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WattpadUrbanFantasy: Question of The Week by WattpadUrbanFantasy
WattpadUrbanFantasy: Question of Urban Fantasy | Ambassadors
Sometimes, a question is the way to start a conversation, or it's the start of learning something new. Join us for the weekly questions in this book and drop your answer...
Aim to Engage 2022 by Ambassadors
Aim to Engage 2022by Wattpad Ambassadors
Join us this November for our annual Aim to Engage event. This ambassador-run engagement month will bring you daily posts filled with fun activities and writing prompts.
My Atlantis | Percy Jackson by dreamsandmyth
My Atlantis | Percy Jacksonby dreamsandmyth
Prompt from the @Fanfic profile. "At my worst, I worry you'll realize you deserve better. At my best, I worry you won't." A character suddenly receives this un...
Aim To Engage - 2022 by WattpadAnthologies
Aim To Engage - 2022by Anthologies | Ambassadors
Winning entries from the Aim To Engage 2022 event.
Mr. Asthmatic by HRMQ_Jess
Mr. Asthmaticby HRMQ_Jess
"Struggling? I'm an asthmatic with super speed." "That's it! We'll call you Mr. Asthmatic!" ...
Romance-themed short story collection written for Aim to Engage 2022.
A Thousand Words by 876bookworm
A Thousand Wordsby Book Worm
Book of short stories written from prompts.
Sparks by MiniMoxx
Sparksby Alex ☕️
When an esteemed food critic who tore down her food becomes her blind date, Mira is fuming. But who knew sparks would fly? *For Aim For Engage 2021*
The Missing Bride by masonfitzzy
The Missing Brideby Mason FitzGibbon
A town legend of a murdered bride becomes reality one night This was written for the aimtoengage, but I hope you all enjoy it.
The Other Side by Purple565Peony
The Other Sideby Anne M
Story story. [Aim to Engage 2021 Speculative Fiction] Prompt: A large hole has opened up in the center of your town. People say they can hear whispers coming from down b...
Fate Rendezvous by feufeu15
Fate Rendezvousby Mandy
You have a timer that counts down to when you meet your soulmate. Today, the timer is left with only two more minutes... My entry for the #AimToEngage2022 Romance prompt
To Kill A Mockingbird by passmemycoffee
To Kill A Mockingbirdby Passmemycoffee
TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Arthur "Boo" Radley's point of view on the night the children were attacked.
Love Sucks by annasmith43
Love Sucksby Anna
Aim to engage short story A chance encounter with Cupid...
The Dystopian Utopia by binaforreal
The Dystopian Utopiaby Balbina
Profile: Dystopian Apocalypse Prompt: You live near a city that is world-renowned for its advanced technology, healthcare and desirable jobs. Those who enter the city o...
The Messenger (An Aim to Engage 2020 Winner!) by MathiasCavanaugh
The Messenger (An Aim to Engage Mathias Cavanaugh
⭐A 2020 Aim To Engage Winning Entry⭐ This story was created for Aim 2 Engage 2020. The task was a follows. Write a drabble, a story of exactly 100 words in length based...
A Palette of Feelings by Ekaparnika
A Palette of Feelingsby Ekaparnika
Here I have put my thoughts and feelings in poems. Cover by bibgraphic161 These poems are all contest entries.
Flash Fiction by CharlotteCanyon
Flash Fictionby ~ CC ~
This is a collection of 'flash fiction'. The stories within come from a variety of genres prompts and are just 500 words each! Cover art by Mervyn Chan on
The Miracle That Is You by wmtbw22
The Miracle That Is Youby B.E. Peters
Aim to Engage 2022 {WINNER} [Poetry] Pregnancy is a joyous time for so many. But for me, it was a constant battle with my mental and emotional health due to an unforesee...
tibits by angerbda
tibitsby angerbda
The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers. --Matsuo Basho - - - Series of short stories for various competitions and ideas tha...
Healed by storylife2020
Healedby Bookworm15
"What is laughter Mom?" "I don't know darling, where did you hear that word?"