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The Dragon Chase: A Tale of the Everburning City by Arveliot
The Dragon Chase: A Tale of the Arveliot
Fires blaze in the Everburning City, holding back a fog that consumes the Earth, but when an army assaults its walls, Tabitha a'Loria is humanity's last hope. ...
  • medieval
  • death
  • warfare
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Girl Apocalypse by ELatimer
Girl Apocalypseby Erin Latimer
My name is Molly, and I am a walking apocalypse. Death on two legs. Life on the streets of Cheshire makes you hard, but it never prepared me for this. It all started whe...
  • pirate
  • steampunk
  • kiss
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Revium by silentcrown
Reviumby ♕
There are no such things as heroes. There are no such things as saviors. But there are such things as criminals, and the monstrous ones belong somewhere worse...
  • action
  • rebellion
  • grimdark
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A City in the Air (A Steampunk Adventure Novel) by LyndseyLewellen
A City in the Air (A Steampunk Lyndsey Lewellen
Highest rank #1 Steampunk--- In a world ruled by inventors, where magic is outlawed, everyone expects the twin daughters of London's top-ranking innovator to follow in h...
  • england
  • airships
  • teen
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The Mechanical Crown (complete novel!) by SimonKJones
The Mechanical Crown (complete Simon K Jones
An explorer, a princess, a secret and a sword. A belief that the world can be better. The Mechanical Crown is an epic adventure full of intrigue, mystery and adventure...
  • airship
  • prejudice
  • novel
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The Lost City of Al-Kimiya by Eliviasalt
The Lost City of Al-Kimiyaby Elivia Salt
The Noire family curse is out for blood. Zenetra Noire must remain vigilant, especially after joining the Constabulary Force as a cadet-in-training. A distress call rad...
  • necklace
  • cadets
  • multicultural
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The Eagle's Arrow by Xenoclea
The Eagle's Arrowby Xenoclea
Adalé Whitmore never expected to become involved with an international conspiracy her first day of work. After traveling across the continent to seek her fortune, a job...
  • adventure
  • steam
  • victorian
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Criminal Case:Mysteries of the Past by Thunderdogist93
Criminal Case:Mysteries of the Pastby Shelbie Briggs
Welcome to another one of my Criminal Case Stories I hope that you Enjoy this is a one-shot of Evie Holloway and General Shelbie I don't own Criminal Case it all belongs...
  • evie
  • criminalcase
  • shelbie
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Brumes d'Âmes - 1 L'héritage d'Orell by Nesumii
Brumes d'Âmes - 1 L'héritage d' Nesumi
Les Âmes des Solaris ne sont pas censées rêver. Du moins est-ce ce que leur légendaire créateur, l'ingénieur Orell Traversier, a toujours dit. Quand un mystérieux ennemi...
  • airship
  • flyingship
  • bateau
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The Son of Sin by DarrachLoddesol
The Son of Sinby Darrach Loddesol
Leaf is an elvish barterman whose greatest desire is to live a life of simplicity and solitude, interacting with others only as much as his job requires. When a long-tim...
  • slavery
  • guns
  • magicpunk
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The Captain's Letters by AdelynAnn
The Captain's Lettersby Adelyn Sterling
The peculiar behavior of Airship Captain Melville inspires many rumors, but one curious midshipman finds himself drawn to her. Determined to find out why she prowls the...
  • flashfiction
  • romance
  • shortstory
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The Junk Shop Boy Likes My Leg by QuirkinessBear
The Junk Shop Boy Likes My Legby Quirk
a Klance Steam punk AU by QuirkinessBear
  • ship
  • pidgegunderson
  • android
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Lead Heart by foreigndebris
Lead Heartby foreigndebris
Leliana has been raised an experimental soldier and is pretty fed up with the whole deal. She's swiped a few trinkets from her former owners and wandered off to figure o...
  • mercenary
  • sassy
  • shortchapters
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Songbird of Souls (Masks and Machinations Book I) by EverynKildare
Songbird of Souls (Masks and Everyn Kildare
Once in a generation, a woman is born with the ability to manipulate the emotions of others through her song. Silvanni Eddowes is the Songbird of Souls - given the i...
  • darkfantasy
  • songmagic
  • adventure
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Explorations of Scarlett Burn - Vol I by Eliviasalt
Explorations of Scarlett Burn - Elivia Salt
Scarlett Burn never meant to become a famous explorer. She only wanted to capture the elusive enemy known as time.
  • mystery
  • personofcolor
  • diversity
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Travelers of the Otherworld - Book 2: Voyage by JHawk1986
Travelers of the Otherworld - J. Michael Reed
Posting every Monday until I've caught up with myself or it's finished, hopefully, the later. This is the first draft. There will be errors and it will most definitely c...
  • wattys2017
  • monsters
  • voyage
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Journey to Calathea by spacetodream
Journey to Calatheaby Stacie Eirich
17-year old Leo is shy, quiet, and smart. His scientist parents mysteriously disappeared while doing a field experiment when he was 7. With his parents presumed dead and...
  • space
  • june2019
  • speculative
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Bertholdt x Mikasa Modern AU (Bertkasa/BeruMika) by Die6698
Bertholdt x Mikasa Modern AU ( Die6698
Flood storms with a caring man and stubborn woman: things are bound to begin somewhere.
  • berumika
  • mikasaxberholdt
  • mikasaackerman
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The Jenny's Journeys by TheRyanball
The Jenny's Journeysby The Ryanball
Mortal Engines Fanfiction: A year after the fall of London, Tom and Hester sought out for a peaceful life together as aviatrix and traders with their airship, The Jenn...
  • romance
  • mortalengines
  • city
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The Ballad of Tom Cutter by BrendanKearney
The Ballad of Tom Cutterby Brendan Kearney
There was one thing that always bothered Captain Tom Cutter about his own origin story, and that was that it simply didn't fit the theme. The stories of all the greatest...
  • character
  • fantasy
  • pirate
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