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Akatsuki's Blossom  by PureRandomness101
Akatsuki's Blossom by PureRandomness101
A mission to infiltrate the Akatsuki, what do you expect? Be their most treasured friend? Well yeah that actually happened to Haruno Sakura. But she never expected them...
  • unexpected
  • family
  • angst
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Watch My Back As I Move On by PureRandomness101
Watch My Back As I Move Onby PureRandomness101
Haruno Sakura, it is the name of a kunoichi that has been seen weak her whole life. She's been left behind by the one she loved at the age of 14. Became the apprentice o...
  • cute
  • naruto
  • sakuraxakatsuki
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itachi x sakura pics by Boboiboy_Quake09
itachi x sakura picsby Boiboiboy_Quake09
some pics about itasaku!!!!
  • itachixsakura
  • sasukexsakura
  • akatsukixsakura
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Zetsu's Uncannibalized Daughter by PureRandomness101
Zetsu's Uncannibalized Daughterby PureRandomness101
What would happen if an infant was left along the way towards the Akatsuki base with a letter attached to it, stating that it is ZETSU'S infant? What if it's not even an...
  • uncannibalize
  • daughter
  • akatsukifamily
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From the shadows by inomniowo
From the shadowsby Sorra
The story how Hyuuga Hinata and Haruno Sakura protected Konoha from the shadows as traitors. Platonic SakuHina// Akatsuki x Hinata and Sakura I do not own Naruto
  • stronghinata
  • sasuke
  • anbu
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Konoha high Detention Club ( Akatsuki X Sakura ) by ItachiFanGirl185
Konoha high Detention Club ( Akats...by ItachiFanGirl185
Plot Summary-What happens when our dear pinkette is wrongfully given detention for the Akatsuki's actions? Will they survive her wrath or will she survive them ? Akatsuk...
  • deidaraxsakura
  • naruto
  • akatsukixsakura
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