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why not me? by DanaiaBangtanArmy
why not me?by →💜YourPurplyBaby💜←
"i-i like y-you." i confessed to my one and only crush, Elly Vince Mañalac. "i'm sorry, but i love your best friend, Aisha." and with that, i started...
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Cancer(MiShu) by Amira_Yurina46
Cho Miyeon is a college student and Minnie's best friend.She have a crush on a beautiful girl named Yeh Shuhua,but sadly,Shuhua did not like Miyeon,she love Soojin a lot...
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Hooky x reader by Syringe_Maniac
Hooky x readerby Sold-hickeys
I'll explain it in the story #400 in master #338 in Alex #307 in Alice #196 in Nico #181 in wizards #167 in Noah #107 in barry #84 in William #65 in Anne #55 in Damien #...
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Resisting A Cocky Billionaire by Mysterious_Weirdoo
Resisting A Cocky Billionaireby »BLVCK GIRL«
6 simple rules. 6 rules she was unconsciously breaking, simply by trying to resist him. Karma wasn't fair when her fiancé ran away on their wedding day. As if that wasn...
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One of the Winx by Charminmoonlight_
One of the Winxby Moonchild 🌙
Rejoin the young Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora, and Tecna as they form the Winx along with a new member Sonya! So be apart of the Winx Club and be One of the Winx! I DON'T...
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Hate That BoyBand (h.s fanfic)| ✔ by graefiction
Hate That BoyBand (h.s fanfic)| ✔by S. R. Grae
[PREVIOUSLY NAMED AS I HATE ONE DIRECTION] "One Direction, you suck. All your fan girls are annoying as fuck." Lize Arigalez, a proud hater of One Direction, d...
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Fatima  by Leemarh_bulama
Fatima by Halima Bulama
She's a sixteen year old, Lost her dad, Lost her sister at a young age, Lost her bestfriend at adolescence, A wicked grandma, A loving mom, An annoying yet sweet...
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Fairy of The Ice Dragon (Book 1 Of The Ice Dragon Series) by JayaPrincess
Fairy of The Ice Dragon (Book 1 Jaya's Music
Have you ever wonder, what if there was a person with powers similar to Blooms? This is a story about an Enchantix fairy named Luna Crystal. The Princess of Crystalia. B...
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yin yang [everglow] ✩ by SUNBAES-
yin yang [everglow] ✩by stan triggled
"Please be the yin to my yang?" [yiren x aisha & others] started: july 24, 2019 ended: december 15, 2019
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SOYAYYAR MU DAGA ALLAH NE | ✔ by fadeelarh1
Labarin Soyayyar Aliyu da Aisha wadda ta faro cikin Qiyayya..!!
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Love Will Remain The Same by Anniedianne
Love Will Remain The Sameby Annie Dianne
So what if the winx had an urgent mission and had to break up with the specialists because they had to be with their ex's because they're ex's are teaming up with the wi...
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15 años esperando por ti - Winx Club by Bloomix4Ever
15 años esperando por ti - Winx AriDiEraklyon
Hace 16 años, Bloom desapareció. Nadie excepto Sky lo sabia. Ella esperaba que el fuera por ella. El nunca llegó. Y cuando llega, se da con una gran sorpresa ~ #9 en #h...
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Winx Club " Bloom's Betrayed " Book 1 by Eunjizx
Winx Club " Bloom's Betrayed " Eunji🌠
Bloom was in coma for 1 year and their friends even sky had move on . What will bloom do when she woke up ??
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𝟏𝐍'𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘 ─ kpop girl group by -KISSES4HAN
𝟏𝐍'𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘 ─ kpop girl groupby 𝐇.
❲ ❛ 𝟏𝐍'𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘 ❜ ❳ jyp entertainment's newest girl group! ©-KISSES4HAN
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MEMORY LANE by aishatu_x
MEMORY LANEby Eiliyah!
"I never thought I would say this to anyone, but I want you to use me, exploit me in every possible way, mami. Use my shoulders to cry on and my arms to be hugged...
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Winx: The Only Way Out Is Together by Rose_Granger_Weasley
Winx: The Only Way Out Is Togetherby Rose_Granger_Weasley
What happens if the Winx have a big fight which finished in them not talking to each other, but after they get captured by the Trix, the only way out is if they work tog...
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Winx On Instagram by mnikki_
Winx On Instagramby Nicole
Does anyone wonder if the Winx ever had Instagram What would they do? Let's find out! Credits to @Samantha_High for the amazing cover <3
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Anything Could Happen by DreamingToSmile
Anything Could Happenby DreamingToSmile
When Aisha takes part in the biggest audition of her life, her path crosses with her idol: Mr Darren Criss. But does she get the Audition? Does she get to know her idol...
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Violets: A Valtor Love Story by stellaisastar
Violets: A Valtor Love Storyby stella☆
Valtor, a charming and handsome wizard that has a much darker, deeper and far more confusing history than most. He's been absent on a few things, one being his own life...
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See the Magic by Akumalol
See the Magicby Selsey
(Editing all chapters at the moment, so most chapters might be different than they are now. Also, I might remove Ethan and add him in during season two. I also might cha...
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