Symphony in the Sky (A Your Lie in April AU and AH fanfiction) by LHT1995
Symphony in the Sky (A Your Lie Luke
Highest Rank #1 Your Lie In April (July 2018) (Alternate Universe and Alternate History) It has been three years since Miyazono Kaori passed away, and Arima Kousei had f...
  • fighter
  • arimakousei
  • emiigawa
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Military Mate (boyxboy) by FandomNerrd
Military Mate (boyxboy)by FandomNerrd
Josh Evart is a 25 year old pilot for the US Air Force. He is returning home from a deployment in Iraq. While he is home for a three month break, he meets a mysterious h...
  • military
  • airforce
  • manxman
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His + Her = Their "S2" by littleheart1509
His + Her = Their "S2"by Aarhu (M.P)
Season 2 of His + Her = Their Summarized of S1 It's a story of an Indian Air Force officer and a businessman. He never like them but for her it's her dream, passion her...
  • love
  • romance
  • pain
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Top Gun: Shattered Skies by ShatteredFalcon
Top Gun: Shattered Skiesby ShatteredFalcon
*Takes place during the 80's still just with modern technology* Flight Sergeant Furoy of the air cadet squadron 733 has now arrived at TOPGUN along with her squadron t...
  • aircraft
  • iceman
  • secretrelationship
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I tried. I lied. I died. [Hawaii Five-O] by Stranded_on_Mars
I tried. I lied. I died. [Hawaii Mars
The McGarrett triplets grew up having a pretty normal life, until both of their parents got murdered one day in Oahu, Hawaii. One by one they were all sent to Oahu under...
  • navyseals
  • murder
  • death
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THE SHATTERED GLASS by bloomsbury42
THE SHATTERED GLASSby Annabel Morgan York
The story of two Czechoslovakian sisters, Zuzana Hasek and Lucie Willis continues at the start of the Second World War. Zuzana, divorced from her husband is living in P...
  • england
  • czechoslovakia
  • italian
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Humanoid-Nuclear (Humanoid Series #1) by That_Awkward_Dragon
Humanoid-Nuclear (Humanoid Evelyn "Todd" Judisch
I'm guessing I have to say something about myself like, "I'm not like anyone else," or, "I'm not average," right? Something like everyone else says...
  • humanoidseries
  • humanoid
  • mutants
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temper → DANNY WALKER by dprandall21
temper → DANNY WALKERby ♡ destiny ♡
  • airforce
  • benaffleck
  • dannywalker
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His + Her = Their by littleheart1509
His + Her = Theirby Aarhu (M.P)
It is their story. Mostly depends upon their narrations. How two individuals telling their own story, thoughts and much more. Somewhere u also find writer's narration...
  • airforce
  • vidushi
  • love
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Hatsune Miku X Male Reader (Living In The World War) by Kirigaya_Nagisa
Hatsune Miku X Male Reader ( Kirigaya Nagisa
You are a part of the Germany Army fighting in 3 battlefield. The land, the seas and The skies. Miku is also in the same boat but her rank is higher than you. As a chil...
  • war
  • battle
  • hatred
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unexpected by liabie
unexpectedby lia
Highest Rank-#1 in adventure. Highest rank- #2 in adventure This story is set in the backdrop of a south Indian christian family which depicts the story of a girl named...
  • airforce
  • life
  • earlymarriage
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Operation Save the Subjects by MazeDragon
Operation Save the Subjectsby Moon Lane
why live life in the glade when you can be rescued by a military commanding officer who controls a unit of the Coast Guard, a unit of the Air Force, the Navy SEALS, Army...
  • airforce
  • navy
  • coastguard
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The Pitt in Peril ✔ by BandiKoot97
The Pitt in Peril ✔by BandiKoot36
In the year 2034 A.D. The city of Pittsburgh has been infected with a blood borne pathogen that turned people undead. A group of survivors tried to escape for Bethlehem...
  • airforce
  • pittsburgh
  • zombie-apocalypse
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Luftwaffe Boy-The Battle Of Britain by WarWoman
Luftwaffe Boy-The Battle Of Britainby Vanda and Me
German boy Gunter Weber, longs to fly. He goes to train with other boys like him, his training is boring and fun, hard and easy. Months pass, and he becomes part of the...
  • nazigermany
  • luftwaffe
  • airforce
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Heartland by Wisegirl502
Heartlandby Wisegirl502
Abigail Kennedy helps her boyfriend recover from the deaths of his Marine brothers and the severe PTSD he is enduring. Meanwhile she and her brothers must deal with the...
  • family
  • army
  • therapy
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Forsaken Skies: King of the Round Table || Kyoko Kirigiri X male reader by Reaper6883
Forsaken Skies: King of the [Data Expunged]
Danganronpa Kyoko x Male reader Most of the artwork presented will probably be made by me. That includes the cover art. ___________________________________ "How hig...
  • malereader
  • wattpride
  • pilots
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Fraternal FEAR I by ldmorris2
Fraternal FEAR Iby Le David Morris
This Book Is Two Books This is Part One Fraternal Fear: What happens when Your wife and your best friend betray you? Will you ever trust someone again? Jim was was a...
  • military
  • strongfemalecharacter
  • fantasy
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Raymond's Raven by GreenFlame000
Raymond's Ravenby GreenFlame000
1917, the First World War. Raymond Collishaw is a pilot of the Royal Naval Air Force, a legend among legends. These are his case files regarding the war... and his partn...
  • warfare
  • magic
  • fantasy
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It Doesn't Matter by ldmorris2
It Doesn't Matterby Le David Morris
From the top fighters in the world come Jim Matthews and Jerry Lee Lockhart. There is a secret war in Southeast Asia next to the Vietnam War. Jim was a compassionate hum...
  • general
  • thai
  • major
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"The Abyss"  by aiddixon14
"The Abyss" by aiddixon14
Foot patrol in afghan come across a taliban foot patrol who set up for the night, or so it seems. The troops have no choice but to wait where they are for how ever long...
  • sas
  • fighting
  • afghanistan
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