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Dreams - (Short stories) by VeraLoy
Dreams - (Short stories)by Vera Loy
Short stories, Including 1. My Lucky Day - a woman finds a lost journal on the train... (Chicklit) 2. Marianne - historical flash fiction - regency period 3. Hen Thief...
Sci-Fi Friday by elveloy
Sci-Fi Fridayby L.V. Lloyd
Random entries for the various Wattpad Sci-Fi challenges. Shuffled around to put the latest story first.
WattpadUrbanFantasy: Question of The Week by WattpadUrbanFantasy
WattpadUrbanFantasy: Question of Urban Fantasy | Ambassadors
Sometimes, a question is the way to start a conversation, or it's the start of learning something new. Join us for the weekly questions in this book and drop your answer...
a collection of teardrops by lilzy_
a collection of teardropsby lily
A bunch of short stories for contests and leisure. A kind of sad, celestial, hurt hearts and broken girls theme *** - contains winning story from wattpadshortstory's com...
Roses and Dreams: A Collection of Short Fantasy Stories by KatrinHollister
Roses and Dreams: A Collection Kat Hollister
Breathe magic into the air. Watch the shimmers condense into silvery streaks of light. Feel the spark of power on your skin. A collection of short fantasy stories. C...
Unexpected Goodbye by EastCoastPinay
Unexpected Goodbyeby EastCoastPinay
A gift can be a surprise. But what if the unexpected gift is something no human heart would want? For it is about to change one's life......FOREVER. ****** Specifically...
To Kill A Mockingbird by passmemycoffee
To Kill A Mockingbirdby Passmemycoffee
TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Arthur "Boo" Radley's point of view on the night the children were attacked.
The Broken Carousel - a collection of random genres by Nyhterides
The Broken Carousel - a Mumma Vamp
A short story collection of random genres, from vampire-angels to dragons to the Grim Reaper and a whole lot more.
Blooming | One-Shot collection by NymTonks1
Blooming | One-Shot collectionby Calida
A one-shot collection of Harry Potter's Wizarding World. Dive deeper into actions and occurrences that weren't explained enough. See backstories of characters, original...
Wool: a Collection of Short Yarns by jesswesleybooks
Wool: a Collection of Short Yarnsby Jess Wesley
Short stories and flash fiction for Aim to Engage 2019 and more.
Aim Shorts by wdhenning
Aim Shortsby wdhenning
A collection of short stories, 500 words or less, written for the Aim to Engage prompts. 2019 1. Order of the Phoenix (ScienceFiction) 2. Monster at the Window (YASciFan...
The Date Planner : One-shot by thephriter
The Date Planner : One-shotby Celine
A One-shot entry for "Aim To Engage". I'm a Professional Date Planner. My clients pay me to plan and organize romantic dates for them. My own love life sucks...
Miscellaneous Entries by xEmiliaForestx
Miscellaneous Entriesby Emilia Forest
。 -Cover, Graphics & Writing contest entries- 。 Request a cover... if you're brave enough Cover Created by: @xEmiliaForestx 2018
Pen and Ink - A Young Writer's Anthology {Ongoing} by CelticWarriorQueen17
Pen and Ink - A Young Writer's Gwynnedd o'Maeswnhir
Everyone has a story, One that must be told; Tales of courage and sacrifice, Tales of many heros bold. Everyone has a story That is written in the stars Stories that lea...
The Missing Bride by masonfitzzy
The Missing Brideby Mason FitzGibbon
A town legend of a murdered bride becomes reality one night This was written for the aimtoengage, but I hope you all enjoy it.
Mish Mash:  All My Bits and Pieces by Jazzua
Mish Mash: All My Bits and Piecesby Jazzua Ki Andrews
An ongoing anthology of contest entries.
A primitive World by ChrissieKallenbach
A primitive Worldby Chrissie K
Aliens have made their way to earth. Humans all over the world have their expectations and responses to the arrival of aliens on their home planet. None of them expected...
Remember (#3 IN AIMTOENGAGE ) by katerinatemza
Remember (#3 IN AIMTOENGAGE )by katerinatemza
Laundry night goes askew when a mythical creature takes residence in basement. * The picture on the cover is downloaded from the internet and might be a subject to copyr...
The Lint Imp by jettmanas
The Lint Impby jettmanas
500 word challenge for Wattpad Ambassadors 'Aim to Engage' series. Day 2- Beast in the Basement. Laundry night goes askew when a mythical creature takes residence in the...
The Unicorn by akrose5646
The Unicornby A.K. Rose
Castellena's parents are always arguing one night something bad happens and Castellena's in danger and the only thing that could save her is the Unicorn, Cecili whose be...