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Your On The List(Betrayed Pyke Male Reader x Azur lane) by LoLi_Maniac
Your On The List(Betrayed Pyke Mal...by LoLi Lover
Y/N L/N was known world wide because of his heroic doings everybody loves him and same with the ship girls they love him and put all their attention to him, All the male...
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I'm Just A Soldier (Akame Ga Kill! x Captain America!Male Reader) by Domo-kun99
I'm Just A Soldier (Akame Ga Kill...by Domo-kun99
(F/N) Rogers was sent by Avengers to retrieve the Soul Stone at the past before Thanos managed to do it first thus preventing the Snap. Everything not happened as expect...
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The Flame of the Citidel by Soulofcinder64
The Flame of the Citidelby Soulof Cinder64
Before the old Emperor fell and the child rose to power, thier was a group of knights the stood by the Emperors side. they were called "Knights of flame" but t...
Akame ga kill and Deadpool by siggyx9
Akame ga kill and Deadpoolby siggyx9
With great power comes with great irresponsibility (Don't own no pictures)
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The Taskmaster of the Empire(Male Taskmaster Reader x Akame ga Kill Harem) by Grimcreeper58
The Taskmaster of the Empire(Male...by Grimcreeper58
Y/N Masters was born with the ability to easily learn other people's fighting styles in quick times. He called this ability "Photographic reflexes". With his a...
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The sliver knight  by Zerodragon4
The sliver knight by Saber
Ruby Rose x Male incursio welder
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A Champions Journey: Volume 1 by Outlaw_Hunter
A Champions Journey: Volume 1by H
Billy Batson, a young adult living in Philadelphia. In his younger years, he was an orphan. He traveled from foster home to foster home. People gave him chances, but he...
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Toxic Kill by SymbioteUser702
Toxic Killby SymbioteUser702
In a world with a corrupt Empire, only the most powerful people are able to wield weapons called Imperial arms. This story is about a boy named Y/N who has lost everythi...
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RWBY - Vɪᴄɪᴏᴜꜱʟʏ Cᴏʟᴅ... by cruzg443
RWBY - Vɪᴄɪᴏᴜꜱʟʏ Cᴏʟᴅ...by Cruz Gonzales
"Sometimes good people will have to do bad things... Because if they don't, worse things will happen..." Crossover of KLK: Preternatural... & AgK: Untamed...!
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FORCES (Elfen lied Lucy/Nyu X Tatsumi(male reader)) by imanihso
FORCES (Elfen lied Lucy/Nyu X Tats...by imanihso
You(Tatsume) are traveling to a new land to bring back money for your town( similar to the akame ga kill plot) and move to japan with your friend hoping to possibly brin...
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The Warrior from Beyond (Predator x Akame Ga Kill) by Sebastion55
The Warrior from Beyond (Predator...by Sebastion55
A predator known as Dark will strive to defeat his rival, Y/n (predator x RWBY) by fighting the best Teigu users in the world. But will he really win, or become a sizzli...
The beast arrives by WildFireChimera
The beast arrivesby WildFireChimera
what happens when a jinchuriki ends up in the Akame ga kill world
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Dere~yuri:book 2[Unfinished] by Sushipugs
Dere~yuri:book 2[Unfinished]by Pugs are Sushi
Hello guys I'm taking a break from full blown stories. One shots are easier to make anyways. So this is book two of my yuri series I think. Anyways I though that since t...
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XReader Oneshots by ItsWeirdz
XReader Oneshotsby Weird
Hi hi Weirdos! Im here writing OneShots about well Anime, Cartoons, Shows, Video Game Characters and more! Enjoy
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The Thirteen Deadly Sins by sambamhaw
The Thirteen Deadly Sinsby sambamhaw
This is a story about the Malereader and 12 ocs known as the Thirteen Deadly Sins x anime multiverse crossover
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Our Side Love Branches ( Female Character x Reader Oneshots ) by Miki_jr1
Our Side Love Branches ( Female Ch...by Miki jr
"We live without knowing how to, we die without knowing the reason behind it, we love without knowing what is love, we don't even know how to be human but that does...
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Various Females x Male Reader by KingJayJay82
Various Females x Male Readerby Just Anxther Lazy Authxr
A special thank you for reaching 1k followers. Enjoy!
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An Assassin's Innocent Heart (Male! Oc! X Fem! Akame Ga Kill) by OmniBolt
An Assassin's Innocent Heart (Male...by Bolt
What would happen if only women could wield teigu? What if there was one man who could? What if his could make or break the world? Find out on... An Assassin's Innocent...
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Various female x male reader by Sc4rl3t_Shadow
Various female x male readerby Sc4rl3t_Shadow
Just a X male reader story
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Rorschach male reader x akame ga kill  by THE_VENGEFULONE
Rorschach male reader x akame ga k...by THE DISTURBED
Y/n otherwise known as the infamous rorschach (from watchmen search it up) is wanted dead or alive by the empire for treason but what will happen when one faithful night...
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