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a distraction | Akira X ryuji  by uzidoormankisser
a distraction | Akira X ryuji by chicken
SMUT ⚠️ basically akira is stressed and shit and ryuji makes him un-stressed. includes: PORN 😱😱 YAOI 😱😱 GAYS 😱😱 words: 672
Betrayal Love by InkSans4
Betrayal Loveby Whammy Sakura
Akira has feelings for Ryuji, but has not found the right to do it. Ryuji also has feeling for Akira, but something is in his path to be with Akira.
Akira x Ryuji One shots by HeyItsToon
Akira x Ryuji One shotsby Toon
Aw yeah gay time -Persona 5 spoilers! Read at your own risk -Joker will be referred to with the name 'Akira Kurusu' instead of 'Ren Amimaya' -FLUFF!! No smut
Wanna Try?-AkiRyu by NekoriKun
Wanna Try?-AkiRyuby Meow
Akira and Ryuji are best friends,they have great trust in each other. However,when they both start questioning their sexualities,things start to escalate. DISCLAIMER AND...
You're not him- (Akira x Ryuji)  by Crossoverfan7152
You're not him- (Akira x Ryuji) by Fandom Trash
( Just a little heads up that this fic contains slight mentions of past abuse and you are In a situation or if you know someone who is dealing with those issues. Don't b...
Persona 5 girls X male reader by Daltygaming2
Persona 5 girls X male readerby Daltygaming2
You were just a normal boy attending a normal school it was called shujin academy. Your name (Y/N) you were an outstanding and very popular student. You had the best gra...
Akira's Demise AkiraxRyuji by YusukesGay
Akira's Demise AkiraxRyujiby YusukesGay
Akira x ryuji. Lemon/Smut warning.
persona 5 ryuji x akira oneshots by tatsuyasuouirl
persona 5 ryuji x akira oneshotsby 🎴vincent🎴
⛩ i'm warning yall most of this is gonna be angst 💌 this isn't an x reader! 🧧 expect slow updates since i'm starting to rewrite again
Two Forbidden Lovers by InkSans4
Two Forbidden Loversby Whammy Sakura
Ryuji is your normal troublemaker at school causing havoc everywhere you go. What people don't know about him is that his lover had turned against him.
akiryu /Akira x Ryuji/ oneshots :) by UndecidedDeceased
akiryu /Akira x Ryuji/ oneshots :)by MILLIEMOBIE
Some oneshots or short stories of Akira and Ryuji from Persona 5 :)
Hanging Out-( Akira x Ryuji)  by Crossoverfan7152
Hanging Out-( Akira x Ryuji) by Fandom Trash
Ryuji's friends convince him to ask Akira out on Valentines day after realising he has feelings for him and while hesitant, he uses that opportunity to hang out with him.
Life Will Change (Ryuji x Akira AU) by Keith2302
Life Will Change (Ryuji x Akira AU)by Keith2302
In a twisted soulmate AU, Ryuji Sakamoto doesn't want to be romantically associated with his soulmate, Ann Takamaki. Instead, he'd rather just be friends with her. Whi...
((DISCONTINUED))Phantom Piracy-Akiryu by NekoriKun
((DISCONTINUED))Phantom Piracy-Aki...by Meow
magical/fantasy AU in which Akira is a mysterious masked thief who saves Ryuji's band of pirates from mythical beasts. And Ryuji finds himself falling for the mysterious...
intimacy by wingsaloof
intimacyby lucy
Ryuji may be the only thing he has, but that's more than enough. (p5 protagonist x ryuji ; light angst + fluff)
Steal Your Heart (Akira x Ryuji) by ifeelbadforseven
Steal Your Heart (Akira x Ryuji)by Seven★
Just some disclaimers and shit: - This is my first fanfic ever so if it's bad don't attack me lol - I do not own Persona 5, the characters or any pictures used in t...
Admiration | Akira X Ryuji | by uzidoormankisser
Admiration | Akira X Ryuji |by chicken
uhhhh ryuji really l̶o̶v̶e̶s̶ admires Akira 💪 includes: gay people semi-fluff