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Persona 5 (One shots) by stfu-Seven
Persona 5 (One shots)by Samsu Zee
{There'll be end game spoilers ofc} Time for me to write whatever the hell I want ;))) It'll probably most likely end up being Akiryu but I don't know if I'll add other...
  • persona5
  • panther
  • haru
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Akiryu OneShots by emilyvicha7272
Akiryu OneShotsby Panic!Phanic
Just some one shots i'm working on, leave suggestions on story ideas for what type of story I should write next, lol hope you enjoy! <3 Also I will add spoiler warnin...
  • ryujisakamoto
  • akira
  • persona
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Pegoryu One-Shot(s?) by uuwwaaafghhhhhh
Pegoryu One-Shot(s?)by Dr__trash
Hi mom
  • akiryu
  • persona5
  • pegoryu
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Take Your Heart by ThePointlessFreak
Take Your Heartby ThePointlessFreak
Ryuji Sakamoto is in love And he has no idea what to do
  • makoto
  • sakamoto
  • futaba
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Work in Progress [AkiRyu/Pegoryu] by Intertche
Work in Progress [AkiRyu/Pegoryu]by 「íитєят¢нє」
Persona 5 Future AU!!! _________ In the very far future, where the famous business company "Okumura Foods" branch out to technology, and achieved the greatest...
  • androids
  • akiryu
  • androidxboy
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Persona 5 One Shots - REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! by lonesomegeek
Persona 5 One Shots - REQUESTS ARE...by lonesomegeek
Just a few (and counting) one shots I have written on a spur of sudden persona 5 excitement and love **I do take requests :)**
  • persona
  • akiraxyusuke
  • akiryu
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Steal Your Heart (Akira x Ryuji) by ifeelbadforseven
Steal Your Heart (Akira x Ryuji)by Seven★
Just some disclaimers and shit: - This is my first fanfic ever so if it's bad don't attack me lol - I do not own Persona 5, the characters or any pictures used in t...
  • boyxboy
  • ryuji
  • p5
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More Than A Bromance. {Akiryu Fan-fiction} (ON HOLD) by ThatOneCannoli
More Than A Bromance. {Akiryu Fan...by ThatOneCannoli
When the quite yet mega sass master, Akira Kurusu meets the school's "bad boy", Ryuji Sakamoto, Akria is in for some problems, like being the phantom thief's l...
  • phantomthevies
  • akiryu
  • gayromance
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Secrets; Akira x Ryuji by bakuhoe-ish
Secrets; Akira x Ryujiby spicy big boy
"Baby you're like lightning in a bottle. I can't let you go now that I got it" »Akira and Ryuji are classmates. Akira was always quiet, yet, when they became...
  • otp
  • boyslove
  • renxakira
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Troublesome - Akiryu by uuwwaaafghhhhhh
Troublesome - Akiryuby Dr__trash
Au where the whole cognitive pscience stuff don't exist. -The whole Persona 5 setup doesn't exist- !! Persona 5 ain't mine !!
  • akira
  • yaoi
  • persona5
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Sleep Deprived Impulse One-Shots by Keith2302
Sleep Deprived Impulse One-Shotsby Keith2302
I'm sleep deprived and feeling inspirational so random AkiRyu writing is happening
  • akiryu
  • pegoryu
Dense by Nezumikin
Denseby Mouse
Ryuji is dense, and Akira's looking to get rid of all these butterflies in his stomach whenever he smiles at him. [This is my first story over on Wattpad! This ship need...
  • gay
  • akiryu
  • ryujixakira
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Akiryu - Connections by internetanimekeys
Akiryu - Connectionsby ryuji is best boyo and u know...
akiryu but I have internet on my computer than my ipad. :(((
  • akiryu
Wanna Try?-AkiRyu by NekoriKun
Wanna Try?-AkiRyuby Meow
Akira and Ryuji are best friends,they have great trust in each other. However,when they both start questioning their sexualities,things start to escalate. DISCLAIMER AND...
  • pegoryu
  • persona5
  • akiraxryuji
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persona 5 ryuji x akira oneshots by theseedofvirtue
persona 5 ryuji x akira oneshotsby 🐇 vincent 🐇
⛩ i'm warning yall most of this is gonna be angst 💌 this isn't an x reader! 🧧 expect slow updates since i'm starting to rewrite again
  • persona5joker
  • fluff
  • musicfic
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Coffee by NagitoIsMyBae
Coffeeby Anna
Yeah umh, I just wanted to write some Akiryu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I honestly wanted some smut but writing it I realized that actually it's more like fluff?? Meh you will judge. So...
  • ryujisakamoto
  • akiryu
  • akirakurusu
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Some Akiryu Fanfiction by AkiraKurusuShipper
Some Akiryu Fanfictionby Weeaboo Shipper
Like the title says
  • akiryu
an AkiRyu story  by Kokchi_Ouma
an AkiRyu story by Got em'
This is an AU where the phantom thieves aren't a thing. Ever since the three of them went to the new restaurant, Akira and Ryuji were close. I won't do a smut, I depen...
  • akiryu
  • bl
  • akiraxryuji
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(Akiryu) | Steal Your Heart by DreamingofStarrs
(Akiryu) | Steal Your Heartby Nikki
The Phantom Thieves are back and better than ever! With their leader, Akira, coming back to Shibuya for his last year. Drama starts to follow when a certain enemy comes...
  • akira
  • protagonist
  • akiryu
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Ryuji (another cinderella story) by professorpotatogaara
Ryuji (another cinderella story)by Yaoi obsessed potato
When a strange request brought to attention by Mishima turns into a trap laid out by Akechi without them knowing. Little did they know what was to come; will it be love...
  • mementos
  • cinderella
  • pegoryu
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