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Villain's Love - [Aizawa x Male! Reader]  by xXCandy14Xx
Villain's Love - [Aizawa x Male! PepperMint
Reader is male, and not exactly a good person.
Birthright [BNHAxVillain!OC] by WumboSaysHi
Birthright [BNHAxVillain!OC]by Hi
[BNHAxVillain!OC] -It was one to create a Nomu, but having a vessel so capable of remaining human with his quirk was another weapon entirely. Started 25 July 2018 Comple...
G H O S T [Shota Aizawa x OC] by KotaKuraiyoru
G H O S T [Shota Aizawa x OC]by Kota
With a quirk that allows one to become invisible and hide in the shadows, it's pretty easy for Sumire Eto to fly under the radar as an underground hero. Known of by many...
Boku No Hero Academia (Oneshots and lemons)  by Cv_lee
Boku No Hero Academia (Oneshots V
The title says it all~ ill be accepting requests from yall, either fluff, lemons whatever XD
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TᕼE  ᗰOᑎᔕTEᖇ  IᑎᔕIᗪE [1] by KaeWinter
TᕼE ᗰOᑎᔕTEᖇ IᑎᔕIᗪE [1]by KᗩE
hєr quírk íѕn't líkє αnч σthєr ít cσnfuѕєѕ pєσplє tσ nσ єnd hσw αnσthєr lívíng вєíng ѕhαrєѕ hєr вσdч, wíth α mínd σf ítѕ σwn ít'ѕ líkє α pαrαѕítє вut gσd hєlp αnчσnє wh...
Two Times the Love ~A Poly!Erasermic x Reader story by blackenedwhite97
Two Times the Love ~A Poly! blackenedwhite97
An Erasermic x Reader Poly relationship story. The reader lives with both Shota and Hizashi and has to migrate the life of being a hero and having two loving partners w...
Aizawa x reader One Shots by SelenaMaldonado768
Aizawa x reader One Shotsby Selena Maldonado
REQUEST ARE OPEN!!! Ideas/me, you guys, and my friend Joanna
Innocent (BNHA/MHA x Villain!Male!Reader) by cravedflowerz
Innocent (BNHA/MHA x Villain! Monstrous
**SEVERE GORE WARNING!!** **FOUL LANGUAGE** The hands coming from the male's back, reached for his opponent's neck, slashing it in a heartbeat. Tears dripped from the du...
Beautiful || Mina Ashido by nevermindember
Beautiful || Mina Ashidoby Ember Kopperman
beau·ti·ful /ˈbyo͞odəfəl/ adjective pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. which the orphan falls in love with the pink-skinned, life of the party when she lea...
ill break you down (and put you back together again) by Shadow_Cat97
ill break you down (and put you Shadow_Cat97
Aizawa Shouta was never released from captivity.
Enhance :eri sister by keiko_yui
Enhance :eri sisterby amaterasu
a story that took place in the mha world where eri wasn't the only child who got tormented due to her quirk, but her sister as well... read 'enhance :eri sister' fr...
"Battle of Hormones" younge! Aizawa x reader by cantsleepsendhelp
"Battle of Hormones" younge! cantsleepsendhelp
Ah, teen years. A lot of things change in a teenagers life once they reach that age. They grow pubic hair, get acne, deal with drama. But most of all, they think of noth...
wife • shota aizawa [✓] by -sayonarabitch
wife • shota aizawa [✓]by CLOSED.
in which class 1-a finds out that their homeroom teacher, shota aizawa, is actually married. - inspired by: rings || aizawa shota by AmeatStick
(Discontinued) BNHA X Aizawa Shota's Daughter  by Aizawa_ssmile
(Discontinued) BNHA X Aizawa Via
Reader insert book! Requests are permanently closed. There's a mix of oneshots in this book. If you're lookin' for some cute oneshots.. I got 'em. Looking for sad Dadza...
On the Other End of the Line by carver_edlundd
On the Other End of the Lineby carver
One shot featuring a kidnapped Izuku and a protective Aizawa. AU (this is before UA and Izuku is 12) Inspired by Lifeline by SilvermistAnimeLover on AO3. Check out thei...
Under the green hood (Izuku x Momo) BNHA  by TevinMoore92
Under the green hood (Izuku x Tevin Lashawn Moore
"You know nothing about me, All Might!" Izuku cried out in anger. "The things I have lost.... My mother was the only thing that kept me on the side of goo...
Uchiha Reincarnation  by nathymarpradauribe
Uchiha Reincarnation by Irixia
In which Uchiha Hatsu dies at 17 years old during the Uchiha Massacre in Konohagakure, and Watanabe Chieko is born in Musutafu, Japan. (Crossover: Naruto x BNHA) (Uchiha...
Scaly Little Friends [BNHA]  by chaotic_bismexual
Scaly Little Friends [BNHA] by cezac
"How do you manage to make silence sound sarcastic?" - in which Akairou Aizawa just wants sleep and some bagels My Hero Academia and all its characters belon...
By Your Side // Aizawa Shota X Reader by XxChisana_TenshixX
By Your Side // Aizawa Shota X Yuzuru
Ever since you were young, it was your dream to become a hero and save people from evil doings caused by mischievous villains because you admired the heroes who fight fo...
Lightning or Electricity and a bit of healing<BNHA> by IcyCoco
Lightning or Electricity and a Coco
Cousin to Kaminari Denki... Her name is Kaminari Sora... They look like twin but Sora's quirk is different along with her personality. Bnha does not belong to me. I only...