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Adoration by resibella
Adorationby resibella
He lightly brushed his fingers over her soft lips. He smiled when he glanced over and noticed the small bouquet of flowers she had brought for him. He sat up slightly o...
Mine - Dandy Mott by gyoung2006
Mine - Dandy Mottby grace :)
y/n was found abandoned as a baby by Elsa Mars. Elsa took pity on her and took her to live at the freakshow despite the fact that nothing about her made her a 'freak'. S...
American Dream (Kai Anderson x Reader) by klutterkiddo
American Dream (Kai Anderson x Rea...by bunny
Kai Anderson doesn't just have his sister at home. -------------- None of the characters or plots from AHS belong to me and neither does Florence Welch's music. -discont...
Her Sister (Murder House Love Story) by 23mickey06
Her Sister (Murder House Love Stor...by 23mickey06
What if I told you that I was her sister? What if I told you that Ben was my father and the only man I trusted? What if I told you I was connected to the house? What if...
Fiery Nightmare // Michael Langdon by codyfernisgod
Fiery Nightmare // Michael Langdonby codyfernisgod
Blaise Mara, the most strong-willed witch of Robichaux's Academy, catches the attention of Michael Langdon during a witches' council meeting. Michael wants to know her...
companion // dandy mott by wh0re4diggory
companion // dandy mottby wh0re4diggory
gloria mott is in desperate need for a babysitter. you were the only one willing to take the job. WARNING: VERY SMUTTY. LIKE...A LOT OF SMUT. LIKE THATS PRETTY MUCH THE...
That Witch Bitch by mindflayed
That Witch Bitchby mindflayed
Witches don't fight, they BURN! At least, that's what you thought when you first stepped foot in Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. After making fri...
two broken hearts - tate langdon by smoakstyles
two broken hearts - tate langdonby 𝕶𝖊𝖓𝖟𝖎𝖊
Vivian and Ben moved all the way from Boston, with their two daughters, Maeve and Violet. They didn't expect the new house they moved into to be haunted. AMERICAN HORROR...
Mrs. March (American Horror Story) by CammiLynn
Mrs. March (American Horror Story)by Cammi
-THIS IS A FAN FICTION FOR AMERICAN HORROR STORY:HOTEL . I OWN NOTHING- Jasmine March was the sweetest most innocent woman on earth. So how did she become James March's...
stuck (tate langdon x y/n) by mazerunnerrrrx
stuck (tate langdon x y/n)by <3
this is a pre-death tate story :) it's set in 1993, just before Tate's death! I hope you enjoy itttt!! highest rankings: number one on #tatelangdon number one on #ahs n...
Hard to Hate You // Michael Langdon by codyfernisgod
Hard to Hate You // Michael Langdonby codyfernisgod
Valentina Callistra gets more than she bargained for when she clashes with Michael Langdon, the only person who can match her strong personality. Things get complicated...
𝐆𝐈𝐋𝐃𝐄𝐃 𝐂𝐀𝐆𝐄𝐒, austin sommers by -covensriott
𝐆𝐈𝐋𝐃𝐄𝐃 𝐂𝐀𝐆𝐄𝐒, austin so...by <3
deep down, you long to have your perfect feathers ruffled
Only You by resibella
Only Youby resibella
Tilly is just another ghost trapped in the murder house. What happens when she bonds with the baby born within the evil home and creates a connection neither of them ca...
Langdon's babygirl (Completed) by im_trouble0
Langdon's babygirl (Completed)by im_trouble0
Michael Langdon had a hard life, being unloved made him hard. What happens when he comes to outpost 3 and meets little Davina Clair. Will this little be able to make thi...
Tate Langdon x Dead!Reader by KayleightheWolf
Tate Langdon x Dead!Readerby Kayleigh
A Tate fanfiction that I really wanted but couldn't find. In some frustration, I decided to write my own. This was mostly written for me but I thought I should share. Ju...
Antitwins (Complete) by im_trouble0
Antitwins (Complete)by im_trouble0
Michael Langdon x oc Michael wasn't just born with a brother he has a twin sister and they're the antichrist. Twincest
Angel - (Michael Langdon X Reader) by winterskyfall
Angel - (Michael Langdon X Reader)by Rose
"Why are you crying, Sweetheart?" "I don't want to die" "Of course you don't, dear"
Ben Harmon x reader (TW: Ben Harmon) by Eli4181
Ben Harmon x reader (TW: Ben Harmo...by Ahsstanlol
I'm so sorry for everyone who reads this
Time Travel  by mindflayed
Time Travel by mindflayed
When you are sent back to 1984, you expect life to be easier than the 'apocalypse' you were previously facing. Camp Redwood seemed like the perfect place to wind down an...
Beneath Her Eyes - Cordelia Goode x reader by paulsonswlfe
Beneath Her Eyes - Cordelia Goode...by Lady P<3
Recently, odd abilities have started to appear in you- supernatural abilities. You've seen Cordelia Goode on the TV, talking to all young witches. This must be my chance...