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A Spark (Aizawa x reader) by Agent-Lokitty
A Spark (Aizawa x reader)by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
You're the new teaching assistant at UA for class 1-A. Your main focus is to help students control their quirks and to teach those who are will hand on hand combat. Th...
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Erase Herゾごホ by JojoWritesx
Erase Herゾごホby Jojo
"...we both want the same thing." "Which is?" "A distraction."
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Between Two Worlds (Aizawa x Reader) by Courts_Corner
Between Two Worlds (Aizawa x CourtsCorner
A recent accident leaves you unexpectedly thrown from one world into another. Soon, all the of the heroes you've grown to love and adore, and all the villains you've loa...
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a series of unfortunate events (shota aizawa/eraserhead x nurse!reader) by taiyakikb
a series of unfortunate events ( scaredycat
Having a healing quirk and a job in a hospital had its perks. However, the side effect from your quirk and your unique new assignment weren't as desirable. You were...
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Aizawa x OC by Shayma314
Aizawa x OCby Shayma314
This is all about Aizawa from My Hero Academia, I don't think there are nearly enough stories about him so heres my take on a cute story about him. Hope you enjoy it too...
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Insomnia [Shota Aizawa X Reader] by Pixelpad
Insomnia [Shota Aizawa X Reader]by Pixelpad
(Completed) [Y/N] hardly sleeps, has a special, unique quirk, and is a villain. How does she compare to Shota Aizawa, who seems to love sleep, has a quirk-erasing quirk...
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Afraid to love - Shota x Reader by disintegrationIV
Afraid to love - Shota x Readerby disintegrationIV
You are a famous Pro Hero that Just moved to Japan from the US to teach at UA high. When the teacher Shota Aizawa has caught your eye, but your past relationship has yo...
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doll face | shota aizawa by mangathighs
doll face | shota aizawaby gi✨
[college + quirkless AU] "Oh wtf you're my professor?" "You best believe it, doll face." After having one of your friends force you to come with her...
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 ✓ 𝙙𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙮'𝙨 𝙜𝙞𝙧𝙡  ➳ [ •s. aizawa x reader• ] by npxige
✓ 𝙙𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙮'𝙨 𝙜𝙞𝙧𝙡 ➳ [ • three
[ completed ] ➟ no attachment. one night. one kiss, goodbye. where a famous singer writes a song dedicated to aizawa shota after a one night stand "...
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Catharsis (Various!BNHA x Esper!Reader) by FateOfDeath666
Catharsis (Various!BNHA x Esper! Teri-5
One small act can change everything. You tried not to cause any changes, but change is life's nature, and you're, unfortunately, very much alive.
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Plus One Gravity [On Hiatus due to Covid-19] by Cloud_9ine
Plus One Gravity [On Hiatus due Cloud_9ine
When (Y/N) Uraraka joins U.A alongside her sister, she expects her shy personality to prevent her from fitting in. However, she finds her classmates slowly growing attac...
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Aizawa Shouta x Male Reader  by NurulAqilah394
Aizawa Shouta x Male Reader by Ryunosuke
A once medical student has finished their studies and decided to apply at U.A High for the new generation of heroes. They become the new medical assistant and they have...
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BNHA x reader lemons  by author-san9652
BNHA x reader lemons by author-san9652
Plus ultra sexy time Make some requests in the comments and maybe you'll get to live out your bnha fantasy hehehe
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BNHA X reader Oneshots by Rhealovestowrite
BNHA X reader Oneshotsby Rhea_ Writes
All of the BNHA boys and girls here to give you their love and hearts ( requests are closed . This story can also be fouund on my Quotev)
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~//Aizawa_x_Reader//~ 7u7 by bts4ever553
~//Aizawa_x_Reader//~ 7u7by Park Niland Woo~
You and Aizawa my love in this story theres *Drama *Smut *Sad and harsh content *DON"T READ if you have 🔞 *Has some comedie Anyways...Enjoy!!!!
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BNHA x Reader Vol. #2 by xEtherealMochix
BNHA x Reader Vol. #2by xEtherealMochix
My Hero Academia x Reader Inserts. Drabbles. Edits. Fake Social Media. Head Canons. Imagines. May Contain Spoilers
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Through Chaos and Order | Shouta Aizawa by Intelligxnce
Through Chaos and Order | Shouta Julia
Through Chaos and Order follows main character Amora Young, a woman whose quirk causes her to have a split personality of hero and villain. Her leading personality or id...
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Aizawa Shouta x Reader {One Shots} by Doodlydoki
Aizawa Shouta x Reader {One Shots}by Request? DM me
Hello buttercups, This is just my Aizawa x reader one-shot book. All one shots can also be found on my Tumblr and Instagram. Thank you for reading and have a good day~...
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Little girl(Aizawa xreader) by AnddddSpritee
Little girl(Aizawa xreader)by Daddyissues_01
Running away from home y/n falls asleep and wakes up in a whole new world " hey girl,wake up" "Umm sir..? Sorry but where am I" "You at my old...
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Eraserhead x reader by Lonewolf521202
Eraserhead x readerby Lonewolf521202
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