime0CC0Manga
A Mass Of Pure Darknessby Anime0CC0Manga
Instead of sending Jack to the future, Aku decided to go there himself, a time where Jack doesn't exist~
What I'm not obsessed by WhertEvurrr
What I'm not obsessedby Jiminie's_waifu135
If you don't ship shin soukoku or soukoku I sue you
Dragon Zero Retry (Demon Lord Retry Harem x male reader) by Jaxread
Dragon Zero Retry (Demon Lord Retr...by Jaxread
What if Zero and Hakuto where sepret people two brothers who created a game together and Boulth took different paths in the game because they are rivals but what happens...