Aim To Engage II by AimToEngage
Aim To Engage IIby Aim To Engage
A month of multi-genre madness! Aim to Engage 2 features prompts submitted by 15 of your favourite Ambassador-Managed profiles, interspersed with other activities with w...
  • youngadult
  • fanfiction
  • multicultural
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ربيع تشرين -  Aim to Engage II by AmbassadorsAR
ربيع تشرين - Aim to Engage IIby سفراء الواتباد العرب
للمرة الثانية خلال هذه السنة، تظاهرة ايم تو انجيج تتكرر، مغامرة جديدة ورحلة أخرى للبحث عن أفضل الكتاب داخل الواتباد.. انطلقوا ضمن صفحات هذا الكتاب وشاركونا المرح والمنا...
  • contests
  • ربيعتشرين
  • aimtoengage
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Aim to Engaجe by AmbassadorsPK
Aim to Engaجeby پاکستانی سفیر
ایک پورا مہینہ جس میں تفریحی سرگرمیاں یا دلچسپ پرومٹ شامل ہوگیں. جہاں آپ کو پاکستانی ایمبیسیڈرس بتائیگے کہ انگیجمینت ٹیم کا مقصد کیا ہے.
  • engagementteam
  • random
  • interative
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Contests🏅🖋️🏆 by A_Parramore
Contests🏅🖋️🏆by A_Parramore
>THIS is the place!< I decided that I needed to have a place to put any of my future contests entries (if not, my account might eventually overflow in oneshots😀✏️...
  • humor
  • oneshot
  • beauty
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Teen Fiction by Onlykorine
Teen Fictionby Onlykorine
Contest mettiti in gioco anche tu Prompt: La scuola per te non è mai stata un problema: sei l'alunno preferito dei professori e i tuoi voti sono sempre al top. Non si pu...
  • teenfiction
  • aimtoengage
  • ambassadorsita
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Dark Sided by LiteraryBeast
Dark Sidedby N.G. Edwards
Dark Sided is a short story anthology primarily housing the genres of horror and paranormal fiction, mystery/thriller and contest entries.
  • wattys2018
  • killer
  • mystery
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Aim to Engage II- India by AmbassadorsIN
Aim to Engage II- Indiaby Wattpad India
A month of multi-genre madness! Aim to Engage 2 features prompts submitted by 15 of your favourite Ambassador-Managed profiles, interspersed with other activities with w...
  • ambassadorsin
  • prompts
  • wattpadindia
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Contests by sallychoudhary
Contestsby sallychoudhary
Top Ranking: #Halloween Vault •The Creepy Sign was placed in one of the top four stories Consists of my works on the various prompts of 'Halloween Vault' and 'Aim To Eng...
  • day8
  • day2
  • day14
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The Missing Bride by masonfitzzy
The Missing Brideby Mason FitzGibbon
A town legend of a murdered bride becomes reality one night This was written for the aimtoengage, but I hope you all enjoy it.
  • urbanlegends
  • shortstory
  • death
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Miscellany by coldheartcrusader
Miscellanyby Liane Lin
Collection of Flash Fictions from different contests Aim to Engage | #MicroFrights | English #7 in aimtoengage (11/29/18) ©2018
  • creepypasta
  • flash
  • aimtoengage
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Contest "Mettiti in gioco anche tu #2" by LadyMuffin30
Contest "Mettiti in gioco anche LadyM
raccolta per il contest "Mettiti in gioco anche tu#2"
  • contest
  • brevi
  • storie
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Aim to Engage Entries by Estrity
Aim to Engage Entriesby Estrity
My contest entries for Aim to Engage :)
  • aimtoengage
  • shortstory
Long in the Fang by CrustDust
Long in the Fangby Crust Dust
Count D can't understand this Fang-Freaking-Tastic new generation of blood suckers. He writes to the Vampire Council to complain. Only they can change things back to th...
  • vampirediaries
  • writingprompts
  • vampire
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Collection of Short Stories by hashbrown-irwin
Collection of Short Storiesby joanne
Collection of short story entries for various contests.
  • flashfiction
  • youngadult
  • shortstory
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Compendium by Allusir
Compendiumby Allusir
This is a collection of short stories. These all come from some writing prompt or another that sparked my interest. The first chapter is the table of contents that has a...
  • aimtoengage
  • lgbt
  • short
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Roses and Dreams: A Collection of Short Fantasy Stories by KatrinHollister
Roses and Dreams: A Collection Kat Hollister
Breathe magic into the air. Watch the shimmers condense into silvery streaks of light. Feel the spark of power on your skin. A collection of short fantasy stories. C...
  • prompt
  • happiness
  • fantasy
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One-shots by _Stars-Aligned_
One-shotsby Ash
A Place for all one-shots both for fun and for contests
  • aimtoengage
  • contests
  • fun
threading yarns by Shreya_VA
threading yarnsby Masquerade
#4 in aimtoengage #64 in Fantasy.. Want to get a collection of stories in all genres, of varied tasted and interests? Here are the yarns of stories I weave... A unique...
  • horror
  • beauty
  • sciencefiction
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Open Book by DarkCamelot_Evince
Open Bookby DarkCamelot
my crappy works for every contests and prompts out there!
  • paranormal
  • 500words
  • prompt
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Vile Vortices by EryxAias
Vile Vorticesby Eryx Aias
Magic seeps into our reality and finds refuge in one little girl. Unfortunately, she doesn't know this and neither does anyone else, until she falls asleep during one of...
  • writingprompts
  • imagination
  • monsters
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